Ragefire Livestream: Thurs CANCELED

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, May 19, 2015.

  1. Boxal Lorekeeper

    They're in the game for sure
  2. Dandy Augur

    Glad you guys finally pulled the trigger and made your own big boy twitch channel! :D

  3. Mardy Augur

    I'm , it says Thursday 2pm. Me and a few hundred players are there waiting like it was supposed to be today :D
  4. Fendy Augur

    lol. 2:25pm PST and Ragefire is still locked. There is nothing to stream yet.
  5. Snar Lorekeeper

    Will be streaming also as soon as I can log into the server! Loneman004 is my handle
  6. Photo New Member

    Well that help us get are venders back on the other servers?
  7. Helium New Member

    7:35am cst and the server is locked?
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  8. Tarrin Augur

    It was not expected to be up yet. Noon is "optimistic".
  9. Dali LB New Member

    Still no Ragefire ... whats eta on it in human time (gmt) ? o_O
  10. Riou EQResource

    7 pm GMT at the earliest (if I didn't fail my time zones :p)
  11. gluteous Elder

    They have plenty of time to get server up and running before announced twitch time.
  12. Fendy Augur

    Maybe they could start the twitch now. Then instead of watching GMs at play we could watch GMs at work. Getting a new server up and running. I think the swearing and hair pulling would be entertaining.
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  13. Roshen Brand Manager

    You think that would be entertaining? It would really just look a lot like this....
  14. DoRFspider New Member

    Looking awfully relaxed as the ship sinks
  15. guado Augur

    Aristo is going to have no hair by the end of this.
  16. Symbius Augur

  17. Camben New Member

  18. Roshen Brand Manager

    You might be surprised to know that the other devs have their own desks/offices. Having more people in JChan's office isn't always helpful.
  19. Camben New Member

    Devs get desks/offices now? What has this world come to?! :)

    Thanks for your all your hard work Roshen and company!
  20. Fendy Augur

  21. Roshen Brand Manager

    EDIT: Canceling this stream. We're going to find a time that Ragefire is playable and try this then.