Ragefire/Lockjaw Kunark Poll Results

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  1. Porygon Augur

    No-one will ever be happy on this server.

    The only thing I want to know, is can we just have 6 months of GoD. Why does it arbitrarily end the 6 month time at PoP! I need to do 6 BiC quests! I need time!
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  2. ranluwen Journeyman

    This seems like a legitimate solution. The poll was flawed, because there were two options for early access and only one for the full six months. It's clear that the majority of players on both servers want earlier access than six months. If i recall correctly, this was the same thing that happened with the original poll.

    I do think this is going to create tons of drama/competition on ragefire because a number of guilds will transfer over, and this server will most likely be over crowded again.
  3. Weverley Augur

    I predict a lot of casual moving to lockjaw.And a lot people who wanted kunark asap on lockjaw having to reroll to Ragefire.
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  4. Hvyarms New Member

    Couldn't the results have just as easily been interpreted the other direction? IE - The vast majority of players preferred not voting for Kunark immediately (3mo + 6mo)? This seems very much like DBG interpreting the poll results to match what they wanted to do all along. At the very least why not do a run-off poll with just the two most popular options (3mo vs 6 mo)?

    Before people say "if you don't like the results move to the other server"... I should remind you people have already established community / friends / guilds on each server which now will likely be split up based on each individual's preferred progression path. This decision also pretty much eliminates the option of merging the two progression servers at a later date when the populations may be smaller since they might not even be in the same era.

    Overall, this is really disappointing and it very much feels like this was done intentionally. In the future if you intend on doing something please don't put up a facade of a "vote" that you don't have any intentions of honoring if it doesn't go your way.
  5. Naelbis Elder

    Didn't they say FLAT OUT that is ASAP or 3 months won that the extra time would be added to Kunark before they would consider Velious? I guess they don't have the stones to admit that they are going to unlock as fast as the raid guilds want no matter what the rest of the server says.
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  6. Rhoulicas Augur

    Yes it is a lot healthier to be casual, but for those lost in gaming: they don't know what they're missing out on.
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  7. Rhoulicas Augur

    They're splitting us up. (casual/raider)
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  8. Chanaluss Augur

    there was no such majority. a plurality of votes went to 6 months, but kunark did get a higher vote count on both servers than max duration. This was a good solution.
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  9. Silinius Augur

    You're sadly mistaken if you think that people who want raid content earlier will move to RF. Moving to RF to compete with TL is a joke. We'll just hang here on LJ and lock down every spawn for the next 5 months, and do the same thing during Kunark; and again in Velious.
  10. Ltldogg Augur

    I foresee Lockjaw being way more popular if they allow free transfers and DBG/SOE will finally realize that casual players (perhaps to Holly's disliking), should be catered to for once instead of the very small percentage of end-game rushers.
  11. MBear Augur

    Why reroll? Why don't they just transfer free to Ragefire?
  12. The Goodyear Gnome New Member

    Lockjaw is not what I'm asking, Gregolo. I'm asking a serious question because if the opinion of the player base doesn't count for anything, I'll take my money and take it to a game where they won't bother asking the player base opinion, so there's no expectations of a vote winning, and then being disregarded. I obviously don't spend much time on the forums, as this is my second post in 11 years, I'm honestly curious as to what I have to do to get a refund
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  13. Zobral New Member

    I don't think they will have to reroll on Ragefire if they want the unlock faster. I think they mentioned free transfers not just from Ragefire to Lockjaw but the reverse I would think as well. Never mind. MBear just said the same thing :)
  14. Kellaer Augur

    Does the vote in three months even make a difference? Why waste our time or yours? You just admitted that you aren't going with what the majority of the votes are, so why bother?
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  15. MBear Augur

    This is going to be the best thing ever for keeping Lockjaw slow in the future. All you folks that want to spend a year in Velious, COME ON DOWN!
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  16. DBCooper Elder

    Because that isn't an option? Learn to read. They are "investigating" doing it (i.e., trying to see if the money they lose from free transfers outweighs the money the lose from whiners quitting because they don't like the rule change), no free transfer has been offered.
  17. Simone Augur

    If it's only a slight majority shouldn't be somewhere in the middle say at like 4.5 months or something? Also the issues with the servers becoming de-synchonized is caused by you doing two different schedules. It also means that there will be no hope for a merger of the two servers down the line which is something that is going to be inevitably necessary. It's better to keep the servers on the same schedule than to split them.

    Just set a release schedule and stick to it. It makes it far easier to plan around content releases if the schedule isn't always subject to change. Seriously. Make this the last such vote on these issues and be done with it.
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  18. Gremin Augur

    DHS is on LJ and we once again welcome 6 months of classic. We look forward to any new folks who wish to reroll or eventually transfer to LJ and the community. Our population on the server is steady and is not going anywhere.
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  19. MBear Augur

    You aren't voting to tell them what to do. You are not the boss. They will take your vote on an opinion poll into consideration then they will do what they think is best for the bottom line. If you don't want to share your opinion, you need not participate in the poll. Any option in a poll winning doesn't mean they need to do it. They don't even need to poll at all so it is nice that they ask how we think, even if we don't get our way.
  20. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    And why should Lockjaw have to endure a sudden influx of players from Ragefire?

    I'm happy with the results, but not happy about the transfers. I like the Lockjaw community, for the most part, and I don't see where our server has anything to gain from this yet has a lot to lose, potentially.

    If this changes the server significantly I will be voting with my credit card and you will be losing 6 subs.

    Thank you for the update.
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