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  1. Dandamek Lorekeeper

    I've received a lot of derision for inquiring about raid composition in the Veteran"s Lounge. I'm going to post in TLP because that is the server I play on. Currently in Gates of Discord on Mischief. From what I can gather so far, this is the best way groups should be composed:

    Tank Groups: Cleric Cleric and 3 Tanks (Warrior. Shadow Knight, Paladin) and a Bard.

    Melee/Range DPS Group: 3 DPS (Beserker, Rogue, Monk, etc..), Bard and Shaman (Healer)

    Caster DPS Group: 4 Caster DPS (Mage, Necro, Wizard, etc...) and Druid ( Healer)

    That should cover all the bases, including having a healer in every group.
  2. Kahna Augur

    Your DPS groups only have 5 people
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  3. Gormgeous Elder

    Might be best to ask in the discord if you want some back and forth. There is probably a stack of history regarding this too.

    Rizlona might have some good conversation on this because of the number of people there making their whole raid themselves.
  4. Pappasalt Augur

    It truly depends on what you have, how many you have of it, etc.

    For example I prioritize bards into dps grps first then tank grps. Until OoW when shamans get their 1.5's I use paladins to heal the melee grps cuz of our shortage of priests and paladins grp heal better anyway to outdo the ae ramp on some targets. And even caster dps grps will change once enchanters get mana flare. I always try to make sure the caster dps grp has a necro along with the primary healer/tank grps. So with that in mind my are normally:

    Tank grp: Warrior/s, Sk/s, Cleric, Necro, Beastlord (paragon), (bard if extra)
    Melee grp: Monks or Rogues, Zerker (battlecry), Paladin, Bard
    Caster grp: Wizard/s, Mage/s, Necro, Bard, Druid
  5. FranktheBank Augur

    Group comp in GoD is kinda whatever. Omens changes it significantly.

    Melee Group: Brd + Shm + 4 dps. (then in DoDH, you want to make sure one of these is a rogue, then in PoR another needs to be a zerker)
    Caster group: I guess a bard... in eras they use/can use mind wrack, a necro. Cleric healer is ideal, but usually ends up with a druid
    Tank group: 1-2 SKs, 1-2 clerics, 2-3 warriors, 0-1 paladins