Raid boss strikethrough, or not?

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Yahsha, Feb 7, 2022.

  1. Wulfhere Augur

    I think they are unrelated. Miss rate is checked by NPC accuracy. Your parses are showing that raid mob accuracy is high enough to be apx 80-85% successful against a raid tank who's defensive evasion score is in the range of say 3500 to 4500+ . After they score a hit is when defense checks and strike-throughs happen.
  2. Wulfhere Augur

    HAgi might be the high ground defensively. Assume a best case of 25% successfully defended hits by either HAgi or HDex. Then add to that an extra 1-3% missed swings over both HSta and HDex.

    Maybe HDex dps can reduce the total number of swings per (shorter) fight enough to counter those extra misses. If a mob swings 5 times per second and a fight lasts 60 seconds then we have 300 swings. An extra 3% of 300 is 9 damaging swings so make it 12 swings total. So if HDex shortens the fight down to under 56 seconds then it's a win, well except for higher potential damage spikes. It's miss rate vs fight duration.

    HSta seems the worst option vs melee damage but it offers extra HP to soak up spell damage.

    I believe HDex offers the best performance in most scenarios. Both HAgi and HSta are edge cases that might be preferred when challenging very difficult content. As long as the game design demands incessant over healing, well they're just not going to be necessary imho.
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  3. Repthor Augur

    the problem with Hagi is you cant dedide when the misses happen so wile its cool something might miss you its not something u can bank on and with the game how it is with healing needed to be spammed a missed hit dosent save you any healing cuz the healing will happen regadless or not due it maybe u wont miss a swing makeing it the clear loser of the 3. Hagi scales very well in group content as the chance of dieing is alot lower then in raid content and the window to react is much larger.

    now Hstam . now imo Hstam wins out in breaking in to content due to it giveing you the highest chance of not dieing to random out of your cotrol thing or chaos . its like haveing another hp buff on you at all times for your healers to fill and it works for all dmg and it consistant and on at all times and wile not super powerfull its allways there to be a cuishon and you can rely on it. it also comes with melee shieldign its minor but its something els thats allways on and cuts down dmg spikes

    now Hdex. killing something faster means thats dmg your not takeing makeing it faster to end the fight. this makes it both stronger then Hstam and Hagi aslong as you are in very little risk of dieing and nothing out of your control happens (cuz you know the fights and have full control and the verible dosent change to much that its a gamble) . It scales well in group content aswell due to defesive skills such as ripos are strong in group content and your at low risk of dieing with a higher chance to react to bad things
  4. FranktheBank Augur

    d E x T e R i T y
  5. Baradorn Lorekeeper

    I have to disagree. The around extra 2 % miss chance and 3 % less hit % coming from hAgi is consistent in most parses, and it doesn't look like to be "once in a while" or a question of chance, so it's kinda reliable.
  6. Szilent Augur

    Repthor's point is that being consistent over a duration doesn't mean you're missed once per combat round. And because you're not, the functional requirements for healers aren't changed by the evasion in a raid context : the main tank needs to have more hp than a max round, before each round comes in (every 2 sec). Since that need has to be met via the Internet and spells have cast times, humans don't get the opportunity to see if a heal is needed & react to that need between hits. Ergo, a heal has to be cast regardless.

    Sometimes, indeed more frequently than we forum philosophers like to consider, we get away with less than ideal healing. Game lag, distracted healers, what have you. And in those cases, having better evasion has a chance to help a tank survive. The chance of those situations (healing having a gap, and your evasion working) lining up is awfully hard to estimate.
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  7. Repthor Augur

    exactly what Szilent stated whats showed on the parser and what pans out when your at the encounters with a bunch of other ppl is alot diffrent.

    when you cant acounts for every miss 100% per combat round then you have to supply healing to as if your not gonna get missed. 7 out of ten times you will live that still leaves 3 out of ten times that you will die . As a tank my first job is to make sure i take the melee dmg of the boss + adjusting him so ppl dont eat frontals and so on. My job is also to hold aggro. Finaly to take as predictble dmg as possible to avoid spikes dureing chaos. This means its ok for me to take on avrage more dmg then someone els aslong as my dmg intake curve is flat and steady. Others might over use discs and have almost no dmg intake sometimes then run out of discs and take huge amount of dmg all of a sudden and get rekted due to unpredictble dmg spike nobody saw comming or could react to

    as a warrior the flatter predictble dmg you take att all times the easyer your healers job is.

    and if the mob misses you every so often or twice in one round and non in another makes no diffrence due to the amount of dmg and rate that dmg comes. Your either allways gonna have enough hp to live or your sometimes gonna produce chaos due to dieing all fo a sudden cuz the game said no dodge for you this time
  8. Wulfhere Augur

    What I meant is that a riposte swing can miss. I did see a log of it today:

    [Tue Feb 28 12:09:32 2023] A toxic orbweaver tries to bash YOU, but YOU riposte!
    [Tue Feb 28 12:09:32 2023] You try to crush a toxic orbweaver, but miss! (Riposte)