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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Bole, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Bole New Member

    killing Nagafen can still be an achievement. Beef them up more then they are now, and then instance them to see what guild can take him out. “seats taken” mentality is Bull !@#$. Everyone should have a shot at it. DBG made this problem when they instanced groupable zones, crap ton of 50s out there with nothing todo… I have 6 accouts, 4 are all ready 50, the next two will be 50 this week, I am not in it to gear them all out. Just doing it because I am board. i love everquest, i just want to experance what i missed out on.
  2. Korillo Augur

    Honestly if you guys are looking for new content you should be on the live servers.
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  3. Zublak Augur

    Says the trainer from Ubiquitas.
  4. Zublak Augur

    I think Naggys difficulty looks to be in a pretty good state now.
  5. Finwen Augur

    I can only speak for myself, but I wanted DBG to either instance the raids and increase mob difficulty, or instance the raids and put a cap on the amount players in the instance to artificially increase difficulty. They did half of the first scenario, but they likely made the situation worse.

    If you gave everyone on the server the same play time / work schedule / family life, most people would be competent enough to organize and actually take down raid targets. Instead, we make an artificial gate based on hours available to log on and use buzzwords like "skill" and "achievement".
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  6. Bole New Member

    thats the myth, it takes no skill and the "achievement" can still be an achievemnt... right now for skill is just to zerg it, every raiding guild right now can zerg it to win. lets instance this, put a lock out and be done with all this bull.
  7. Pikallo Augur


    This comes up a lot. And while Holly discussed it in a quite controversial manner, it is pretty clear that the thought is that NO, not everyone should have a shot at it.

    Why do people think that the game has to cater to what they want it to be? Why exactly should everyone "have a shot at it"?

    Just a note as well - I'm not a raider, I'm not in a big guild(yes,a casual) and while I wouldn't mind getting in a raid here or there if the opportunity arose - I'm not going to cry and moan that the game needs to be completely changed just because that's the way I want it.
  8. Kegwell Lurker since '99

    Because that's why we are here, nothing left to do on live servers..
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  9. guado Augur

    Shouldn't raids be instanced?
  10. Finwen Augur

    Why not?
  11. guado Augur

    I don't understand why the current top guilds are against instancing. You can split the raids and get more cloaks of flames!!! RMT for you!!!!!!
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  12. MaestroM Augur

    Why shouldn't it be?

    Lots of people want instances. I can't think of a non-spurious reason not to instance. The technology is there, people want it, people will pay for it, why not?

    There haven't been objections from the dev team that it would be too expensive. They already have he technology to do it in fact.

    If they're worried about " achievement" they can just cap the number of people in an instance so it's actually difficult. Buffing up encounters was actually not a bad idea. If they want it to be too hard for casuals, make naggy too hard for casuals.

    Worried about gear influx? Make the loot no drop.

    There are no non-krono based arguments against instancing that stand up to even half a second of thought.

    Why? Because the customers want it is the only reason any well run business needs.

    Why not?
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  13. Bole New Member

    becsue everyone has a shot at guk, sol b, and the hole....

    there for Raids should be instanced with lock outs.
  14. Storytimebros Elder

    Instancing would split off people into there own cliques. There would be no reason to join a top guild then. How else would they be able to monopolize all the content then?
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  15. Pikallo Augur

    Because that's not how the game was during these expansions.

    You want to go visit the zoo and see the animals, but the current zoo is too far away/too expensive/too busy - does that mean they need to build a new zoo just for you in your backyard? No, not if they don't want to. It means if you really want it that bad - you go and pay the cost/time investment needed. If you deem that impossible due to how busy the zoo is or your own circumstances/RL etc...too bad, wait until the zoo comes to town (instancing in GoD).

    Again, I'm not a raider and if they did build a zoo in my back yard, I'd check out the lion den. I'm not saying that everyone having their own zoo is necessarily a bad thing, I'm saying you aren't entitled to having one just because you want them to give you one.
  16. Kegwell Lurker since '99

    Instancing Raids is just a matter of time.

    Question is, will you do it before it's too late to save your game / jobs?
  17. Canik Augur

    Now if no one could access the zoo because it was full every minute it was open, they would probably consider building another.
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  18. Jaxarale01 Augur

    Very nicely put.

    The why not question is where the problem is...

    I do not mean the talking heads saying "its not classic"... that ignorance was put to bed months ago when we all saw that nothing except sewer rat AC and health was classic.

    The problem does not stem from the "come at me bruh" crew either... they are so far in the minority and out dated they do not even matter to the vast majority of the player base.

    The problem is the dev team and by that I mean for some reason beyond explanation they continue to cling to: "we do not feel its classic".

    This is the problem and no matter what anyone says nothing will change until they are ordered to institute instancing by their bosses.
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  19. Roxxanna Augur

    Instance EVERYTHING. No trade all significant loot. If you want people in your guild, act accordingly.
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  20. Zapsos Augur

    DPS racing actually makes the targets easier, because assuming it is a somewhat even race you only have to kill slightly more than half the target... Or maybe the guild who brings the most DPS didn't have to worry about the tanking and healing.
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