Ragefire offline for the night

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by vardune, May 20, 2015.

  1. Lekkric18 Elder

    3300 bucks for 16 years of entertainment and you think you got ripped off?
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    WoW was the first of its kind to bring in a tremendous amount of players at one time, the servers were screwed and messed up for weeks, it was terrible but given the fact that WoW was really the first wide success 1 mil + mmo I am sure the devs didnt know how crazy successful launch would be.

    But over time it seems mmorpg developers cant get their acts together and no one can take a play book about hype about launch day, we have an open beta to test things, months to get things right, past MMOS to look at the worst possible scenario and how to avoid it then BOOM

    Every time.
  4. Illuminati New Member

    I'm absolutely floored that you guys have failed the same way 3 times. Not to mention you've had nearly 7 hours to solve the problem.
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  7. Tornat Augur

    you must be new to mmo's
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    I love that response. Usually hilarious, but this time it doesn't fit since the OP described what happens for every launch of anything MMO related ever. Seems pretty seasoned to me.
  10. Beerface New Member

    Being held hostage at the moment.

    Personally i want some of the minor perks (names etc) of getting on asap...and don't wanna sit here in limbo.

    Let us know when tomorrow.
  11. Fornow Lorekeeper

    more proof changing a name doesn't keep u from sucking
  12. prodigiousrogue New Member

    FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!
  13. BestReleaseNA Augur

    Some of us need to sleep and need to know when we should be back
  14. Lekkric18 Elder

    Daybreak is SOE with fewer employees. I'm actually impressed they haven't burned down the server farm yet.
  15. Goodnews Augur

    With the shake up their crew took, there is a possibility that fresh eyes are looking at this code. Not the same set that wrote it 16yrs ago. Here is an opportunity to extend grace. They have been very honorable in how they have handled this hiccup.

    Are you sure this thread isn't really about you poking fun about taking Alucard as your SK after the first wipe, only to get locked out yourself, minutes later? :D
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    It won't be tomorrow... we've been through this before.... I took 3 days off like an idiot trusting these people. Butttt They already got our money they don't care about anything now
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  18. Slasher Augur

    well verant was Sony and Sony is Daybreak with 1/3 of the workforce :)
  19. Oberon Augur

    red eye interactive
  20. Fornow Lorekeeper

    same bat channel same bat time