Raid zones instanced?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by oshnappleton, May 28, 2015.

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  1. Vanic Elder

    I've already said all this before, just go back and quote my post to resay what I've already mentioned. You've added no statements to this thread except points I've mentioned time and time and time again.

    This is as close as it gets, which is what was advertised. You simply don't like it and refuse to accept it. Pick a game, I'll buy it for you, you clearly don't like this one.
  2. Greymere Augur

    You don't really think all these posts are for the benefit of complaining to other players to get the players to fix something. I largely don't get pissed about leisurely activities period, and find threats of cancellations or rants of such to be unproductive. Better I find to make your requests and if your are so unhappy still with the results taken to deliver your feedback in the reason for cancelling your account. Personally I don't feel like beating up on DBG since they have been largely pretty responsive to making changes when nessecary, and find you get better results with honey than vinegar.
  3. Aneuren Tempered Steel

    So in other words you were wrong and have nothing else to add so you would like to buy me off?
  4. Vanic Elder

    Wrong about what? I've said since the beginning of this thread there aren't raid targets, just big mobs with free loot. What in the hell are you even talking about, have you been following along at all?
  5. Invictvs Augur

    1) Classic EQ -> Luclin was not meant to be instanced.
    2) The game was not engineered to have more than 2k people per server. The game was designed differently from PoP on.
    3) Not everyone should not have the same experience in the game, deal with it. If you want access to contested raid content, come contest it.
    4) Instancing raid content will destroy the servers economy. Unless they make raid loot all no-drop, which will continue to destroy the game. Again, this changes in the game when the game was designed differently.
  6. Vaclav Augur

    He left during Luclin. And he's planning on instancing raid content in Pantheon. He's not a Saint - he's a vicodin abusing guy who got lucky.
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  7. Vaclav Augur

    Once there's people leveled similarly it's looking like it will be the same, yet again.

    On Hate trash similar has already started occuring.
  8. Esper Augur

    I think I will post it again just for good measure so it does not get buried.

    Here is what the lead designer of Vanilla EQ, Kunark, Velious, Luclin, & PoP has to say on instancing. Had he not left in 2002 when PoP was released, all further expansions probably would not be instanced as well... at least that would be my take, I could be wrong.

    Despite its advantages, instancing in MMOGs has been criticized. Brad McQuaid, lead designer of EverQuest andVanguard: Saga of Heroes (both of which did not feature instancing at launch), wrote an essay in 2005 arguing that instances can negatively affect the game's community, virtual economy, churn rate, and other factors.[3] In response to this article, Raph Koster added that instancing should be limited to situations in which the creation of a "pocket zone" makes sense within the context of the fictional universe — such as the holodeck in the Star Trek franchise.[4] One reviewer described the extensive use of instancing in Age of Conan as "[destroying] the sense of expansiveness an MMORPG should have".[5]
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  9. Esper Augur

    And how was EQ Vanilla through PoP? Freaking awesome to me, GoD is where it all fell apart for me.
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  10. Vaclav Augur

    And? He's already contradicted that.

    First of all Vanguard DID FEATURE INSTANCING AT LAUNCH (virtually instanced mobs with the "phasing" thing) which makes it a article and then as soon as raids went in shortly post-launch they were instanced as well as soon as they were added to the game within a few months of launch.

    Secondly, he's already committed to instancing raids (possibly more content as well - raids for sure though) in Pantheon.

    So to claim he's completely opposed is lunacy. Heck, note when he wrote that essay - if you read the whole thing - it mentions the peak market for any MMO would end up around 500k.

    And Koster being mentioned in there is just icing on the cake - he defines how to be constantly wrong when it comes to MMOs.
  11. liveitup1216 Augur

    Three more pages bro's. I can taste it.
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  12. sihpa Augur

    The behavior of the spammers here are the exact behavior I go out of my way to avoid while in game. Coincidentally they're the same ones attempting to block as many people from content, so they can sell looting rights, so they can buy kronos to support their 100 hour a week magebot armies.

    Instancing breaks the back of this parasitical behavior in all my experiences.
  13. Fwoosh New Member

    Spammers? Or the voice behind each [paid] account voicing their opinion?
  14. Vaclav Augur

    Stated from an account started today that speaks very similarly to ones that have been here a while.
  15. Greymere Augur

    I even agree with it to an extent, that extent being he doesn't say instancing "is" detrimental, he says instancing "can" be detrimental. Brad's vision of no instance paradise required constant enforcement to prevent player abuses, and even then the enforcement was spotty at best. The present community requested a solution to overcrowding in non raid content and received it, they requested even more restrictive solutions for raiding due to overcrowding and the accelerated timeline in game and the developers said they are monitoring the situation and want our feedback. I am open minded if they can address the issue without the need to instance content via dynamic zones or triggered spawns or some other option I haven't imagined I am perfectly satisfied. If the solution is to do nothing and let subscriptions spiral down the crapper till LDoN when all the "hardcore" no instances crowd decide to quit anyhow from all their talk, which mostly is just talk, well then I'm less satisfied.
  16. Sheaffer Augur

    Can you imagine if they never started instancing? Currently, most ser es have between 2 to 5 guilds raiding modern content on a weekly basis. You can log in at a prescheduled time, raid, have fun, get loot, and log off a few hours later. This seems conducive to a lot more people getting to raid and have fun than only having one Open world spawn.

    Can you imagine waking up at 3am to raid Xulous Prime? Bleh.

    I wasn't going to post on this thread but I am trying to help the 100 pages cause.
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  17. Fwoosh New Member

    Again, instancing is not an issue later in the EQ xpacks because the game was eningeered that way. Classic -> Luclin was not built to be instanced.
  18. gander Augur

    This raid instancing talk makes me so mad. If you want to raid and get raid loot, then go dps the dragon. If not shut up. The same people that want instancing are probably against progressing to make available more targets to compete for. If so, live with it.
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  19. Ceffener Augur

    This thread would be locked buy the community managers are all out watching Jurassic World.

    I will be soon too, it should be great!
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  20. Greymere Augur

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