Raid content for the non 1%

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    Players retiring and quoting weakens the fabric of eq. Weak guilds are a staple of eq.. it's where the better guilds cherry pick the better players from..
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    Quoting = quitting (cell phone dumb bad cell phone)
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    Thanks for proving my point.
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  5. Warpeace Augur

    No they die because stupidity and pride get in their way.
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    On Bristle we have 3+ guilds who all mostly play nice together and casual raid together.

    We all recruit out of that common pool of promising people.
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    This x 100%
  8. Findictive Augur

    Everquest is truly a magnificent game to learn, with all it's underlying parts of how things work and how they can fit together. Unfortunately, a lot of the player base doesn't find this part as fun as some of us "1% people" do. With the resources online and perhaps the greatest resource of all being people who enjoy talking about the game and their relative classes, people still choose to ignore and play poorly. The largest anchor holding back "mid-low tier" guilds is the people themselves. I understand the plights of those guilds, I came into raiding through them and eventually out-grew them. There's only so many times you can try and lead the horse to water before you stop caring that it won't drink. Raids nowadays have evolved beautifully from "hit random discs" to a complexity of coordination, I love it. They shouldn't start to devolve due to a majority who don't want to learn the game or give solid effort. This has NOTHING to do with lack of time, gear, augs, etc. All of those pitiful excuses can only apply to players new to the game when it comes to the raiding spectrum. Buying the expansion doesn't entitle you to beating everything inside of it, all that does is give you the opportunity to potentially do so. YOU choose how you play and YOU choose where you play. If you think your raid team doing an average of 50% or less of optimal deserves to beat anything you're wrong. Put the work in if you want to beat raids, if your fellow friends/members won't do that then move on or stop complaining. Most of TBL raids were great, Mearatas was amazing. Some of them required a generous amount of resources which sucks for some guilds I know but that doesn't make them unbeatable.

    Tired of all these crying for change posts, learn how the game works and you'll find it a lot more enjoyable.
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  9. Allayna Augur

    I’m gonna stop you there because that’s where you lost me. Gear is a crutch. I’ve seen, over and over and over, my group geared applicants come into a raid they’ve never seen before, Mearatas for example, with minimal assistance ie “don’t die, do deeps, follow emotes/gina triggers”.

    They not only complete the raid without failing a hallway, they live, and put out some hot deeps. Group gear means little when you talk about focus and skill. I’ve also seen big magelo padding apps faceroll their keyboard, fail every. single. emote. and lay a big turd for a parse.

    I take issue with your statement about stronger players making more mistakes with fewer consequences and equating stronger players to gear. The two are not synonymous.

    Weaker players, as you have coined them, have room for improvement in skill (not gear), if they’re open to instruction and growth, this isn’t always the case either.
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    Generalizations simplify the reality of the situation, of course. Making it personal isn't the answer to this kind of discussion (or any really).

    It is true that it allows surviving mistakes better, but obviously that doesn't mean people better geared make more mistakes because of that, or that someone sitting on a high horse looking on down on others makes more mistakes. (It is amusing when someone thinks they are better than they really are though.)

    A good example of that is Conflagration Generals. I have to wonder if they thought through both generals casting the punishment on a failed move. Being in TBL gear makes that recoverable. Weaker gear would make that pretty much a wipe, even at the first level.

    I do not attach that to any assertions about particular players. I think adding the bit about criticizing watered down his original point, which is true. I think, however, much higher DPS very dramatically lowering fight times is a much bigger factor. That isn't a criticism; it's just a reality. You don't need to worry about carefully timing hitting the percentage adds on Cactiikii, for example, if the mobs melt quickly anyway. You also have a lower number of chances to fail emotes, and even a pretty high success rates on emotes when averaged across 54 people will still look bad on occasion.
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    Not all casuals struggle with lack of focus and/or skill..

    But yes in fact some do struggle with lack of focus and/or skill thats a fact.

    Justike some hardcore raiders struggle with lack of focus an skill..

    Not every single casual is same skill or focus as every other casual.. their are tiers of skill even in casuals just as there are for raiders..

    As its a known fact that in every raid force there are stronger / higher skilled players that carry the weaker skilled players.. just the higher up in guild rankings you go the higher # of high skilled raiders are in each raid force.

    And the inverse is also true. The lower you go in guild rankings.. the MORE.. less skilled players you have until you reach a point that you simply can't compete in current raids.
  12. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Since you and I have butt heads a lot on these topics, I wanted to be sure to throw a little positive your way, and let you know that this is one example of where you have made good arguments in which I do agree with you.
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  13. Mintalie Augur

    Fin, here I thought you were only a funny guy on Cazic joints. Your post deserves a gold star.
    MS could probably beat UEE naked because they are superior players who do not rely on gear. The end. This argument has been beat to death. Dumbing down raids isn't the answer.

    Assess your skill level and adjust your expectations accordingly. If you're not willing to work as hard as the RoIs and MSes of the world--and make no mistake, they are the best because they work the hardest--then stop expecting the best gear.
  14. Whulfgar Augur

    100% nailed it ..

    Too often.. FAAAAAR... to often..

    People tend to think they deserve to beat a raid or expansions worth of raids.. simply because they bought the expansion..

    Sorry for those of you with the participation trophy awaard mentalilty.. thats not how it works in the real world.. and it "SHOULD NEVER" work like this even in games..
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    You’re down to 10 raid guilds that have beat TBL, the raid game is in a crisis.
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  18. Mintalie Augur

    And 29 who have completed at least one Tier 1 raid. 20 who have completed a Tier 3 raid.
  19. enclee Augur

    Those numbers are so low. I’d be curious how the next expansion plays out. I’d be real concerned for raids in the future.
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    TBL raids are not what made the current population or number of raid guilds what they are.
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