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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lubianx, Jul 30, 2020 at 4:29 PM.

  1. Lubianx Augur

    Could we please look at having Raid Banners? These would work the same as guild Banners but be for the raid.

    The reason for this is it would help Raid Alliances plant a banner. Of cause it would be so only 1 banner could be up at a time in that zone (ie you couldn't have a guild and a raid banner up in the same raid)

    This was brought up a while ago at a Fan Faire and was flagged as a good idea by the devs at the time.
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  2. Zamiam Augur

    I thought guild banners were used for Raids ? or are you talking like for PuR and co-alliances ?
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  3. Lubianx Augur

    Mainly talking about alliance raids, but PuR would work too
    I am part of an alliance on Luclin (NCG) that comprises of at least 5 or more different guilds that raid together. Having a raid banner rather than a guild banner would be extremely useful.
  4. Windance Augur

    Bertox has a fairly active pick up raid running fri/sat night. They have the same issue. With members from so many different guilds its rare to have enough from any single guild to set a banner.

    Right now the guild banner checks to see if you have 12 people all in the same guild with in same zone and rough location.

    You could easily change that to check for 12 people all in the same RAID with in the same zone and rough location.

    Then officers from each guild would be able to place their banner with in the instance.
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  5. dreadlord Augur

    With a diminishing raid population, this is an excellent idea
    Anything that helps raiding alliances to keep going and encourages more people to get into the raiding game has to be encouraged surely
    I'm not at all technical, but it seems the mechanisms are already there and wouldn't be too difficult to implement
    Can't see any downside to this
  6. Windance Augur

    The hardest part would be convincing the dev/management it is worth committing the resources to make it happen. It would take a serious grass roots movement by folks to get their members out to up vote a thread like this.
  7. Avina New Member

    Our guild has less than 10 members that are actively playing but we participate in the pick up raids on Bertox on Friday and Saturdays. A raid banner would be very helpful as we would never have enough members to have a guild banner.
  8. bellanorte New Member

    Yes. Please. I raid with the Bertox alliance. Banners would greatly assist with the raid performance (assuming you had stat ones).
  9. Elyssanda Augur

    remember to "like" the original post.

    Lubi, HUGS. 100% agreement here you know that.
  10. Nniki Augur

    Not to dissuade anyone from liking the OP if they like the idea, but only the bug reports section is set up that way btw. They have a link to sort the posts by most liked to see what's important there, and they clean up the list by moving things to resolved when they're taken care of.

    While they could just tack &order=first_post_likes onto the end of the veteran's lounge url, it won't be as effective when posts there go back to like 2012. That's why a separate feedback section would be most ideal.
  11. Windance Augur

    Nniki do you think we should recreate this thread in the bug section as :

    [Feature Request] Modify Guild Banner to support Raid Alliance Guilds
  12. Soulbanshee Augur

    No, they redirect requests to this forum.
  13. Nniki Augur

    They don't want feature requests in the bug section, but for visibility, dreamweaver requested feedback be tagged with [Feedback] for the time being. He could probably edit the title to include the tag rather than start a new thread.

    No one has been consistent though (also why a feedback section would be best), so I imagine [Feature Request] or [Feature] would be fine too.
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