Raid boredom?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Snapdragyn, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. Snapdragyn New Member

    [Hardly a newbie, but I haven't really raided much so thought I'd post here rather than Vet's Lounge.]

    I'm getting back into EQ on a prog server, & hitting raid levels. I tried bard (my main back in Ye Olden Tymes), & wow - total sleeper. Stand here in your caster group, put these things on /melody... & afk or take a nap or something.

    I also enjoy playing necro, but my very limited raid experience there was similar - twitch clerics, twitch clerics, wake up & twitch some more clerics.

    Obviously I'm going to 'play the class I want to play'. I enjoy several of them, so I'm just looking for help weighing the raid portion of the game, where my knowledge is limited, along with the grouping/soloing portions which I know better.

    So - classes I enjoy for groups & solo (in no particular order):


    Could those who've played them in raids let me know a bit about what each does? I don't really think I'm going to enjoy a 100% support role (at least where that involves a macro or chain-casting a single spell). Do necros get to do more in raids at higher levels, or post-Luclin w/ Lifeburn? Do mages just end up as mod-rod factories? Do wizards see so many resists it makes them pull their hair out? Please let me know what it's been like for you.
  2. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I can't see how you are bored raiding with a bard. Not being a smart here... are you sure you are carrying your weight as a raider?

    Necro's don't twitch on live anymore. Not sure about TLP servers.

    I can't see how you'd be bored playing a bard, the jack of all trades in EQ, and would consider a wizard, one of the most singularly focused classes in EQ.
  3. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Early raiding is boring for all classes. You wanna be busy, take over pulling, or talk your guild into letting you box a shaman.
  4. Snapdragyn New Member

    Info I forgot to include, sorry: TLP server, Aradune. Currently on Velious

    How could I be bored on bard? I was in a caster group, so I had to stay back with them playing resists & manasong. This was a /melody. So - I had literally nothing to do. No buttons to push. Just hit /melody &... watch. A few mobs we had raid-wide interrupts, so I got to restart the /melody - oh joy! 1 button to push when the interrupt hits!

    This was such a huge change from my prior pre-/melody bard experience, standing under Vox's belly & twisting for my life while beating on her w/ my drum & hoping she didn't get that CH heal off... hoping... hoping....
  5. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I see. That does sound boring. I started EQ during PoP on ENC when there was plenty to do as an ENC. A lot of CC was in PoP among other things.

    Have you considered raiding on a live server? Current content is much more complexed. Bards have a lot to do and a lot of abilities to use. Emotes keep you moving.

    I'm going to bow out since this is a TLP discussion and I have nothing more to contribute.
  6. Tsavo New Member

    From what I remember of Kunark, Velious raids, if you weren't in the tank lineup or a cleris it was pretty dull. Luckily, Ssra Temple got more interesting (XTC, HP, Emp), VT was boring... PoP had some good events (RZtWL, MMarr, Agnarr, Time P1). But for the most part raids were straight tank/spank, the challenge came from keeping the MT alive, which made it dull for everyone else.

    GoD and later made it more eventful for everyone.