Ragefire Mage Armor

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Wyntyr, May 26, 2015.

  1. Wyntyr Journeyman

    Anyone know what's available for int casters on the Ragefire server? Would prefer tradeskilled stuff but looking for any input.
  2. Random_Enchanter Augur

    dropped silk, the drop silk upgrade outta najena, Raw silk (crafted), cured silk (crafted), non-deity based cultural (crafted by Dark/high elves) and a few other dropped types (gator scale i think?)
  3. Wyntyr Journeyman

  4. Random_Enchanter Augur

    that's the stuff. there is also an imbued version if you worship inny/tunare for DE/HE.

    It's decent gear but will require a 49 enchanter, and a decently high leveled smith to help make. Not something that can be achieved in the short term, but i think there a fine long term gear goal.

    Additionally since there are foci in the game, you'll most likely want to get a piece of gear with the following foci on them
    -Detrimental mana preservation II (20-25 mana preservation on detrimental spells)
    -Detrimental spell reduction II (10-15% cast time reduction on detrimental spells)
    -Summoning efficiency II (20-25% mana reduction in pet summoning)

    As to what has these and if they exist on drops in classic, you got me.
  5. Wyntyr Journeyman

    Thanks again! I will keep that on the back burner and look into some silk gear.