Raiding as f2p

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Ectowolf187, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Ectowolf187 New Member

    Best classes to raid with as a F2P
  2. Qbert Augur

    None, don't do that to your raid-mates.
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  3. strongbus Augur

    a caster dps if anything. unless you paid for a month or 2 to get maxed aaed any F2P is going be lacking in aa to do any real good in a raid. can add to that fact that a F2P toon may not even be able to wear raid gear.(leaving you with crappy stats for raids) both = a no go.
  4. Snack Augur

    A f2p bard that had gone Gold long enough for at least the autogrant and could sing Rk2 songs would benefit a raid.

    edit: okay, not a high end raiding guild, but one of the public raid orgs that exist out there that are raiding an expansion or two back.
  5. Cragzop Augur

    In modern raids, no … no it wouldn't. The serious lack of hps alone would have the toon dying over and over again (would be an amusing twitch though).

    If you are ever had the opportunity to run open style raiding of recent modern content, the biggest hurdle is paid players not being geared well enough. Please to not inflict ftp folks on top of this.
  6. Skuz Augur

    I cannot think of any reason you would want to raid as a F2P, it would be like trying to compete against Ferrari, Ford, Mercedes & Porsche in the Monaco Grand Prix while using a bog-standard Nissan Leaf on flat tyres, you would be more a liability than an asset.

    F2P is basically a free trial where you are severely restricted & effectively handicapped as a player, plenty you can see and do, old raids you will be way over-levelled for sure, current ones, no way would you be helping any of your raid mates, or holding your own, they would be carrying you, and you would feel useless & like a thorn in their side after not very long & definitely get frustrated at how you would basically be dead most of the time,
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  7. SunDrake Augur

    I guess keep in mind you don't have to be credit card subbed. So long as you have some ability to earn a Krono to click once per month.
  8. blibityblop New Member

    Aren't f2p accounts capped at 250 AA? Effectively useless in every raid except for the first 2-maybe 4 expansions.

    -Which raid is the f2p account trying to do?

    -What level/aa's/gear does your f2p account have?
  9. kookoo Augur

    at what level auto grant stop? i would go at that level and 99% into reg xp, and would use a krono to unlock the aa;s * and more aa's after . while leveling

    for FTP toon i would go shaman or bard , tank would need good armors and augm who are mostly prestige , casters / druid would be oom too fast .

    shm with cannibalise aa and spiritual channeling would be decent for regaining mana . combined with growth buff and hp aura would compensate some for the lack of hp;s.

    i am not familiar with bard but i guess they could add some song to the group, np
  10. Herf Augur

    Oh. I misread the small font on the previous page and came here because I thought it said "Raiding as fap". Carry on.
  11. SunDrake Augur

    I believe F2P is initially capped at 250 AA, but you can purchase additional AA space through the DB Store. Now, don't do that. Come up with the means to burn one Krono. Autogrant once, push hard for a month and get as many AAs as you can / need to move further. Then do that again down the road as needed. I believe that is the strategy for keeping F2P characters as relevant as possible.
  12. Vumad Augur

    Auto-grant gives you every AA through TBM (so 105) using an expansion tag. That means in the expansion filter you don't get anything that says tradeskill, racial innate, etc.

    Don't play a FTP tank. Bards pull a ton of song aggro and pull a lot so expect to die as a fully FTP. I have a FTP bard that stands idle playing songs and he dies constantly.

    Why would you raid FTP? You can't use anything that drops in a raid. Looting anything would be just taking it from someone who can actually use it.

    The question is then are you talking fully FTP or just canceling a sub? A fully T1 armored cleric with a bunch of AA that goes FTP will be exactly the same minus the prestige augs. This is vastly different than a toon that never mem'ed a Rk 2 spell, never earned more than 250 AA, etc. If you only have 250AA at 110 with no augs, you shouldn't be raiding anything in the last few expansions.

    No, it would be like chaining the leaf on flat tires to the ferrari and after they lose the race telling them about how much fun you had.
  13. Cuuthbert Elder

    I would not raid on F2P, I know if I were on my druid and you fell over from the first AE I would not waste the time to rez you because the next AE will wipe you out to

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