Confirmed Raid Expedition: A Matter of Life and Death

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Aziuno, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. Aziuno Augur

    During this raid, when some players switch from a shroud back to human form, their client crashes.

    It seems to happen to the same players, and other players remain unaffected.

    Both affected and unaffected players are using default UI.

    Same thing happened in the suits of armor in HoT raids.

    What happens is EQ stops responding with a EQ Crash Dialogue.

    What other settings can we check or information can we capture to try to help isolate the issue?
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  2. niente Developer

    If you do this raid and have a few people crash, if you can post the names (& date, timezone) of some characters who crashed that would help.
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  3. Mezacor New Member

    Did this raid a couple weeks ago. Not sure how far back your collected data is kept.

    Name: Raking
    Datetime: [Sat Nov 02 21:35:51 2019]
    Timezone: Eastern

    [Sat Nov 02 21:35:51 2019] You return to the realm of the living.
    <crashed immediately after that>
  4. Tobynn Augur

    When you initially change yourself into a shade, there is a brief pause as your UI reloads to the stripped-down monster template UI so you lose all your hotkeys, etc. Crash seems to happen most frequently when removing the monster template shroud and changing back to your regular character self -- again your UI reloads when this happens and *crash*.

    Back when we were still doing this event with some frequency, I took to using default UI as a possible fix but still crashed anyway.
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  5. Heartland Augur

    This crash also occurs when doing the group mission with the same mechanic.
    name: phinigel.pleasant
    date: 17 Nov 2019 15:30
    timezone: gmt+11
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  6. Bassist New Member

    Crashed during a raid changing back from a shade in the raid expedition.
    December 3, 2019
    20:14:55, GMT-5
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  7. Rogue001 Journeyman

    This happens in the group version as well.
  8. blackninja New Member


    Phinigel.Blackninja 4:43pm pacific. Crashed when removing shroud in the raid version.
    Again at 4:49 pm pacific.
  9. Bassist New Member

    Tonight's raid crash list on Phinigel. Times (EST) are approximate and are the when each character left the raid:

    12/08/19 07:37:20 PM Wrexyou has left the raid.
    12/08/19 07:38:30 PM Shord has left the raid.
    12/08/19 07:38:59 PM Savaka has left the raid.
    12/08/19 07:44:42 PM Blackninja has left the raid.
    12/08/19 07:46:54 PM Savaka has left the raid.
    12/08/19 07:46:55 PM Shord has left the raid.
    12/08/19 07:47:54 PM Chimero has left the raid.
    12/08/19 07:48:31 PM Wulli has left the raid.
  10. Mithra Augur

    A Matter of Life and Death (Chapterhouse of the Fallen raid DZ)

    EQ crashes without crash box when deshrouding in the pool of water

    [Sun Dec 08 16:37:27 2019] You return to the realm of the living.
    [Sun Dec 08 16:45:49 2019] You return to the realm of the living.
  11. Aziuno Augur

    Hello Niente, seeing as using the forum for reporting bugs w/likes etc is newer; would it be possible to get a quick clarification on what confirmed means?

    -Do you still need more examples?
    -Do you need any other type of info gathered to further isolate?
    -Does it mean you verified "yup this is happening."?
    -Does it mean you determined the cause, but the issue hasn't met the priority to have coding/time invested on fixing it yet? (New Content etc taking priority?)

    I'm just looking for clarity on what the new tag means; not trying to be pushy.
    Thanks guys!
  12. niente Developer

    No more examples needed, just need time to fix it. Thanks for all the helpful reports.

    "Confirmed" as a tag means it really is a bug, but further than that nothing is promised. This bug in particular has an internal ticket to fix it, with details about the crash.
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  13. blackninja New Member

    [Fri Dec 13 17:41:03 2019] You can't cast spells while stunned!
    [Fri Dec 13 17:41:58 2019] You can't cast spells while stunned!

    Removed shroud around 45% Marnek health, was stunned immediately and unable to participate further.
  14. Kakashi77 Elder

    This issue is still persistent. When someone un-shrouds (either in custom or default UI) they lock up for 10-20 seconds and there is a 50/50% chance of you returning to your normal character or crashing to desktop.

    Even though the sample size for this is small (one raid in HoT and one in RoF utilizing shrouds), it needs attention to be fixed.
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  15. Knifen Augur

    Happened on Povar in the mission on 11.26 Did not happen to me on the attempt prior on the 24th i believe. And yes it occurs when unshrouding.
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  16. niente Developer

    As a workaround, you can avoid this crash by not having a combat ability timer when shrouding. It is still something we need to fix.
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