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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Maedhros, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. Siny Augur

    Personally its been some time since Ive seen any noticeable lag on AB with mechanics/spellcasting. I certainly dont get any at all for ST3 (as one of the top dps in guild for the event I would notice).

    Occassionally we get chat spikes and I do remember ping being a bit higher just over a week ago but even then nothing that affected performance.

    A few guildies have had issues recently but from the comments Ive seen, its either cleared after gating or seems more of an issue thats specific to them.

    My options are such that I hide other ppls+pets dmg (we have experts that regularly post parses so I dont need to) and I have spam windows that I keep minimised.
  2. Annastasya Augur

    There's definitely something going on. Windows update maybe? My connection and system have run raids about the same for the last few years, but some recent change (nothing that i did personally) has amped up the lag considerably. When burns get fired up, and everyone starts casting, and all the pets come out, the frames per second just drop to nothing. I can't turn, move, cast, click or anything. It's abysmal, i get packets of game info minutes after they occur.

    This feels similar back to when they released those ornamentations that were jamming up the rendering processes so badly that it lagged people out and even dropped their connections.
  3. Febb Augur

    From the videos that I've watched on this lag, this is definitely a server side processing problem. I've seen this before in overcrowded zones. Once the server gets overloaded, rubber banding happens, and scripting is delayed
  4. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Just a recommendation but make everyone in your raid go AFK and turn on Hide AFK Players, Pets and Mercenaries. Here is how:

    I lag when I box raids with my 36 box unless I turn on /hide afk then I don't lag at all. It also drops my CPU usage by about 30%. While I would agree with you that having to go /afk on the entire raid is a silly solution it's better than lagging on everyone and hopefully only a temporary solution until Daybreak fixes the issue. This is also the only solution to reduce your lag that requires absolutely no third party software.

    I know you say that the lag is server side but it's possible for players to cause server side lag - it's what people did when Beam kiting in places like Evantil. I have no clue if my suggestion will fix the lag for you or not but it's always fixed lag for me when raiding so I figured I would recommend you give it a whirl.
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  5. gotwar Augur

    We did try this for science, but it does nothing for the server-side script lag we (and many others, and can be showcased in several videos I've posted) experience.

    This makes sense because it's not client side FPS or network lag. It's strictly on the server-side, resulting in NPCs who don't move, scripts that don't fire or fire late (like spawning hp or timer based adds, triggered AE's/emotes, etc), or the joys of a 10-second Talendor "walk out of the room" script turning into a 2 minute snoozefest.

    It's worth reiterating that the type of lag the OP is aiming to address is the server-side script lag that happens on raids. Everything else is a separate issue entirely, but there does seem to be some confusion as to what's being referenced here
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  6. kizant Augur

    Unless you're running 20 clients on one PC you really should use the 'most memory' option and not the least. The big improvements I've found are setting NVIDIA's power management setting to maximum performance and my EQ process's priority to high instead of normal. I have zero lag the majority of the time and play on two servers. So, when I see FV consistently be 10x worse than Xegony I don't think it's an issue I can do anything about by tweaking settings any further. We did try the hide AFK thing too and it didn't help that much.
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  7. Wulfhere Augur

  8. niente Developer

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  9. segap Augur

    That might help people with bandwidth issues on their side (unlikely with today's average bandwidth versus that in 2001 when the server side filtering was introduced). Depending on how the messages are created and processed server side, it could actually lead to more resource usage on the server and increase server side lag which is the issue of this thread.
  10. Maedhros High King

    Just wanted to clarify that on Crypt-robbers the lag I am referring to is definitely script related. I can move and play with no issues on that event.
    The percentage based clue phases is where the lag exists for us.
    If the first clue hail mark is supposed to be 91, but you never get it until 84, chances are thats going to fail as the dps pushes it down under 82 and the next clue is supposed to fire.
    Even when the clues hit at the appropriate percentage or reasonably close, the hail and response parts often lag.
    We have slowed down our dps on this event and it helps to provide a buffer for the laggy script but it still sometimes over-dps and lead to script fails.

    I had mentioned setting Drusella to go invulnerable at the clue hail marks, and unlocking when the clue has been attained, but that kinda just seems like another spot for the lag to affect things and I don't want to see this turn in to a 10 minute event.
    It would also just be a bandage to fixing whatever is the actual problem with the script lag.
  11. Fanra

    Thank you. I believe I asked Daybreak a while back if it still did anything and I don't think I got an answer. Now I can update my wiki article about this.
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  12. Lianeb Augur

    I know we are the odd guys on this, and we raid earlier than most on Sunday. This was our first event and we posted 142s with no clues missed or event lag. In my opinion this week we didn’t have hardly any lag on events. That isn’t to say no lag is the norm though.

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