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  1. Semah Augur

    Cor Tempus
    Ragefire TLP Server

    About Us:
    Cor Tempus (formerly Tempus) is a NA-based end game raid guild on Ragefire. We currently raid any and all current content, and will continue to be aggressive in pursuing new end game raid content as new expansions are released. Right now, we are raiding 4-5 nights per week, and the days rotate week to week. Raids begin anywhere from 7:30-8:00 PM ET, and end anywhere from 11:30-12:00 ET. We are not a box heavy guild, and do not rely heavily on boxes for raids. Our raids typically consist of anywhere from 60-72 main characters, as well as a few healer and bard boxes, if necessary. (We use TeamSpeak as our primary form of communication.)

    We are also a friendly guild who strongly believe in building up the community around us in order to preserve the long-term stability of the Ragefire server.

    What We Offer:
    We offer a friendly and active community of players who are here for one another, day in and day out. We allow our members to experience all the end game, in era raid content each expansion has to offer, as well as other goals people may be interested in obtaining. Our leadership has years of experience in progressing through TLP servers and because of this, we are very well prepared for how to best deal with all coming expansions. We have consistent raid leadership who is well versed on how to make the best use of our raid force as well as raid time. We don't like to waste time, and have a very efficient and effective raid force.

    What We're Looking For:
    We're looking for active players who have a desire to be a part of our guild culture. We primarily operate by one rule of thumb: Don't be an *******. That's pretty much it. We're adults looking to relax, have some fun, and kill some raid targets. We don't require you to have a set amount of playtime. We don't care if you log in late or log off early. We just want people who play their class well, and who can fit into our community.

    Currently, we are in high demand of:

    Other classes are welcome to apply, and are encouraged to check out our current class needs on our guild website.

    If you would like more detailed information about our current recruitment needs, please contact any of the following people in game:

    Guild Leader: Sindalari
    Sr. Officer: Yukan
    Recruitment Team: Semah, Suianne

    For anything else, please see our website for current officers and contact points.
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  2. Ethereal Augur

    With GoD three months out, now's a good time to get in! Regular PoTime split raids, LDoN raids, and more.
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  3. Ethereal Augur

    Bump! Please see our guild website for current class needs!

    Weekly splitting of p5+Quarm in PoTime, LDoN raids, and currently doing backflag runs for charm upgrades periodically.

    GoD is right around the corner, now's the time to get in and gear up!

  4. Kattria Minx Elder

    I have been nothing but pleased with my time in Cor Tempus. Every day there's fun people to group with. Our raids are smooth and efficient. Our leadership is responsive and thorough.

    We've got young people, we've got old people, we've got people in between. We've got people with young kids, older kids, no kids. While we do raid mostly Eastern time, we have guildmates from around the world logging in and having a great time.

    There is not a level requirement to join Cor Tempus, but we do have a level limit to raid with us. Take a look at our website cortempus.com or send a tell to Semah or Suianne in game.
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  5. Kattria Minx Elder

    Are you on Ragefire? Do you love to raid current content? Are you crazy for tradeskills?

    Putting a little bump here to let everyone know that we are still looking for more people who are looking for a guild to play with on Ragefire!
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  6. Ethereal Augur

    Need to catch up before Gates of Discord launches? We just completed a full round of back-flagging with at least one more before GoD. We run weekly Plane of Time splits, select LDoN raids for long lasting augments, and multiple EP targets. Now's the time to get in and catch up!

    If you want to raid in a guild that doesn't rely on boxes, pushes through content the fastest, and has the largest active community on Ragefire, Cor Tempus is for you!

    Still high in demand:

    We also have room for Monks, Rogues, and Necromancers!

    Please check our website for our complete class needs!

    Feel free to reach out to an officer (listed here) if you have any questions!
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  7. Kattria Minx Elder

    We're in the last two months of PoP/LDoN gearing up for GoD, and having a great time doing it! We love grouping and raiding together and we fully support a harmonious server environment.

    Semah is a fantastic person to contact about joining Cor Tempus.
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  8. yukan Elder

    Plenty of time to get caught up before GoD. We have a huge player pool stemming from multiple past guilds and servers. We raid 4 nights per week as expansions wind down, and raid more aggressively to start expansions. We're a huge guild that focuses on individual people over boxes. The beauty of that is that you have the ability to play more than 1 character per PC for those that like to 2, 3, 6 or whatever box outside raid hours, yet our raids are focused on individual people. Since we're a very large guild full of individual players, we fully clear the Plane of Time each week in 2 separate instances, so the gear comes quick.

    If any of what's mentioned here sounds like something you are interested in, feel free to reach out to our recruitment officer Semah and he will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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  9. yukan Elder

  10. Sindalari New Member

    With Gates of Discord only just over a month away! There is still time to catch up and be apart of the largest community and best guild experience Ragefire has to offer.

    Like it was mentioned above, we value individual players and has always been our culture, If any of what this thread has mentioned is something you would like to be apart of, Please reach out to Semah, and visit our site at cortempus.com
  11. Sindalari New Member

  12. yukan Elder


    We have an extremely strong team oriented guild culture. We've steadily grown since our inception and have the size and structure to continue to grow. We've been regularly clearing the plane of time each week with 2 separate teams and we're not showing any signs of slowing down come GoD. There are lot of incredible expansions ahead of us and we are looking for people who want to be part of a team oriented guild.

    The advantage of being part of a large guild, in addition to structured raids with consistent leadership, there are tons of people on every single night who group together, quest together, play alts together, help one another, and just generally enjoy the game together.

    Some of our people are active, some are not. Some raid a lot, some group a lot, some do both. We frequently hear from new people that we offer the old school, nostalgic feel to the game because we rely on each other to progress. We are looking for people who will fit that mold, while also understanding that our raids are a big part of what keeps people coming back,
  13. Semah Augur

    Before I joined Cor Tempus I was addicted to tanking in WoW. Their treatment program helped me get back on my feet again and today I am clean.

    Seriously though, last night I saw a raid in GoD for the first time and it was awesome. You could experience the awesome, too!

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