Ragefire/Lockjaw Kunark Poll Results

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Aristo, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Tarrin Augur

    So we are ignoring that it was already called a majority?
  2. Simone Augur

    That's the point. Is it a true majority as Aristo states or not? Impossible to know without including the no preference votes and giving us actual data.
  3. Tarrin Augur

    As long as the cornerstone of your argument is " Aristo doesn't know what words mean ", then there is no way to fight that. Its such an illogical reach based on zero evidence, that this conversation can't continue on its regular flight path.

    Do you enjoy bird watching?
  4. Simone Augur

    It's about ensuring that the votes are actually counted and the decisions made regarding this issue accurately reflect the desires of those these decisions are affecting.
  5. Steampunk Augur

    Just out of pure curiosity, how long are you all going to keep beating this poor dead horse? I'm thinking this would be great for a thesis for an abnormal psychology class.
  6. Tarrin Augur

    You already have implied you feel they don't know what the definitions of words are.
    You have just stated you don't believe the results they are stating are accurate, due to not giving numbers to back up their results statements.

    Why should I believe that if they list numbers..you will believe them then? Since if we are honest, there is no way to ensure that the numbers they type in the post are not merely made up, right? At some point you have to trust them. You have repeatedly not trusted them up until this point. Why will that change?

  7. Bandok Augur

    They actually did listen to that concern. Rather than launch two separate servers, they launched one server with more than double the capacity. If they had launched two servers with the same capacities as before, both of those servers would have had massive queues. As reluctant as they were to open an additional server to get it to two this time, I have a hard time believing that they would have opened up a third at the lower capacity -- we would have probably just been stuck with the queues.

    Back to the original topic of the thread (sorta). I'm a little disheartened to see this thread un-stickied already without more information about the transfers being provided anywhere. "We're looking into it" and then "this thread's not critically important anymore" without "here's more information about that thing we brought up in the original post" gives me some concern.
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  8. Friday Augur

    This thread is unstickied, meanwhile the original Ragefire thread is still pinned to the top of the forum. It is highly possible that someone could STILL TO THIS DAY come in, read about RF (the 'original' 'rule set'), subscribe and roll a character thinking it was for 6 months and not knowing a thing about transfers or kunark votes.

    Dev team emphasizes competition, wanting raid targets limited to "the best," who are six box/bots whove already trashed the economy for kronos to take back to their 'main' servers once the new TLPs are done (coming too soon). Way to go, "the best," and "competition" is still used as justification for not instancing raids. LOL.

    Players don't know whether to play, stay, go, what server, re roll, huh? INVESTIGATE transfers being the last word, over a week ago. No GMs, no news....ALL I see them doing is locking threads, moving threads/ censorship shenanigans and showing up on the bank statement. Someone said Daybreak is also responsible for EQ next? Is this right? LMAO. They can't even be troubled to post an update. Well, you cant tell your customers what is going on if you dont know what is going on.So? Shift focus to EQ2 progression servers?
  9. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Any more news on this?
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  10. Friday Augur

    It is a shameful disgrace that there is no more news. The choice is to either continue to play, in the dark as to their eventual plans, or unsub. I have chosen to ride along, but will do so for free, grinding enough plat to buy a krono as needed long enough to see what they are doing.

    Best guess is that they will eventually offer free transfers, both ways. If they welch on transfers, after waiting days, weeks, and/or months to say so, they would anger too many customers, resulting in too many lost subscriptions. If they were to nix the transfers, it would have required some announcement by now, and an effort at PR, which they obviously cannot be troubled to do. Heck, they cannot even be troubled to edit posts detailing the original "rules set" warning new players of the changes that are in the works. Folks stopping by and resubbing are likely still thinking they are getting the 6 month unlocks on Ragefire, still in for a rude awakening we've already had.
  11. Groans Augur

    They are complaining because at the 6 month mark when ragefire kunark is all farmed out. the Krono crew will simply come to lockjaw and krono farm there where the market is much better for them. Its not rocket science, those guys obviously either do not have jobs or this is their job and cannot afford to run 20 accounts if they actually had to pay for them.