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  1. Jessamyn Birdsong Journeyman

    We are House Resurgent, a new guild on the Ragefire server. We couldn't find what we were looking for in a guild on Ragefire, and so here we are. :)

    First and foremost, we are here to have fun with awesome people in the game we have loved for so many years. For a whole bunch of us, this is a new start in Norrath after a long time away -- and we seek the feeling and camaraderie that we have often sought since the "old days" of Everquest, but never found again in other games. A resurgence of those memories and a chance to make new ones.

    Roleplaying will always, always be encouraged in this guild, but never enforced. And please don't feel like you have to RP elaborate plot lines and character backstories just to participate -- RP can be extremely simple, and often that is just as fun as the more complex roleplaying endeavors. Just have fun with it. We simply wanted to make it easier for roleplayers to be able to group and play with those of a like mind, and have fun together. Yeah, the word fun keeps coming up -- are you noticing a trend here? ;)

    This is NOT going to be a raiding guild. If you want to raid, that's great, but that will not be our focus here. Tavern-hopping, maybe. First aid stations in deadly areas, probably. But there will be no requirements on your time for anything and nothing will be mandatory. And no guild voice chat. We have lives over here, and families, and jobs, and just want to spend what little free time we can grab enjoying ourselves. The only guideline we're sticking to is that your character must be good. If your Teir'dal can waltz through the gates of Qeynos with no problem and you can demonstrate that your character has chosen a path of light, then welcome.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. And P.S. - HAVE FUN. :D

    I just have a basic GuildPortal site up, but will try and flesh it out as time allows:
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  2. Selinaris Journeyman

    Woohoo! But you logged off! =)
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  3. Jessamyn Birdsong Journeyman

    I'm sorry! I had to go cook dinner just like you =)
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  4. Selinaris Journeyman

    I found some other roleplayers that would like to join! Come back soon so we can get some invites =)
  5. EmeraldOne New Member

    We're officially open for business! (I'll say something more tomorrow when I'm not dog tired from work.)
  6. Jessamyn Birdsong Journeyman

    Already have amazing members and amazing co-leaders... I am so excited about this. *dance*
  7. Landrow New Member

    I want to join a rp guild i have been working on a rp story on gamerfables since i couldn't find any place on the forums to post it but i have been reluctant to join any guilds before since i wouldn't want to mess up my story but id feel better about a roleplaying guild that might be more understanding.
    characters im playing on ragefire are landin level 4 human monk
    nemasis level 5 erudite magician
    Groana level 8 human paladin (main)
  8. Jadefox Augur

    This seems like it'd right up my alley.
    I'll be looking for y'all in game.

    --Jade LFGuild
  9. Jadefox Augur

    Now to be online with an officer at the same time :p
  10. Oakskin New Member

    We are a bit short on officers just yet, but I have friended you and will be in touch!
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  11. Jessamyn Birdsong Journeyman

    I am usually on in the evenings, somewhere around 7 or 8ish Central time to about 10pm, and various times on the weekend. Please seek myself, Damicus, Oakskin, and soon Selunaris out so we can speak with you all.

    The other guilds can raid and race to the top - The only racing I want to do is drunk puppy races! (Which, if you have never done, are totally a blast. :-D ) Playing Sardines in Qeynos is fun too! But I'm most looking forward to just spontaneous interaction with like minds, preferably in-character. Can't wait to meet you all. :)
  12. Selinaris Journeyman

    Holy crap I'm so excited to see this kind of response! Find me in game if you need more info!
  13. EmeraldOne New Member

    Now that I'm a lot more awake, let me tell you ladies and gentlemen that you've found a gem. We're uninterested in being "the best" (Though I'd like to say we begrudge no one for their play style, go it for it guys.) we want to bring about what I believe everyone is trying to reclaim but going about it incorrectly. No need to change the server rules, no, what everyone is missing is a sense of community, and that's what we're all about! Remember those evenings from long ago sitting around a camp just chatting with at that time strangers who eventually became friends and just having the best time hanging out? That's what we're for, and I believe that's what you're for too, you who are reading this, that's why you resubscribed in the first place. So come join us, grab a drink, get your comfy clothes on, and have a good time with us.

    Though, I'd like to point out that our community will be bound by some rules. We will not tolerate player drama, you cause drama and you're out, done. Same if you act like a jerk, you're out.

    One final note as of writing this is that we're brand new, so please don't give up hope if you log on and we're not on. Give us a few days, and we'll get you in. Thank you for your time, and here's to many a great adventure!
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  14. Ausable New Member

    * an ogre shamaness wanders in,looks in vain for a chair to accommodate her vast bulk,finally gives up and flops down on the floor.*
    Hello dere! Ogre gal here, lookin' for buddies to drink and fight wid. I mean, we fight monsters, not each other, Unless ya wanna duel or sumting. Oh I can heal yer boo boos too. Names Smille, cause I smiles lots. I'm a friendly sort anyways. I hope to kills lots of baddies so the nice cities like me. Cause I is a nice ogre.
  15. Jessamyn Birdsong Journeyman

    Jessamyn skipped around the corner, humming an old Elvish tune to herself, saw the ogre sitting there, and nearly choked on the piece of jum-jum cake she had stuffed in her mouth a moment before. Swallowing quickly she managed to choke out, "Hello! Welcome to House Resurgent! My name is Jessamyn, but please feel free to call me Jess." She shifted the bow on her back to a more comfortable position. "I was just heading out for my training session, but Master Trueshot can wait a few minutes more. Are you interested in our family here? There's a stack of applications there on the table, if you're seeking one. Did you have any questions?"

    ((I am so stinkin' excited over the interest already!!

    Just wanted to update that I have clandestinely been working on the forums while here at work, and have added some actual questions to the application form. I'm doing this stuff on my phone, so please let me know if anything looks wonky or anything is misspelled!))
  16. Jessamyn Birdsong Journeyman

    She tilted her head sideways, absently tucking a strand of titian hair behind one pointed ear, and surveyed her handiwork. The night jasmine had grown quickly all along the trellis she had crafted, and now spread the most intoxicating fragrance all across the small grassy courtyard. From the trees she had hung paper lanterns, that now glowed with warmth from the branches. Okay, she hadn't hung them -- her two very wonderful, and wonderfully tall friends and co-leaders had hung them, higher than Jessamyn could have ever dreamed of reaching.

    This had been their idea, the three of them. The friendship they had struck up when their paths had randomly crossed was true and solid... and they had decided they wanted to offer a haven for like minds across Norrath. A safe place, a place of warmth, a family. And so here they were.

    People already seemed to be interested, and it warmed the elf's heart to know that they weren't alone in what they sought. The ogre seemed nice... Jess hoped she might join. And soon others would be on their doorstep, and she wanted everything to be perfect. She looked over the yard one last time, then hurried back inside to bake one more batch of cookies -- this time vowing to find a better hiding place to keep her two cohorts from devouring all of them. She hummed happily to herself as she rolled out the dough, and wondered what it would be like when voices and laughter rang through the house.

    ((As posted in our forums))
  17. Jessamyn Birdsong Journeyman

    Just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to our members and my co-leaders... Last night's impromptu role playing was just so much fun, and the growing RP in our forums makes me swoon with joy. I am having a ball again after all these years. It feels like the old days. :)

    We have a chat channel set up, ResurgentRP, that is open to all, good or evil. Chat is in-character only, and the setting is a tavern in a neutral place. Feel free to /join. :)

    And anyone interested in our guild family, please visit the website to apply, and seek us out in game!
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  18. Zujilli Elder

    I put in an app yesterday and was accepted, now to find you guys in game. I'm so excited! :) (Char name Vivexa, guild site name HaphazardAllure)
  19. Jessamyn Birdsong Journeyman

    Yay Vivexa! You had me when you said you liked to write. :) I'm usually in game between 8-10pm Central on weeknights, and Damicus is on usually after that. Sel's hours vary. But one of us should be around to give you your badge! See you soon!
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  20. Zujilli Elder

    That works out great, I usually play from either 8-10pm or 10pm-12am Eastern on weeknights. See you guys tonight! :)