Raise Heroic characters to 100

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Traxen, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Traxen Journeyman

    Heroic characters were introduced when the max level was 100. We are now at 110 with TONS of AA. The work required to bring a toon up to speed from 100 to 110 is enough. An 85 is useless. Please raise the starting level.
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  2. Wizlard Augur

    Yep, heroic characters have long needed an update. Just maintain the gap between heroic characters and max lvl/aa. It's really that simple, the gap has slowly grown. I believe they were introduced when max level was 100. Just raise their starting level to 95, appropriate gear for a level 95 would be nice as well.
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  3. Ruinedmyownlands Elder

    85 is useless I agree. And hard to get anyone to group with, 100 could get into any group and thus level up faster.
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  4. Herf Augur

    Interesting idea...
  5. Cleaver Augur

    They lack the resources for it obviously because EQ2 has gotten the increase for heroics i think 2 of 3 times already..
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  6. Password1234 Elder

    Just bumping to 95 with max VoA AAs would go a long way. Fear Touched armor is pretty cheap and plentiful now so there isn't as much of a need to spend time on updating armor/weapons/augs, IMO.
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  7. Cleaver Augur

    They should bump it to 105 with TDS gear. With a new expansion the gear treadmill will jump even more starting with TDS and TDS AAs most classes would still have to get 20k more AAs.
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  8. eqzekisdead Augur

  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Let's just make it:
    • 110 with max AA and T2 RoS gear, augs, and autogrant Heroic AA through RoS
    • Autogrant all progression through T1 RoS
    • All Rk II spells and discs
    • Include 5Mil plat
    • New, custom, bard speed mount
    • All tradeskills maxed to 350
    • 16 50-slot bags.

    Did I miss any EZ mode wish list items?

    There. You can spend an afternoon completing RoS progression and you're done with EQ.

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  10. ptah Augur

    I do agree.. open an option in MP for 95 or 100.. charge the crybabies triple. and support the game. Playing is too hard.. ban the cheaters. and make buyable item to hand to lazy..
  11. Ghubuk Augur

    Game Genie.
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  12. Spellfire Augur

    Drogba-like tank merc please
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  13. Cleaver Augur

    Raising it to 100-105 would be better for the game overall and it would get more people buying heroics increasing revenue for a game that obviously needs it.
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  14. divirgmar Journeyman

    I say suck it up and deal. Lots of 85-100 weapons and armor floating around I can ahrdly giveaway as I backflag myself through expansions as a returning player from 10 years. I have to give it to someone!
  15. Password1234 Elder

    IDK why people whine about heroic characters being "EZ mode" when the alternative, swarming old trash for hours and autofiring spells in PoK overnight, isn't exactly "hard mode"
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  16. HanktheTank New Member

    When they advertise for a heroic character. They say you get instant access to high level content.

    I would say that level 85 content is no longer high level.

    Either they raise the heroic characters levels OR remove that wording on their forum since it is false advertising.
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  17. phattoni Augur

    i dont know why they dont keep them updated, eq2 dev team seems to be able to make updates to this kind of stuff all the time, current heroic in eq2 is level 100, the level cap is 110, it literally takes 4 hours to go from 100-110 in eq2, with no potions or anything special.

    is eq2 dev team bigger than eq?
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  18. phattoni Augur

    either way they will have to update them sooner or later, level 115 is the last expansion they will be able to group with max level chars.
  19. phattoni Augur

    and heroics are not ez mode, if it wasn't for heroics i would have canned this pos game long ago.

    soloing 1-80 is garbage, there are no groups.
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  20. Kindred Journeyman

    I stopped playing in omens/dragons of norrath (lvl 70 ranger 200 AA in a guild that was doing elemental progression) for WoW, tried coming back, guild started doing Time and refused to invite me back even though I was one of the guild's starting members.

    And when I came back the second time, Veil of Alaris/cotf was new and everyone was playing a ranger or swarming with an SK. I still haven't got to 100. I got help before auto enable from a 95 ranger to get J5 mercs on my 3 box.

    feel like most people who get to max level can PLVL their second character up to higher levels easily by again, swarming zones that most people have a hard time solo'ing or two-boxing in.People brag about how easy it is to level up. In the 20 days that I've been back, I've seen two people in casual guilds both level to 100 rather easily. One guy is a 106 non boxing mage, the other guy 3 boxes and has 3 level 102 boxes. With heroic toons, you're only cutting out a few days if you play regularly and know where to level. I don't know where to level and I'm playing 3-4 toons per day so I'm hard stuck in the 85-90 range WITH heroic characters.

    There's a few shifts where the game changes, level 1-60 you just watch your tank merc solo stuff most of the time, 61 you can get some of the higher level buffs but not the highest buffs and you start to steamroll stuff in zones like paw or the hole. 61-70 you get some of the better abilities like volley of axes for the zerker or various spell lines that were introduced with dodh or don. 71-75 you start getting the standardized leveling skill spells that seem to repeat every 5 levels thereafter. some cool aa's like beguiler's banishment are also available at this point. 85 you're right in the middle, you get some cool toys like weapon stances but that's just a massive passive buff that doesn't really have that much interactivity. or pestilent paralysis, quick dots, etc. 96+ you start seeing cooler stuff from your AA's.

    Instantly getting 100 robs you of any sort of character progression or satisfaction from seeing how your character leveled. In Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings, the journey to is often more important than the destination. The upgraded heroic characters sound nice to everyone who is more concerned about having those AA/HP/MANA/AC counts be high ranked in magelo, but often you will see 110's go back and do stuff like quests to unlock cultural or get their 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 just because they've run out of stuff to do because they ran headlong to 110 to raid or get stuck grinding when they would rather be done with the grind and then ask themselves why they don't want to play anymore. There's a guy on bristlebane who says everytime he has a AA ding milestone and it's up in the 100s of 1000s. He just logs in everyday and offers some sort of taskadd and I'm not even sure why he plays if he's maxed out.

    There's also people in game offering 1-110 plvl or 1-85, 85-110, 85-105, I'm assuming for multiple krono but if you want a road to high level that doesn't involve playing the game, maybe that's your ticket.

    as far as the high level content goes, I think they refer to the mercenary level being changed from having J1 access to the J5 easy mode quest being offered at 85 and having access to that mercenary is an "unlock" to high level content even though most people seem to dog on mercenaries every time they can and the mercenaries can do nothing to fend for themselves or defend themselves against these arguments. If daybreak made the mercenaries any stronger, what reason would there be to play the game, on FFXI, you can make a full party for yourself with NPC's.

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