Ragefire Beta Is LIVE - Preview the New Progression Server

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 7, 2015.

  1. Smallpox Augur

    (Dev's) The Default UI (and Custom UI) are getting Errors (On Beta):

    [Tue May 12 21:42:56 2015] Error: Could not find child BW_SharedBankSlot2 in window BankWnd
    [Tue May 12 21:42:56 2015] Error: Could not find child BW_SharedBankSlot3 in window BankWnd

    Getting the "Your XML files are not compatable...." warning in the chat window.
  2. Khulril Journeyman

    Good luck raiding, getting gear in any end game zone, or doing any meaningful end game. Unless, of course, you're going to be in a guild like Citizen or Twisted Legion.

    And now they have the audacity to say no GM's will police the raiding scene. They're going to see a major drop off very quickly once a decent population makes it to end game. Grief will be at an all time high.
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  3. rune00 Augur

  4. Pani Elder

    Can't get into Beta today, get to where you pick the server, pick Beta, and get a client crash. Anyone else having the same issue and/or know what is going on?
  5. Frobozz New Member

    Just happened to me.
  6. Catashe Augur

    I hope this logging in thing doesn't affect live because its getting annoying to even be bothered to log into Beta and I'm starting to believe it has something to do with instancing the newbie zones if you log out in one that isn't currently open
  7. Rhodz Augur

    Yeah the launch problems (there are a few) seem worst on full access accounts as silver gets in easier. The problem is on DBs end so we wont be fixing this.
    As expected not a word from DBG so far, just in time for that rush of folks that have heard of the beta and want to see whats up.
    Heh this is also the "Classic" EQ experience
  8. Freki Augur

    This log in issue is probably not going to be in live, it is something to do with ini files and what not. BUT I've had the issue with this on beta and i tried my main live account and it's logging in fine. i sent a toon to her home city and i could log right into the game. so i'm assuming it is an issue with a toon or ini file saying the zone is corrupt and by changing that ini by ingame means.... it fixed itself.
  9. Weverley Augur

    Yeah looks like that issue comes if where u r is down or the instance u were in doesn't exist anymore. I went back to character select and click return home and confirming that i wanted to return to my home city and the issue was gone.
  10. Roshen Brand Manager

    Confirming here, the reward for beta testing is two bags.


    This will be a claim available to players on the Ragefire server that becomes available on (or around) May 20, if your account was active on the beta server during testing.

    We'll be looking at beta stones when awarding this claim. There's not a specific number of stones you need... as long as you're active on beta and testing things, you should be eligible for this reward.

    (Bone Chips seen in the image above are NOT included in this claim ^_^)
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  11. Polpet Lorekeeper

    Great :D 1.5 Weight! thx for that update!
  12. Ace MoneyMaker New Member

    game keeps crashing when i try and log on after server screen
  13. JChan Developer

    Try again updating your client again. We just pushed another client update to resolve some crashing issues.
  14. JChan Developer

    Should be fixed now.
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  15. Mogossis Journeyman

    Yep, your beta character will be removed after the server goes live.
  16. giantofbabil Journeyman

  17. Brunlin Augur

    LOL, darn...a few extra bone chips would be nice, and some orc belts, pads, and scalps while your at it!;)

    1.5 wt says it all... and its free..yellow/orange(something)...and has a Ragefire logo on it...were you expecting a Rallos Pack?? :p Besides, you can pick up med bags off alchemy vendors for 1 plat each...same stats as a bp with a wt of .8 Its just nice that they are giving us something and it its not op...any wt reduction bag would be to much as they are mid to high level items in this version
  18. Behee Augur

    I have no idea how you expect them to fit those into these bags, when clearly they would stuff them with one of each epic weapon for each class. :p
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  19. Roar85 New Member

    No sir. Validated files, still crashes immediately upon selecting a server.
  20. Karmana New Member

    I am in total agreement with Breeze being left in game at the start. As an Enchanter staple, it would suck to wait until mid 20s to get the first taste of mana regeneration boost.

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