Fixed Internally Raid: Paludal Depths Insatiable An Appetite - multiple DZs on zone in.

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Elliemental, Feb 15, 2023.

  1. Elliemental New Member

    When I zoned into our DZ for a trash clear, the rest of my raid was in Paludal 912 and I was in Paludal 913. In the DZ window I appeared to be in the same expedition. I was in the same raid at the time the DZ was requested.
  2. asdfqwerasd Journeyman

    just happened on thornblade in valdeholm upon zoning out of a task. since we were raided up it should have put us in the main pick but it did not it put some in the main pick and some in the other pick -- they fixed this awhile back but apparently they reintroduced this bug today in the patch
  3. Elliemental New Member

    My issue wasn't that I landed in a different pick zone upon exiting. I ended up in a different raid instance upon zoning in!
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  4. Manfred Wilmont New Member

    This happened to our guild on Ragefire during the Arx Mentis raid.
    We requested the raid, got the DZ (we had 4 prior lockouts), one member was dzadded while lemmings mashed the zone in keyword. We ended up having three separate DZs people were randomly zoning into and had to kick them all separately.

    Further, the raid leader received multiple popups stating that a joining member had different lockouts and if they should accept or not. Thatw as patch of the patch, however the popup did not state what member had different lockouts, nor the lockout timer, just the event name, which is incredibly unhelpful. Regardless, the member had the exact same lockouts as the raid, and the window continually popped up as if it wasn't accepting the setting. Something is wonky in this new setup.
  5. Rashod Lorekeeper

    Had this happen last night attempting to raid Pit Fight. Raid was split into two separate zones when we zoned in. We were able to get to the same zone by having folks in one of the zones leave and re-enter. Believe everyone landed in the same place after leaving and re-entering.
  6. Drakang Augur

    Bump. Have seen this on the Paludel raid. Painful to get everybody into the same instance. Banner works but if you have a guest that is able to use the banner they had to camp out and come back to be able to get into the instance with the rest of the raid.
  7. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I think this happens when a dz is requested while people are zoning. Like how if you look at the guild tool and people zone there is a small gap where it says the player is offline. Only seems to happen if you're rushing to get to the next area and people are in travel, but never see it at more sedate rates of kicking and getting dzs.

    The thing is, it shows the people that are in zones as not in your dz at all. Zoning can fix, or dropping the dz and getting readded.
  8. Drakang Augur

    Dropping the DZ and readding does not always work.
  9. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Happened to us last night on door.
  10. niente Developer

    We have a ticket to look at this bug in the next two weeks.

    Since raiding can be difficult while this bug is in game, here is some additional information to try to help:
    - When players request a raid, sometimes multiple instances are started. It's not clear what exactly must occur for this to happen, but it has something to do with raid members (or the raid leader) zoning.
    - One example of this had 8 DZs (dynamic zones) spawned by one raid request. Members of the raid were in as few as 5 DZs (of the same zone) and as many as 8. For whatever reason, the majority of the raid will usually go to the same instance when they say the enter phrase. However, a few players will go to a different instance with no visible reason that it is not the same instance the rest of the raid has.
    - A temporary way to handle this in game is to have players who fail to enter the correct instance, /dzq multiple times until they have no instance, and then get a dzadd from the raid leader.
    - An idea I have (that I am not sure whether it does actually help) is to not allow members to request the raid until everyone arrives at the "entrance" zone (or everyone in the raid waits in the guild hall), and only allow the RL to request. Once the DZ is obtained, let players continue running to the instance / changing zones. It may also be possible to avoid it by requesting a raid with a smaller amount of players, and using the guild tool to add everyone to the DZ. The issue is created when the DZ is requested and isn't really solved until everyone has left all of the DZs they are in, which is difficult considering they aren't visible in the DZ window beyond the first one.

    Handling this with this method is not ideal, and we will fix the issue as soon as we are able.
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  11. Nudia Augur

    Had this tonight - had one additional twist to it that may or may not help in diagnosing.

    I had similar behavior mentioned above with seemingly being placed in several DZs, but with the added bit that I was placed into a DZ for a different zone/raid - while the guild was in a Door DZ, I was in a few Door DZs and also a Deepshade - The Artist DZ. Of note, we did not do this event tonight.

    In attempting to drop and get into the proper DZ, I was ultimately unable, but I did end up in a few empty DZs. I did also receive a loot lockout on the first mob kill and later an event lockout on chest open in the real DZ, but could not rejoin that DZ and ultimately could not partake, receive coin, or join after to assist with giving out loot (oh nooooo).

    Not sure if the extra piece with getting a different zone DZ entirely is relevant or helpful, but did not see it mentioned above with this bug.

    ETA: In support of thought above, I believe the DZ was pulled while I was zoning - the prior DZ was kicked while I was casting my super cool Turnip sign, leaving Under Siege.
  12. Alena Elder

    Oh thank you for that one. I did a bug report on EoK raids. We started Zlandicar and there was this requester with the loot lockout and nobody had ever done Zlandicar. All where standing in front of the quest giver and a couple waited in the guild hall for the banner.Simple requesting the raid popped up the requester and NOBODY zoned while this happened. So "no zoning until request" is no solution there.
    The same strange thing with the EoK raids.
  13. Windance Augur

    We've had a couple occasions where people have been unable to loot items from the raid chest.

    In each occasions :

    The raid leader dropped all items from advloot to the chest.

    Other people could see and loot items.

    The people who where unable to loot were either added after the chest was open *OR* had gone LD and needed to be re-added to the raid.

    In both occasions the people involved were asked to check their loot lockout and main lockouts to verify they were the same, and they where.