Raiding Ruined on Mischief

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by AConcernedCitizen, Jun 5, 2021.

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  1. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    That is a bad example, a game and an election have nothing in common.
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  2. Daidraco New Member

    I find it funny that there is a witch hunt to expose this supposed dev in Faceless. Or why that even matters? As if that theoretical dev was just spawning items for Faceless. Thornblade guilds actually noticed the lack of coding way before Mischief Guilds did. I also find it funny that people are complaining about the changes to golems when they could have done the same thing themselves. I agree that MOTM would have been a much better avenue to fix it, however. But acting like people didnt have the same opportunity as people in the top guilds between both servers is silly. Especially since Faceless is a GDKP guild and that most of those items, COF's for example, didnt even stay in the guild. Lastly, if thats the argument and you're more concerned over someone having more krono than you, thats just as pedantic.
    If anything, coming to the EQ forum and complaining about it caused the heavy handed fix to golems and now look where we are.
  3. Spooky Augur

    Ok it's an election for guild leader then? Stop being pedantic.
  4. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    This has been the way of things for a long.. long time. It isn't exclusive to TLP's (though they've shed more light or at least brought more attention to various things.

    The first guilds accessing "new" content face a double-edged sword here. Sometimes, they get there and everything is beyond broken. Things get fixed, and guilds that follow reap the benefit. Other times, those guilds get there and figure out something, which will eventually be considered an exploit or bug. For those other times, there are two primary types of guilds: The ones that know or recognize that it shouldn't be that way and keep it quiet until more guilds reach that point, and ones that are suspicious of it and report it right away (of course, they will continue to complete said content in the meantime).

    For the Mischief and Thornblade servers, expect this with every new expansion release. There will be some mob, somewhere, that isn't acting according to design. Mostly it will simply be an oversight due to how big EQ is.

    I joined up on one of the last, non-AoC progression servers. There were still out of era items dropping since The Sleeper and Combine servers were first launched. It isn't until enough people know about it, that enough attention is raised and a fix is made. That fix generally means that some others get left out. Our batch of TLP's was the reason for the unwarranted research nerf.. over a spackling of out-of-era research combines.

    Does it suck? Yes. Most people wouldn't have known about or tried to do it, had it not been made public, basically in real time. The impact would have been much worse overall, even if the exposure wasn't as widespread.

    I don't necessarily agree with how DPG handles things, but it was probably the easiest solution in the least amount of time. It ought to be revisited. They could add a MoTM that did nothing that other MoTM's does.. and simply is a "buff" that prevents specific mobs from spawning in pick zones. It's honestly something they should have been thinking about since MoTM and pick zones were introduced.
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  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Why not use a valid example? Even trying to change it to guild leader doesn't make it a valid example and I don't know of any guild that actually changes their leadership based on elections.

    There was a bug with how loot was being dropped and they fixed it. This happens all all the time when it is discovered and there is no reason not to fix it just because some were able to get loot using it.
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  6. Gnomie Denser than most

    Then why wasn't popping mitigation on them not done; to prevent pick spawning? Rather than breaking loot for the rest of the server after the top guild exploited it for a week?
  7. Spooky Augur

    Dude, don't blame a terrible fix on people talking about an issue. Blame it on the developer who decided it was appropriate.

    Classic loot doesn't matter. What matters is the defacto policy of literally encouraging EXPLOIT EARLY, EXPLOIT OFTEN by a pattern of screwing something up, waiting until the same group of players abuse it, and then fixing it without addressing the economic impact. The devs are literally creating an environment where you must rush to exploit to get ahead. It's absurd.
  8. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Maybe they just didn't think the mob was worthy of the loot it was dropping even if it had the mitigation added to it. In the end they are still just trash mobs in a raid zone and not raid bosses which the loot normally drops from.
  9. wade_watts Augur

    If you care about integrity, you re-stage the vote. Your analogy is bad. This situation isn't like a vote. Keep the loot on the golems to give everyone equitable chance at loot, remove them from pickzones. Everybody wins. Possibly even give warnings to the guild leaders that were on record saying that they knew the mechanic was broken and that they encourage the guild to exploit it as much as possible.
  10. Spooky Augur


    How are you so dense?
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  11. Daidraco New Member

    Punishing people in any form just encourages future things that appear broken to be even more low profile, effectively worsening the situation.
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  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Maybe the didn't realize this was going to happen? If they knew about these mobs dropping dragon loot I think it is likely they would have stopped it before it happened. I don't think it is much of a stretch to say they never intended this to happen since they stopped it from happening.
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  13. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    A preemptive "solution" to all of this:

    Make a copy of Mischief.
    Unlock all expansions.
    Make it FTP.
    Allow /testcopy to fake Mischief
    Let it run for a year or so, and let the players go hog wild finding everything that's "not working as intended." Chances are no one will really care past PoP cause 80% of the TLP will jump ship to the next Krono-pinata TLP.
  14. Hypatia New Member

    First everyone complains about the loot drops and now they complain about no loot drops lol, and furthermore who cares if a DEV is in Faceless it is no ones buisness.

    The server was perfect the way it launched.

    Best TLP launch so far Devs did an awesome job. Thank you.

    If you do not like the way Mischief is than leave.
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  15. wade_watts Augur

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  16. Zanarnar Augur

    I really feel like this is an issue due to ZERO testing by the Dev team. All they would have had to do is spawn up hate, kill a few things here and there as well as the minis/inny and verify it was working as intended. Same in Fear and sky. Its not like we have 10,000 raid zone they have to check, (add in Naggy, Vox, Yael, and Phinny and you've got them all for classic)

    It would have only taken ONE spawn+kill to notice they were dropping the wrong loot. Instead we get our usual "well we changed a bunch of things, implemented a unique loot system, and then punted it out the door."

    So due to that, and the knee-jerk reaction of revert everything; we're left with a server that no longer has the advertised rules in the top-end raids.

    If you expect Kunark and Velious to go any better? well be ready for VP2.0 loot from Trak, a mess with ST loot, and NTOV loot dropping from dragons in WW. At minimum. Because if you think they're going to take this mistake as a lesson that they should test their changes before pushing them live, then you've not been paying attention for the last few years....
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  17. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    It's a little disappointing that out of a pool of 32 classic raid encounters, we currently have 5 that are dropping random loot.
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  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Have you posted a bug thread listing out which ones are not dropping random loot?
  19. trainz New Member

    Make sky drop more loot.
  20. Stewgottz Augur

    Experiment success.

    Next year's standard truebox free trade TLP will be very popular lol.
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