Ragefire/Lockjaw Kunark Poll Results

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  1. Tintaglia Elder

    They already said transfer would be free for a limited time, just not when that time would begin. Or you could just roll new characters on Lockjaw, there were a lot of people that did just that last night.
  2. fazool Augur

    I you are truly going to make a third server with non-bot (and/or non-box) rules, let us know now, or let us know if we will be able to transfer because I don't want to waste a month developing my character, just to start over on another server.
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  3. Ghroznak New Member

    I have no interest keeping any of my characters on Ragefire anymore.

    When will you open the free transfers to LJ?

    To be honest, I have no real reason to even play the game right now cause it will be pointless to group, guild and network on Ragefire when I have zero interest in staying on a server which will be at the same expansion as Live servers before summer 2016.

    I'd like to move every character I have from RF to LJ, and as soon as possible.

    Open the transfers already.
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  4. Radloh Lorekeeper

    They will never allow transfers to a brand new server.
  5. Ghroznak New Member

    Simple matter.

    Either we get free transfer (and name change for conflicting names on LJ) or the game gets uninstalled along with every other DBG related game as a matter of principle.

    Shafting us on vote and then refusing transfers would be the ultimate insult, and I will not tolerate it.
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  6. Wispur Elder

    If there are going to be transfers, please let it happen immediately. Let's get this over and done with so people can play with like-minded players.

    Every day this is delayed is just making the community more and more toxic. Just check out the chats on Ragefire, it's horrible.

    We need to get this done with fast, for everyone's benefit.

    (At the very least, start telling us about the transfers, the lack of communication is not helping things).
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  7. Friday Augur

    I would like to transfer my characters as well, but transfers from RF to LJ are going to turn the Lockjaw's oasis into a ghetto. LISTEN to what their folks are saying. They dont want gaggles of malcontent refugees swarming their server bringing the drama, bots, farmers, krono stacks, ksing, trains, etc. that have become the cultural norms on RF. They have a good thing going over there. Remember? They left our mess, gave up a week of playtime, took a chance on being on 'the overflow server' just to get away from Ragefire. And now Ragefire is coming to them?. It will be almost criminal.

    The fix is bunk. All this time its been looking like RF slow unlock crowd are the big losers when it is LJ that will really take the hit. The Clampetts have arrived! Let's not do it to them.
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  8. Tintaglia Elder

    LOL we players are Charlie Brown, and DBG is Lucy, holding the ball while we kick (vote) and pulling it away at the last second.

    Just to be clear, I voted for three months on both servers, it's how they manipulated the voting that ticks me off.
  9. Weverley Augur

    I'm predicting Ragefire gonna be a race server 3months top between expansion and before Lockjaw is in Luclin they would be at OoW if not further ahead.I don't see Lockjaw going faster then 6 months for each expansion and with all the casuals coming over even if daybreak would make a poll to open earlier it would be soundly defeated.
  10. Basak Augur

    I am in a situation where I had to cancel my accounts due to unexpected increase in bills ($120 more than expected) but the transfer thing will force me to come up with the money to activate so I can move my characters from Ragefire over to Lockjaw (or vice-versa depending on my friends) unless there would be a way to move them without a sub (unlikely) it would be nice to know when this would take place so I can see if it coincides with my paycheck at the end of the month or if I have to go on a borrow spree just to move my characters.
  11. Tamagini New Member

    Do you guys really think anyone is still going to be playing and interested in this, 6 months from now? They're just trying to keep everyone subbed for one more month.
  12. Gythlen Augur

    I just rerolled from RF to LJ. It's not that bad of a thing.
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  13. Glistarian Augur

    Agree 100%.

    The uncertainty is the only thing keeping me from renewing.

    Make a choice. Commit.
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  14. Drexll Augur

    So, the majority on both servers voted against waiting for 6 months.. but the vote was pslit because there were 2 options for less than 6 months.

    Hey, DBG? Anyone in there? The majority doesnt want 6 months.... so you offer transfers from LJ to the already overcrowded RF for the folks who want less than 6 months. Brilliant. Really.
  15. Korillo Augur

    Honestly I don't think most of you understand what 6 months in classic actually means. I'll be interested in reading these forums come November.
  16. Jezzie Augur

    May have been stated elsewhere but too much to dig through.

    "Once Ragefire is settled into Kunark we'll have to explore whether they want to return to the 6-month schedule or adjust it to a faster track. Likewise, although Lockjaw will hopefully be full of people who want to stick around in an era for a long time, we'll check to make sure that remains the case as time goes by."

    So as it stands right now. Ragefire is undecided on 6 month or 3 month unlocks, nobody will know till Daybreak determine what path Ragefire will take.
    There may be players that want a fast unlock for Kunark but most definitely want 6 months in Kunark and Velious etc.
    There is no guarantee of this happening right now, the only way you get a guaranteed 6 months in Kunark is to go to Lockjaw.
    That's how I'm reading it anyway.
  17. Basak Augur

    Nah. Not a bad thing. I just want all my characters I made on the same server, instead of bouncing one day on Ragefire, the next on Lockjaw, then Ragefire, etc.
  18. Skipper Augur

    Thank you for responding in kind.
  19. Vlerg Augur

    it is not only perfectly acceptable, but also a recommended pratice to... you know... poll the opinion of your customers and act according to it.

    Opinion change overtime... EQ is no exception, and you cannot expect opinions to never change in the ~8-9 years it's gonna take to catch up to live.

    I also assume that Velious will get a early release, Luclin will get a early release, PoP will get a early release... and pretty much everything will get an early release ...
  20. Vlerg Augur

    you've been trolling these forum for week despite not being subscribed?