Raid instnace please

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Bole, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. MaestroM Augur

    Someone write a letter to Columbus Nova
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  2. Weverley Augur

    Even if they were to do instancing with the added difficulty on the raid mob it will just be wipe after wipe and then pls diminish difficulty.
  3. Jaxarale01 Augur

    You must be new to this topic?

    Trying to use "because that's not how it was" reason on a server that almost nothing is how it was is self defeating... If that was a valid reason the servers would never be able to exist at all.
  4. Unique_Moop Augur

    I don't really have a good reason as why they-should not private-instance hate/fear/naggy/vox/sky/vp/trak/serv/gore/any epic raid. That is the live game--there is no scarcity and thus so little conflict. We all want to blame jerks for the problems, but the problem is always "what happens when two people want the same thing" ...the bigger guy takes it.

    Early-EQ wasn't built for raiders. Raiders happened. Now that they exist the content should adapt.
  5. Storytimebros Elder

    If the entire game was instanced there would be no such thing as a top guild. Only the ones that think they are at the top would come on the forums and bash everyone else based on clearing speed. Since we did it first we are obviously the best so join us! The only guilds that would even care are the ones that want to clear the content first then. If I choose to play in my own instance with friends, why would I care what the top guild was doing? They would have no effect on my gameplay or whatever garbage they posted on forums. Being in a top guild at this stage of the game is all about recruiting for later instanced content. If you want to continue you character in that content you would have to join them or create a new guild and recruit people. They would end up being the preferred option after all the other potential apps have been grieved off the server from advertising the most kills. Some just refuse to join them just to be able to see that content. Not everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to be most piece of trash possible over pixels.
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  6. Darth Augur

    Whatever, the spawns are so fast, we found a way to get everyone that had a desire to actually raid, loot.

    I'm sorry the guilds on Ragefire can't be adults.
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  7. Pikallo Augur

    Let me be clear - I'm not arguing about whether or not raid instancing would be a good thing for the server. I'm just arguing that "Everyone should have a shot" is a weak argument. Just because a customer base demands something and claims that everyone wants it, doesn't mean the company needs to give it to them. Sometimes a company needs to stick to their guns and maintain integrity despite the whining masses.
  8. ngs1 Augur

    4 guilds have killed raid bosses on Ragefire.
  9. Eqplayer1999 Elder

    we all pay for this game, we all should get a chance, and no i dont want a chance when kunark comes out, new content is out and i will be onto that, sever has thousands of players that all want to raid and kill stuff, but most dont want to get up at 3am for a dragon kill, or neglect thier families just to raid sky
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  10. Pikallo Augur

    Yet you still don't have raid instancing and never will until GoD. Who wins?
  11. Kegwell Lurker since '99

    I'll bet you on this :)
  12. Darth Augur

    All of them each? Or just a few? Cause one is being adults, the other is one guild being to tired to hit 6 batphones every day.
  13. Kellaer Augur

    Instance raids. EQ has changed, and Aristo is incorrect in that we can police ourselves.
  14. ngs1 Augur

    The bosses being killed by others have nothing to do with batphoning and more to do with clever planning and player error.
  15. Pikallo Augur

    Exactly - so go do business with another company and use a different product that caters to what you want or at least aligns with what you are looking for.
  16. Jaxarale01 Augur

    Your kidding right?
    What if cell phone companies didn't bow to user demands and stuck to their guns?
    We would all be walking around with backpack phones ala Zac Morris...

    Companies give options or companies go bankrupt period.
    You do not know a lot about business do you?

    Ever hear of Burger King? "have it your way" PR commercials from 20 years ago?
    Ever ordered a steak and asked for it to be cooked well done and been told "nope sorry you get it bloody or you can go elsewhere!!"

    /dbl facepalm
  17. Elkay Augur

    What you just described is a Pv*E* environment. Last I checked, RF and LJ were not red servers. What you just described is the Pv*E* environment that so many people are asking for.

    I want to conquer content, not people.
  18. Kegwell Lurker since '99

    We have a thing called subscription, we paid money (not Kronos) and will move when our sub is up. Until then, HI :)

    oh, and WHY are you against instancing exactly?
  19. MaestroM Augur

    Blizzard won't give me instanced everquest. I've asked
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  20. ngs1 Augur

    Actually, there are many restaurants that won't serve you a steak well done or bloody rare for differing reasons.
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