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  1. Sancus Augur

    You're misunderstanding how to read the EGL data. The numbers you listed are only currently active guilds that also defeated previous expansions. Looking at the event lists themselves lists all guilds that reported a win for that raid, including guilds that are no longer raiding. For example, Secrets of Faydwer had 148 guilds complete at least one event, not 28.

    The number of guilds completing at least one raid expansion over expansion is actually decidedly not stable, which isn't shocking given the game's age and various player exoduses over time. I have a post about that here, but for reference here's the graph of all expansions listed on EGL and how many guilds defeated at least one event (note: this is not in-era, just total # of completions):

  2. Bamboompow Augur

    Where did we all find time and energy for that?

    Oh yah.

    Youth ><
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  3. Jhenna_BB Augur

    None of that happened for the midtier guilds in that era ;) I was in one of them that despite a decade of raiding, folded. So many of us were raiding stupid old man Mckenzie raids as it was the only thing we could do to gear up for Korafax+. The issue I don't think you fully understand, which I get - you were in a bleeding edge content guild - was that group gear > the raid gear midtier guilds had. How do you get a raid force to show up consistently when grouping is more beneficial than raiding. The mudflation was absolutely asinine at the time. It is the catalyst for why we all "have too" upgrade every slot, every content release in recent years.
  4. enclee Augur

    OMM wasn’t until late in expansion life cycle. I’ll agree with you that gear is an incentive for people to raid, but how long do you expect old raid content to be relevant? There was only one expansion to raid at 80, which limited content. Also, it was the 2nd expansion to come on a yearly release.

    Do you expect Solteris gear to still be better than Korafax?

    It was unfortunate that raid content became so limited, but it’s just the reality of smaller and less frequent content drops.

    Edit: Typos on phone and sentence structure.
  5. Fnyanea Augur

    The simple solution (and this is how it used to be). Is make the new expansions group gear 1 tier below the last expansions raid gear. This way there is 2 expansions worth of raids that are worth doing instead of one.

    I can only speak from my own guilds perspective, but I don't think we minded being one expansion behind. We were having fun and getting upgrades when raiding.

    I don't really understand the whole point of trying to shoehorn us all into only doing the content in the current expansion. Maybe increased expansion sales? but longer term loss of subs from frustrated people who quit?
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  6. Bigstomp Augur

    Helping run casual raids, that graveyard is a major source of pain. Yes, we can banner back, but only about half of us. The other half do not have a strong enough guild presence in the raid to set their own banner.

    (Another vote for a raid banner?)
  7. Littlelegs Elder

    i logged in to call you a nerd. i save my statistic diagnostics for work and my fmeas, sipocs, and crap. just click 1 a bunch of times bruh.

    also sorry, and hi sancus
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  8. sumnayin Augur

    I remember back in the day, people were happy to raid 2-3 expansions behind current era. MMOs are so ruined now that everyone wants to be able to do all content no matter how good they are or how often they play. The most fun i've had in any MMO besides UO was raiding NToV and Luclin content during PoP and then moving up to a guild that was doing T4-5 in PoP when Stormbringer came out. I guess I just don't like current MMOs because I don't like the age of FF14 and GW2 where everyone has the same gear as everyone else.
  9. Windance Augur

    15-20 min to clear a path or CoH people in.
    15-20 min to kill the first mini guy - then go to GY rez - bounce back to raid
    30-40 min to kill the main boss - then go to GY rez - bounce back to raid
    15-20 min to do the loot
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  10. Windance Augur

    That works when the raid gear from the last expansion is still viable. When the group gear is as good or better than the content you are raiding, people tend not to lose interest.
  11. Fnyanea Augur

    I don't think you read my post properly:

    The simple solution (and this is how it used to be). Is make the new expansions group gear 1 tier below the last expansions raid gear. This way there is 2 expansions worth of raids that are worth doing instead of one.
  12. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Oddly as great as FV is and I have always been big FV fanboi and long term server member...this above deal with pickup raids is quite possibly the biggest "con" about FV... pickup raids NEVER happen. I haven't seen it. I think I know why but this thread really isn't the place for that discussion... unless someone else wants to go first :mad:
  13. Sathayorn Augur

    Pickup raid regular server: Someone gets an upgrade
    Pickup raid Firiona Vie: Someone gets some Kronos.

    As a raider, I'm not going to dedicate my time so some random dude can sell an item for some Kronos, it's not the same as getting said random dude some raid gear. FV is not a good place for open raids because of the no-no-trade policies.

    There's five Guilds on Firiona Vie that have killed Stratos, one is not in the position to do it again for some time, that leaves four that take down Stratos every week, all five are recruiting. Three of these four raid only one night a week, the other raids two, the fifth isn't killing TBL/GMM so I don't care how many times they raid. One raid night a week isn't too much to ask.

    Edit: I should mention that three of the four that beat Stratos weekly also do several other events.
  14. Metapsyche Augur

    That’s a good point with regards to FV. But really the great advantage of FV is that if you want to- you can live in the wilds by yourself farming whatever you want. Once you’ve saved up enough money you don’t even need to raid... you can buy your raid gear. Be the fanciest guy on the block and never need to step foot in a raid zone. Or just wait till Santa comes to town and Valhallah has our Christmas give away, raid gear for all! Lol.
  15. Conq Augur

    In my experience, the corpses only poof to the GY in PoFire if they release from hovering. Rez them before they release and the corpses and freshly dead squishies are still at the raid, no reason to go the GY, ever. But maybe it works different for other people?
  16. strongbus Augur

    that correct. but sometime you have people who their 1st reaction to dieing is to return to bind. sometimes to run back to raid others it just to get out of hover mode.
  17. Warpeace Augur

    Except it really is not better, depending on actual class. People get caught up looking at AC, HP and mana and over look the mods that older raid gear has.
  18. Horyuken Augur


    Can we get this updated to reflect TBL? Also is TBL the least beat expansion in the game before the launch of a new one?
  19. Raccoo Augur

    Should've tried shaman. We've been given a heal click on our BP for so many years. I don't think they ever gave us a DPS click BP. And usually the clicks they give us have a level limit (like anguish BP).
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  20. Raccoo Augur

    Some people might use a Call of the Wild instead of a rez.

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