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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Serakan, May 14, 2015.

  1. Kolani Augur

    Annnnd instantly worthless to people from Live servers who helped with the Ragefire Beta but had no intentions of playing on it when it went Live. I'm glad I didn't put any more time into it than I actually did,
  2. MBear Augur

    What are you even talk about? If you are active in beta, you can claim them. You won't LOSE them later for not playing on beta. You might be misunderstanding because he said "as long as you are active in beta" but he means as long as you are active in beta NOW you can get bags later. A different tense could have been "as long as you WERE active in beta". Aristo said if you are tired of clicking the stones, you have more than enough. I seriously doubt you need more than 50 or 100.
  3. Kolani Augur

    No, I meant as in an 8 and 10 slot bag are functionally worthless to people who have more slots than that in every single bag they own other than Trader's Satchels. I don't have a single ten slot bag in my bank anymore even. I was helping with the Ragefire beta, even though I had zero intentions to play there once the server opened. Some of us out here live in modern EQ, you know. ;)
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  4. Vexosis New Member

    It's been said the reward for helping in this beta wouldn't be anything crazy to avoid giving advantage to people when this server started. Why would you assume it's something amazing for live servers?
  5. Hateseeker Augur

    BTW, what voting options did you choose in the polls?
  6. MBear Augur

    Pretty sure he voted Trilogy. :D
  7. Kolani Augur

    Seasonal challenge server, actually. It was the most interesting option.

    Is it too much to ask for something that's not completely and utterly worthless on live servers, but not too much for progression? The TDS tricone hat ornamentation is more use to me than an 8 and 10 slot bag.
  8. MBear Augur

    I agree with you now that I understand what you meant. I thought you meant that you had to stay playing on beta to use the reward or something. The disconnect was that I mentally tied the reward to the actual server we were testing for, not for live. I apologize for making that leap prematurely.
  9. Hateseeker Augur

    oops...didn't mean that part of the vote, I meant the vote for opening with Classic, Kunark or Velious.

    Though I have to say, the vote you reference was between TLP Fast like fippy, TLP slow, locked, or Seasonal. That was an atrocious combination. People who KNEW that momentum was pushing us toward a TLP server were likely afraid to waste a vote on seasonal or locked, for fear of not being able to be heard on the speed issue. Really, if they want to know if people are interested in a locked or seasonal server, they need to ask that by itself.

    I don't want seasonal or locked myself, but I acknowledge it was an unfair poll to those that do.
  10. Kolani Augur

    Classic + Kunark was what I voted for. I hope you understand why I'm upset with the tiny bags now though. To players who intend to play on Ragefire, the 8 and 10 slot bags are a pretty good reward - if I had any intention at all of playing there, I'd be happy with them. However, they're junk to me on Firiona Vie. I have all the dropped bags from House of Thule, most of the bags tied to Hunter achievements, a couple of Heroic bags, every quest bag and a couple of tradeskill satchels in my bank. I've actually started removing 12 slot bags from my bank because I have bigger options.
  11. Kolani Augur

    Incidentally, I missed the bold text in the quote of me in this and I'm taking it as an attack or an indictment of what I was doing on the Beta server when I had no intent of staying.

    I've been active in EQ and the EQ community since Beta 3. I raided in original, vanilla EQ and was present on my cleric at some of the first serverwide kills of Nagafen, Vox, Cazic and Innoruuk. I have a pretty good eye and ear for the classic experience, things that are out of era or mechanics that aren't working properly. I've been reporting feedback through the game tool since the Beta server went up, remembered out of era things on the prior progression servers and went to visually check and verify that they were spawning out of era.

    Personally, I think a new TLP server is a waste of dev time, but I understand the appeal the old days bring and the intent of bringing in a new server and the All-Access paid accounts that come with it. So I put my personal feelings aside and helped test the server.

    Is that what you were looking for?
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  12. Beastro Augur

    That's ok. Just so long as that Cobalt Bracer and Jaundiced Bone Bracer are in each bag.
  13. Hateseeker Augur

    No no, nothing about that, I highlighted it because it was the only thing that I was addressing at all. Many players believe that Live players who won't be playing on the server, or indeed even care, might have voted Classic only, not knowing that Classic only for 6 months is going to leave everyone frazzled from too many players in too few zones.

    I was just curious what you voted for as a result. Wouldn't matter what your answer was, was only curious.
  14. Kolani Augur

    That's a Happy Love Bracer, fwiw
  15. MBear Augur

    It abs
    It totally would matter! This would be used as the evidence to end all evidence of a shady scam vote that put us in classic only!
  16. SpamFactory Augur

    Bags are a little disappointing. they don't even appear to be weight reducing.

    I understand that 10 slot 100WR bags are raid loot in classic and that's why they likely made these bags what they are, but you can buy 10 slot delux toolboxes in akanon from a vendor for 1p each, and with shared banks anyone can access this vendor.

    It would be nice to have a bag to last for several expansions and not just while being a newbie in classic.
  17. Burdi Augur

    The reward is ÜBER !
  18. Aenu Holysight Augur

    For starting out in classic, I'm happy enough with these rewards. If we each get 999 available to claim and they aren't lore, I'll be very pleased until we can obtain better containers on Ragefire.
  19. taliefer Augur

    they are heirloom, that means you can transfer them between characters on the account on the same server. i imagine we can only /claim them once.
  20. Jenarie Elder

    They fixed the mixing bowls. I wouldn't count too much on the 10 slot toolboxes staying in since they didn't come out until Velious (although they aren't nearly as good as the mixing bowls so wouldn't be totally shocked if they stayed either).

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