Raid scene on Mischief lacking?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kahna, Jun 21, 2021.

  1. RABKkehhalla Elder

    Imagine relying on 40 people to carry you through content that you can do with 25. Extremely weak and sad.
  2. Stepbrowhatamidoing New Member

    first real fight is emp, then you can argue trials in omens. everything else is tank and spank + or - a ramp tank even Oomm is just, click mask

    Till like Dodh
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  3. Stepbrowhatamidoing New Member

    I still remember DoDH hah, sisters, hanvar, having so much spell shielding failing his mech didnt kill you. thats when they raised the DT dmg
  4. Mattling Journeyman

    You think a 10 minute CH chain is enjoyable? I'd rather you cut my balls off with a rusty spoon than do another CH chain.
  5. Gremin Augur

    Then as previously stated play past PoP, otherwise thats how it is.
  6. Triconix Augur

    Again, that's literally how all raids are designed in early EQ, regardless if a mob has MOTM or not. Did you not do these raids back in the day? The only things that may change is the CH rotation will be for less time or during the easier/quicker fights you'll just spam quick heals instead because players are so ridiculously OP compared to their 1999-2001 counterparts that mobs will flop before mana becomes a concern.
  7. Demetri Augur

    There's a ton missing there, a ton. I can quote at least 3 guilds I know firsthand that it missed, and I've barely been paying attention to serverwides.
  8. Cainen Augur

    From what I understand thats a manual process to get on that list. Someone, generally from the guild, has to send in their kill logs. So for those who just dont care, they'll never show up unless someone else sends in the info.

    I've never put much stock in the tracking sites.
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  9. Demetri Augur

    Aradune had 4 in 28 days (4th guild cleared EoV on 6/25), EQAnon, with revisionist history again. and it launched 5/27.

    Even breaking down individual targets at 30 days - there was only 10 guilds with Vox guilds for example - hardly 30+.

    For Christ's sake the Thornblade one doesn't even have their major guild (Cowboys) unless things have changed drastically since my switch.
  10. Demetri Augur

    They're good on some servers - Phinny it was done really well, but there was a channel for all the guild leaders that shared the info to make sure it was updated constantly - with buzzing to make sure attribution for others was done even if they forgot to report it themselves.

    But yea, I can quote that my guild has all but Sky and CT cleared in Classic - but apparently we don't exist. And Camels and Cowboys - the Faceless x IV equivalent on TB when I left is completely absent from the list, when they certainly got a few (and all the first) kills on TB before I jetted.
  11. Komodon Elder

    Well in fairness to that we are talking about a plane of sky requirement here. Which among the more "hardcore" and roll-on-every-TLP with the intent on creating sustained success guilds aiming to clear all the content in era, appeared to see a bigger then ever before universal approach shift on Aradune that went from:

    "Plane of Sky sucks and we mostly all loathe doing it. But still gotta get that in era BIS loot and all..."


    "Plane of Sky sucks and we mostly all loathe doing it. No this time. God no. Let's for the most part say screw sky"

    Outside the EQB crew trying for World firsts, I'd also go as far as to say the surrounding care factor going into people even paying attention to or caring enough about outside progression lists to push earlier progression kills like that was probably at an all time and almost non-existent low.
  12. Boogatti Journeyman

    5 guilds cleared classic in 30 days or less on aradune.
  13. Machen New Member

    Trials in omens are closer to tank and spank now. You can ignore most of the mechanics and still do fine in most of them. The simon says trial, you are better off just ignoring all emotes and dpsing.

    High Priest in ssra, Tallon Zek, Vallon Zek, Bertox/Inny/CT, Rallos will all wreck you if you treat them as tank and spank. Heck even some of p1 time events will wreck you if you ignore the adds and just tank and spank the boss, in era.

    Half the fights in Ink`tu`ta, all of Uqua, pretty much every fight in Txevu, half the fights in tacvi are more complicated than just tank and spank. Some of them can be overcome with massive dps and ignore the mechanics, but most of these can't.

    OMM is way more complex than Emp. Clicking the mask is one part. You still need to deal with the charm mobs, the adds, him resetting, porting down and running back, clicking back up together and reengaging. None of these are all that difficult individually, but they do all add up and all have to be factored in and accounted for. For that matter, Jelvan is not a tank and spank, and nor is Keldovan any more.
  14. oldkracow Augur

    I'd bet this rule set becomes the leader over time.
    I believe Mangler and Mischeif have had similar #s across the board.

    The only thing raiders from top end guilds are good for is to buy their loot and resell it or wait until they steal loot and try to sell it and then resell that. :rolleyes:
  15. RABKkehhalla Elder

    Who steals loot and still runs a guild? Sounds like you'd have to recruit some real fools to fall for it twice.
  16. Demetri Augur

    I realize that - wasn't stating there was none - was saying Mischief numbers are roughly in-line, which they are. (and 4 by my count - 5th was around day 33 by my math)
  17. Demetri Augur

    Even with the "remove Sky" caveat - it's still ONLY 9 versus his claim of 30+. (And 2-3 of those were a nudge over the reality of the Classic timer of 28 days - since everyone just says "30 days" instead of the 4 weeks it really is)
  18. Rizlowder New Member

    youre comparing a server where a raid could clear sky on their first run vs a server where guilds actually had to do keying progression that for normal guilds doing only dzs could take several weeks to a month
  19. Rizlowder New Member

    every server has guilds missing off the progression site. the more guilds that a servers progression site has the more guilds that will be missing. mangler had a handful of guilds not on there and aradune had well over a dozen not on there.
  20. Rizlowder New Member

    why does the mischief progression site have fxiv killing hand on same day as eye? they didnt do their first hand until way later