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  1. Soltara Augur

    Just curious what are the top Ragefire guilds at the moment? And are they recruiting or not? :)

    Since there seems to be competition now.
  2. Diemond Augur

    Top one currently would be TL. In no particular order are the rest. Reign of Eternity, Reign of Insanity, Apokalypis, Rosenguard, Ceaseless, Mana Burns I think. Can't speak for any of the others but Eternity is recruiting.

    Don't know if I missed any, it's late. :)
  3. Zublak Augur

    I noticed the player made ragefire forums has somewhat of a guild list for those who have went there and put there info in as well.

    I'd say TL > False Prophecy > Rosen > Apok > RoE > RoI and just a mix between the rest at this point.
  4. Sadsong Elder

    ha, sorry not even close, let's do it by actual raid kills and strengths.

    1. Twisted Legacy

    2. Rosengard
    3. Reign of Eternity
    4. Apokalpsis
    5. Reign of Insanity

    - Alex Airwalker
    50 Cleric of Ragefire
    Officer <Reign of Eternity>
  5. Zublak Augur

    Considering I've only seen 2 guilds kill anything, TL and Rosen (just 1) I didn't really list it by who has killed what, mainly on size of guild with number of people ready to raid.

    Oh and almost forgot someone killed Phinny besides TL about a week ago, but can't remember who that was....
  6. Bandok Augur

    I think the guildtag was "Siege", but I can honestly say I've not seen or heard anything about that guild otherwise. Which is distinct from the other five guilds mentioned above -- I've seen members of each of those five guilds running around.
  7. Zublak Augur

    Yeah you're correct. I believe that was Siege. I recall someone mentioning some drama involved between Siege and TL on that kill.
  8. chanlinslacks New Member

    Rosengard is EU so we are different to all the rest in the above list:)
  9. Niinki Kiinki New Member

    Rosengard has Downed Meastro aswell now.
  10. Sadsong Elder

    Excluding the Inny kill, guilds 2-5 have all done the same stuff. Cleared/farmed hate/fear killed phinny. ect...

    -Alex Airwalker
    50 Cleric of Ragefire
    Officer <Reign of Eternity>
  11. Numiko Augur

    To bad there is no big asian guild on this server, we always win the races because we are always a day ahead of you guys! :p