Raid scene on Mischief lacking?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kahna, Jun 21, 2021.

  1. Kahna Augur

    Is it just me or is the raid scene on Mischief lacking. My friends and I have been sticking to small group/raid content and it has worked out well for us so far, but we are eventually going to be looking for a "real" guild. We aren't finding anything viable. We won't join a zerg, so that is out, but the other guilds on the server haven't done much to impress us with their ability to clear content either. There are so few guilds to choose from as well. Is that just because everyone who doesn't have a small group they can kill stuff with went and joined the zerg? Thoughts on that changing as expansions progress? Are lots of folks just writing off classic/Kunark like we did and it will pick up in Velious?

    Also, on GDKP.
    I was optimistic about GDKP being the way to go on this server. What are folks opinions on the GDKP guilds success, as far as it being a viable loot distribution method on the server, now that it has had some time to play out.
  2. TheGoblin Elder

    The main GDKP guild has distributed the loot to the server very effectively. You will find most of the loot from that guild appears in the Tunnel or on Websites very shortly after the auction for it ends in their discord.

    But in response to the first question, yes, they aren't many guilds out there compared to previous TLP's just due to the fact that the smaller a group, the more money you can make. Maybe this will change come Velious or maybe everyone will just join Faceless X In Virtue.
  3. Cainen Augur

    I dont expect many guilds that exist now will remain till Luclin, the server is not the gold mine people expected, so all those who came here to get rich will be leaving.

    For Classic and Kunark, small group is fine, I'd wait to see who's around come velious before looking for a guiild. The server will look very different by then.
  4. Atomos Augur

    I do feel like there are less guilds than normal on this TLP, and didn't feel like there were many options for me personally.
    The guild I did join has been fine, it is small, growing, improving, and we won't be killing any big targets in Classic but that will change in Kunark, as I am sure it will for every other guild too.
  5. Celestian Elder

    I too was optimistic about this type of system... however a FFA bidding system (in my limited experience so far) has lead to people that has large pocket books to get krono snapping up items their characters can't even use to sell and/or corner the market to make more money.

    It has led to a select few getting all the good stuff and the guild itself not really getting gear to improve the players. Yes, you can use the plat they spend to go buy it but in my experience so far you can't buy the same amount/type of upgrade you get from the raid.

    I think it would work better if the there is a "only if you're class can use it" and not allow someone, for example, to snap up all 4 scales to sell later.

    IMO. For now, im going to be looking for a DKP guild.
  6. nagash101 Augur

    hey there are a bunch of small raid guilds on Thronblade, maybe transfer over and merge.
  7. Kahna Augur

    No thank you. We aren't looking to merge with anyone, and we certainly wouldn't transfer to another server to do so. We are just fine killing what we can kill for now(which includes Yael, so we have access to all the non-sky loot.) We weren't really going to be guild shopping for a few expansions, and we would rather avoid leadership roles. No faster way to burn out than running a guild.

    I was mostly just a bit confused by the current guild scene. It is far different than any other TLP I have been on, and not for the better.
  8. bardybard Augur

    You need absolutely zero raid loot to progress in Classic. A full raid wearing bronze/fine steel weapons can clear anything in Classic and probably even Kunark. You are better off selling all of the Classic junk, converting it to krono and buying something actually useful come Velious.
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  9. Cainen Augur

    We're in the same boat. Small guild killing what we can with a few groups. I think the raiding scene for Mischief will go through a few overhauls in Kunark and Velious before settling on something resembling stable come Luclin.

    Classic is always a crap shoot and with a lot of people expecting to get rich quick on this server being SEVEARLY disappointed in that "promise" I expect most zerg gdkp guild to crumble before too long.

    I also expect more people to come over as Kunark and Velious open up, a lot of people I know are waiting till at least Velious to start as nothing really matters before then and with everything being tradeable catching up is really easy to AAs.
  10. Kahna Augur

    We are in the same guild, silly. :p
  11. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Turns out you need 0 gear for luclin raiding too...
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  12. brickz Augur

    Personally, I am totally over classic and kunark raids and will be looking to join a raid guild in velious or luclin. A few people I spoke too were of a similar mindset
  13. Atomos Augur

    I think the server ruleset got a lot of people interested that weren't already playing, people who weren't already tied to a guild. Usually a lot of the big TLP guilds always split off onto the new TLPs when they launch, but I think they are taking this opportunity to continue on for a change. Without those pre-existing guilds, we don't have this massive foundation that we normally do.
  14. Rauven Augur

    Pretty much this. Could even push this to Planes of Power in many cases.

    Killy Inny, CT, and EoV is just for bragging rights. And Naggy and Vox for some epic stuff.
  15. MischiefTLP New Member

    Free Trade gives you options, if you want raid loot the best time vs reward starting tomorrow is farming VP Key Medallions, preferably completed Medallions, although Piece of Medallion has a Lore tab if you are 50+.

    Kunark also gives you a weekly Skyfire dz to farm Guardian Wurms which if you get lucky can drop a spell that will go for lots of Krono. If you have enough to kill Talendor, purely from a time vs Krono perspective you would probably make more plat from each group or so killing Guardian Wurms and then kill multiple Naggys for the loot Talendor drops except for Kunark spells and a chance at a Green Scale.

    Velious you start to get a considerable number of targets that require a fairly large raid force that will drop gear well beyond most other gear in the game. Time vs Krono you still might come out ahead farming Circlet of Falinkan, Benevolence Quest, Armor Gems and such over getting a small fraction of the GDKP or slowly building up DKP.

    Then in Luclin it's back to farming key parts as being the optimal time vs Krono at the launch of the expansion and all sorts of potential "Yael" pinatas where even "casual" players can try to "exploit" before the first hotfix by trying for Ornate Sword of the General or Pebble Crusher and end up with much better loot.

    Guilds are killing stuff on Mischief, plenty of yellow text, large raid force is certainly not your only option and it's probably not the most efficient option until at least Velious.
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  16. Zansobar Augur

    GDKP is the way to go on this server, since you can buy any items you need. The more money guildies bid on items the more money goes back to the guildies so you can go buy whatever you want. People just need to change their mindset that they are going to work to get the item drops they need themselves and instead just partake of the economy and trade for items you want like you do in the real world.

    I believe the issue with number of guild is that there were like 700 players joining that one mega guild, which would be enough players to supply about 7 guilds to the server all capable of raiding. But in the end what does it matter? If you are in that guild I'm sure they are splitting into like 20 raid groups each night so everyone can still raid.
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  17. Demetri Augur

    It would work well if kronos were server independent and not tied to something RMT-able.

    Plat by itself works perfectly for such, but when you add the potential of whales and other abuses outside of the system? Nah - it will be warped at a whim.
  18. Xanathol Augur

    There's lots of reasons you're seeing this. For one, some people thought FV loot meant krono farm garden thus didn't come over, when it has created exactly the opposite. GEBs for sale? <1 krono. Guise? <1kr Jboots? <1kr (thank you random loot drops!) And with that, some of the crowd whom would typically just make a toon to krono farm have already given up, making the server even better off, though less populated. Secondly, the shorter expansion times just don't leave a lot of desire to invest in classic raiding out of the gates - in three months, Velious will open with better options all around and virtually zero requirements to take it on. It breaks down so that if you have a life, your guild takes a week to level, leaving 3 instances for classic raiding before Kunark. Take another week to level again in Kunark and slip in some epics and before you know it, Kunark is over too.

    As for GDKP, anyone who didn't think it was a bad idea either stood to benefit or wasn't good in math. Splitting 25k plat 50 ways only gets each participant 500p. GDKP was, is, and always will be a means for those able & willing to invest by using others. It is the pinnacle of krono farmer via auction, ie. buy low sell high. Anyone who just participates in the raid and cannot buy & flip would have been better served farming hill giants than being a pawn in someone else's pyramid scheme. It is sad that there are people whom do not realize this, nor saw the cancer that it quickly becomes.

    The best part is this server being free trade, the items are less rare respectively (ie you have access to your guild's drops and GDKPer's market) and thus quickly become realatively cheap. Add to that the faster expansion unlocks and many are not foolish enough to buy such gear at the inflated prices other TLPs have seen, knowing that better is readily available just a few weeks away. Yeah, some have tried to corner markets on items to resale but from the looks of auction, they stand to take a huge loss, which is absolutely wonderful.
  19. Wisp Lorekeeper

    One of the interesting developments is that it seems like all of the "usual suspects" or at least most of them all decided to join forces and cooperate for this server. So instead of five or six top tier raid forces competing with each other and somewhat antagonizing each other, we're all in FIV pooling resources. It's working out really well.

    It's interesting to me that there's a prevailing sentiment that a large force = zerg now. There was a time when zerg referenced a particular type of raiding that required a large force, and was generally disparaged because it represented inefficient raiding, doing with many what could be done with better tactics, fewer people, generally even faster. Doing naggy or vox now with 24 people legit feelsbadman. It's slow, it's...honestly it's just nonsense. It CAN be done but, man, after the first couple of times you'd rather you just finished killing naggy/vox/inny/ct and eye, rather than punish yourself with low numbers on encounters that were specifically re-tuned to present a challenge to "full" raids just so you can...not get the drop you were hoping for.

    Unfortunately the game has changed significantly, and having more numbers allows disproportionately more kills, especially as it allows multiple splits of instances. FIV regularly kills raid content with the 30 or 40 characters at a time that might be more your speed, but the nature of GDKP means that all open world content everyone online shows up for, because you want the split. We don't need the people but it would be rude to not let folks come. Because of the GDKP rules, everyone gets something, so there's less incentive to fracture off into splinter guilds and compete in open world when you'd at best double your split and at worst lose the dps race and get nothing. Given that the top-parsers have all competed with each other for years and generally know exactly how that feels, it seems pretty stable right now. On other TLP you would see 180 people at the same mob, it's just that now all of those are in the same guild rather than racing as part of 2-4 other guilds. In a smaller guild you're also going to be out of luck if you miss the scheduled DZ time. In FIV there's other opportunities, so that one-off meeting your boss called or kid getting bit by vampire or w/e doesn't mean you miss that opportunity this week.

    Classic was a bit hectic. It feels like maybe 4 weeks of classic isn't quite enough? Like, sky really could've used ONE more weekend, maybe 4 weeks is OK if the start had been a few days earlier? That said, ready to move on to Kunark for sure. Loving the server.

    As we move through expansions, people will quit, for many reasons. Truebox is the most likely reason I will quit, others don't care for particular content and still others will just have real life things happen. Or a new TLP will be released.

    If you are enjoying the server, I would encourage you to give FIV a try, don't believe the drama, it's a bunch of old people trying to squeeze in some EQ time around kids, jobs, grandkids, spouses, hobbies, etc. There's some neckbeards and OG mouthbreathers to be sure, any guild with 700 members will have that, but they stop playing over the next few months/are identified and gkicked/etc. If you just can't get over that time five years ago when a Faceless person was mean on the forums I get it. The guild leader at the time that helped you get over it is probably in FIV though. Most of the people you have a problem with are gone, 100% promise. The rest will be gone two weeks into velious.

    There's some frustration from folks that are used to DKP who really don't understand economy, and there are some scaling issues right now because there's so little plat on the server. So folks that can go efficiently gather cash drops are at a huge advantage, but over time the raid splits will take off exponentially and it'll feel alot closer to DKP, especially with the bazaar being an equalizer for flipping/source of gear from other places. Right now anyone who has the time to no-life it has an advantage unseen on other servers just because they can improve their raid outcomes by increasing their plat pool. It *feelsbad* but it's temporary. I'm fully geared just off of raid splits and can't usually be there for the "closing hour" of bids (weird time zone for me). I did buy one really neat thing using Krono but I'm also an adult with a job so it's like...whatever. I think that rubs some folks the wrong way, but compared to every other classic start I've done, it's refreshing that AT LEAST you get the split from the whale, vs. the guild leadership selling it behind closed doors and keeping it all for the mysterious "guild bank" that somehow needs limitless plat reserves to then admonish you to buy your own spells/pots/mounts/etc. *feelsgood*

    Ultimately what I expect to happen is that folks who raid because they enjoy raiding will stick around, those who only did it for the loot will realize they can get the loot without raiding, and the size of the raids will shrink, right as the quality of the gear increases. There's a core group there that is well geared and playing solidly. I'm hopeful we maintain numbers for a good long while and have a lot of fun as expansions open up.

    The group game is so fun right now, it's tempting to just wait on the raids. Right? Like...this is great single group experience, I love this server so much.
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  20. Celestian Elder

    Thats great for people that want to stack plat, me and my group want to play the game and get loot as we play. Not wait for some nebulous date down the road. The system won't change then, it'll be the same. The same people buying krono from DBG and spinning it out as plat and will get all the gear to sell....and everyone else will be relegated to whatever we can find outside of raids... to me, that's the opposite of what raids are for. I'd expect a guild to want to improve their raiding members so that raiding improves but if you're just into zerg it repeatedly I guess it doesnt matter.

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