Raid changes intended?

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  1. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Every time the Ancient Guardian summons the Totem of Obediance, he goes off of aggro to channel the summon. He won't even be on the extended target window anymore. When he finishes channeling the summons and rejoins combat, his aggro list is reset. If you banish the Totem, he will do the same actions again to re-summon the Totem, meaning multiple memblurs.

    For Gorenaire, the memblur isn't listed in the spell data, but here:

    Unresistable, and with a fling to send you away, usually enough distance to get you from where the dragon lands to the northern fort wall. Maintaining aggro on the same tank for Gorenaire was pretty easy before the patch, because she would use Bite And Toss on pets that were higher aggro. Now that the patch changed pets so that they can't be higher, that is no longer the case. It's a matter of all tanks building as much aggro as they can while DPS classes are triggering Fulminations, and Gorenaire memblurring the highest tank every 90 seconds, possibly finding a Wizard or Ranger as second on aggro.

    Anyway, Mana Burn does about the same amount of damage as a Fulmination but doesn't build as much aggro because it has a hate override.

    120K instead of 2.4M
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  2. Drpeppa Journeyman

    simple taunt will gank it back, then a simple warlords grasp an warrior pet will lock it down again. As some one mentioned also. Dicho plus Harmo will lock it down as well.

    God forbid tanks actually have to learn how to play their classes agro wise all over again.
  3. Brohg Augur

    When the only powers we've received or had upgraded since The Buried Sea (not Darkened, *Buried*) expansion are agro powers, then yes agro should be **** easy. If it's difficult and takes close managing, like it used to, and also we don't get other stuff, then wtf are we actually getting?
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  4. Brohg Augur

    Actually not super mad about this. The Fulminations and 13fingers having omgwtfbbq agro is clearly unintended consequences and will be fixed. This year's re-boosting of tank dps is nice. Just pret-ty effing salty over the major nerfs this week that developers could have avoided by giving themselves enough time to listen to their beta testers last October.
  5. Janakin Augur

    So tanking along and my monk with just auto-attack on would go from 2 on the aggro to 100 when he Wu's strikes would fire. Very small damage but was taking aggro over warrior with harmony, hate pet, etc. I could gank back only for him to top me again with Wu's :eek:
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  6. Bamkan Augur

    I lost aggro to a bard last night on Gore raid....The shame.
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  7. Sindaiann Augur

    The Fulmination damage is attributed to the caster of the alliance.

    So for instance for enchanter's

    Enchanter 1 casts alliance on Prince
    Enchanter 2 casts 3 matching spells on Prince (gets dps bump on those nukes)
    Enchanter 3 casts 3 matching spells on Prince (gets dps bump on those nukes)
    Fulmination reached and damage attribute to enchanter 1

    I'm not home or I would show you the spell data to indicate the damage bump enchanter's 2 and 3 get.
  8. p2aa Augur

    Seing some DPS going from 1 to 100 % in the aggro meter suddenly of a raid mob, this fulmination thing needs to get his aggro fixed. And when you ran out of 100% taunt and big aggro button, a simple taunt is not always working.
  9. Glooping Elder

    I don't really understand this fulmination complaining.. I've used alliances religiously since the patch on raid mobs+ raid trash and every time I get my fulmination proc my agro goes from 1% agro to .... 1% agro. Yes the fulmination is actually proccing and yes I am being awarded the damage from it. (Wizard RK 3 alliance). Are you saying its broken for you but not for me? Or is it a possibility that possibly your tanks aren't building agro like they should and losing it due to keeping "just enough" agro on it to keep them at the top of the hatelist? Every wizard in my raid has the exact same results as I have had.
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  10. smash Augur

    Except, I tested a bit. Lets call char a + b.

    First round char b fired off dots then char a casted all and got credit.
    Round 2 other way round but char still got credit.
    R3 first way and char a got credit.
    R4 second way and char b finally got credit.

    So there some situation it bugs up.
  11. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    This is a bug with the aggro meter system in general. You don't run into it really in group content because the mobs die too quickly, but in raid content... Once the aggro list reaches some really large value, the aggro meter just breaks. Everybody will see themselves at 1% aggro, even the main tank who currently has the mob's attention. It's not because you're actually at 1% aggro, it's because the aggro meter can't seem to handle constantly adjusting the calculation for numbers that big, I guess. It's happening more frequently and earlier in boss fights now that tanks have % total aggro increases on ability procs (Harmonious) and weapon procs (Krinza), but you used to be able to run into this problem with a Warrior using Phantom Aggressor multiple times because of its % total aggro generation.

    You'll have an easier time seeing the aggro problem with Fulminations if you trigger them too early in a fight, use it on trash mobs, or the boss mob has an aggro reset mechanic.
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