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    Can you explain?
  2. Zahrym Augur

    There are better buffs, whether they be self-only or Adps that are better than IoG in 60s burn circumstance (main-burn). IoG is always used AFTER those have finished.

    Increase Critical DoT Damage by 200% (second spire)
    Increase Critical DoT Damage by 110% (IoG)

    Increase Spell Critical Direct Damage by 100% (Vapor Core)
    Increase Spell Critical Direct Damage by 90% (IoG)

    Increase Spell Critical Direct Damage by 100% (Second Spire)
    Increase Spell Critical Direct Damage by 90% (IoG)

    IoG is a secondary burn buff once these have faded to help them sustain the high dps they accrued.

    If the arguement is

    5: Increase Chance to Critical Nuke by 10% and Increase Critical Nuke Damage by 250% of Base Damage

    significant enough to warrant it in the 60s burn duration, I could mull over what effects they have that already do that, but I don't feel the need to. I've seen the 240k-260k wizard burns (before the changes) and they did not have IoG.
  3. Behelit Augur

    Wizards dont need IoG becuase their 2nd spire is an indentical 250% crit dmg mod. It can still be used on their main burn interchangeably with their 2nd spire. but you are correct that its not needed for a max 60-90sec parse (altho technically IoG has the edge over 2nd spire because it also has 10% crit chance).

    Necros, all dot crit dmg mods stack so they want all of them running together while GoDR dots are running. they will definitely want IoG during their main burn.

    Mages with full adps dont use Vapor Core, they use Fire Core. regardless Vapor Core is only 126% crit dmg mod vs IoG's 250%.
  4. Zahrym Augur

    I must have been misinformed, the few people I did ask are incredibly knowledgeable and while I didn't get exact skill run-downs none mentioned IoG in a main-burn for Adps.
  5. Enkel Augur

    Nope, Mages require IoG to reach max dps, as do Necromancers.

    You were misinformed about some of that data, or they honestly didn't know what they're talking about. Wouldn't be the first time an "incredibly knowledgeable" player didn't know something that they're talking about. Again, Mages and Necros both require IoG for max dps during a 60 second parse, only wizards do not require IoG, though they would like it so they can use their second spire later.

    Incorrect. At 10-14 pets Salvo of Many > Spear of Blistersteel, which would be the spell that would replace it if it wasn't worth while.

    Salvo Of Many RK. III:

    Damage at 10-14 pets = 19659.

    When you right click Salvo of Many RK. III in game, it says "Cast: 0.8"

    We will also use the 1.5 GCD and add that to cast time to find these spells effective dps.

    19659 / 2.3 (GCD + .8) = 8547.391 dps.

    When you add in Irae Faycite Shard: Salvo of Many, each strike of salvo has 233 damage added to it. Since we have four waves it becomes:

    19659 + 932 (233x4) = 20591 / 2.3 = 8952.6 dps

    Spear of Blistersteel Rk. III

    26967 damage

    Cast time 1.8 (max AA).

    26967 / 3.3 = 8171 dps

    When you add in Irae Faycite Shard: Spear of Blistersteel, the spell gains 1926 damage.

    26967 + 1926 = 28893.

    28893 / 3.3 = 8755.4545 dps

    So, just using those Salvo with 10 pets > Spear, but then you can also add in spell damage, which just makes salvo that much better (all four hits will benefit from SD; would be 5 hits but there is not 15 mobs on the hatelist in this scenario).

    tl;dr (for salvo with 10 pets): Salvo is still worth it at 10 pets on a mob.
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  6. blood & gufts Augur

    Now to drip something nasty into the cup.

    How much dps does it COST with the pets on the mob? I mean the pet pushing.
    Is it worth losing that amount for 1-2-3 magician to get a bit dps throug that spell ?
  7. Fenudir Augur

    Pets don't push anymore. Not on their own, at least.
  8. blood & gufts Augur

    Oh boy, I really wish it was so.

    Had some magician, necro, bards use their swarm pets, so there was only tank + swarm pets doing Things. No spells casting
    And result was like Bambie on ice. Skirting all over
  9. Fenudir Augur

    On their own, pets (even swarm pets) don't push anymore. That was removed a while back. They CAN push if they have effects on them like certain bard songs the same way players can.
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  11. Jaerlyn Augur

    Ignoring the drums for a moment, (which are godly, imo.)
    Does anyone still use Ancient: Chaos Chant on raids? Is the modifier to npc resists no longer considered good enough (or needed) to take up 2 debuff slots?