Fixed Internally Ragefire Fableds Bugged

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Fred_Bear, Apr 12, 2020.

  1. Fred_Bear Lorekeeper

    Good morning everyone.

    Ragefire group nameds in PoP are bugged. We were able to do Raid Events and get them spawned as fabled in Earth, Time, etc, but the group named mobs are not spawning as fabled.

    None of the "pet proc weapon" mobs are spawning as fableds.

    Between Water, Earth and Fire, we've killed over 100 of the Named mobs that should be "Fabled" but we have ZERO fableds.

    Please turn on ALL the PoP fableds. If you need a short list of Fabled mobs CONFIRMED as not spawning:

    Fabled A Prismatic Basilisk
    Fabled A Korascian Warlord
    Fabled Vicar of Fire
    Fabled Jopal Crafter
    Fabled Jopal Flame Protector
    Fabled Jopal Lavahurler
    Fabled Jopal Seer
    Fabled Jopal Tracker
    Fabled Ferocious Barracuda

    As a guild we've kill multiple of all of these nameds and have zero fabled spawns.

    I personally have killed approx 20 "A Prismatic Basilisks" and 10 "A Korascian Warlords" since Midnight PST (3am Eastern) and have seen ZERO Fableds.

    We did manage to get Fabled mobs in PoTime and Fabled Earth Ring Events to spawn but no Group mobs.

    Please turn on the PoP group mobs. Thank you.
  2. Tishanian Journeyman

    :( Concur :(
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  3. Cleric Bot New Member

    I can confirm old world fabled mobs are not spawning,
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  4. binamur Apprentice

    same, fabled group mobs are broken.
  5. Thundersnake Elder

    Fabled Regura Overlord in PoWater also not spawning, I also think all Fabled in Vex Thal are not spawning as well.
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  6. Disil Journeyman

    Fabled group mobs don't appear to be showing up in Luclin-era content either. Maybe a conflict with the increase chance to spawn rares.
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  7. The_Faceman New Member

    fabled verichiki champion not spawning >.>
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  8. yukan Augur

    Can confirm that we've seen zero group fabled mobs on Ragefire. Have a limited time to act on these, would love some dev assistance on this.
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  9. Seddie New Member

    Pls Fix!
  10. Duder Augur

    I think they should use t3 tov raids as precedent. Got it wrong the first time so delay it a month... RIGHT...RIGHT!?
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  11. Kakashi77 Elder

    We should be getting fableds up to velious, but none appear to be spawning. Including the AoC version raid mobs. Can someone take a look?
  12. Disil Journeyman

    Had another bug in Fabled Plane of Time. Tallon Zek and Cazic-Thule were spawned as their normal versions. On pull, Tallon Zek switched to Fabled, but Cazic did stayed normal and did not drop fabled loot.
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  13. Vexana_Lanys Lorekeeper

    This happened to me on Tunare. It's like the Fabled switch was only partial flipped. I've seen instanced Fabled (Time - with Cazic/Tallon weirdness).. but no static Fabled.
  14. Horace New Member

    5 total hours in Plane of Earth today. Zero fabled mobs. As of this posting, nobody on Ragefire has seen a single group fabled spawn. And yet, here we are, over 22 hours into the Fabled event and not even so much as a token response from support staff. Yikes! Come on, guys. Wake up!
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  15. Korthos New Member

    Talked to several others on RF who ran Fabled Time and similar experience. Light blue TZ, on engage he hulks out to fabled TZ. But Cazic stays DB the entire time. Everybody's had this issue.

    Oh and that nothing else fabled has spawned in PoP group content OR all of velious, Kunark, or Luclin so far. Broke as can be.
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  16. Lastdefense2 New Member

    Second this motion... all these issues with Fabled...
  17. Horace New Member

    Traps in Plane of Earth are still not spawning Fabled mobs. Static spawn points seem to be working normally, but nothing from any of the traps in PoEarth for hours now. This is not right!
  18. Prathun Developer

    We believe the underlying cause for this bug has been fixed internally. In the meantime, we've manually forced Fabled to activate across all servers. Thanks for letting us know!
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  19. Korthos New Member


    Thanks for the timely work on y'alls end! I know we all appreciate it.

    Can you guys look at some trap-type triggered spawns? We've had several guilds this evening (after your post) doing laps in Plane of Earth and picks thereof. and none of the traps seem to be spawning fabled frog, tree guy, rock guy or fabled gator. Just getting the regulars. We might be having a stroke of bad luck or maybe traps are wonko yet.
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  20. Horace New Member

    Thanks for the reply, Prathun. However, as Korthos says, the Plane of Earth trap spawns are still borked and not producing fabled creatures. These are the creatures that drop some of the most sought after group items in this round of fableds. Please fix! Thanks.