Radical Solution To EXP Nerfs

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    There's so many problems and vague holes with his "idea" it's like Swiss cheese. One can "fix" a lot of things by dramatically simplifying them and making broad, sweeping general changes to everything at once, but in practice there are so many problem scenarios it would create that it's not even remotely worth the attempt.

    Also...is your board name short for Thrillhouse? If so, massive cap tip to you sir.
  2. segap Augur

    He's not leaving out CotF. He wants CotF stats for free to play level 95s. Completely wiping out any reason at all to get gear from the entire RoF expansion. He only leaves out CotF in his example of gear progression.

    And I don't see how that gives incentive to buy TDS. He wants something available in the bazaar for people level locked on ftp accounts. People that buy the expansion can 1) level up in 1-2 weeks at a fairly casual rate 2) Go get the gear themselves.
  3. Croak Augur

    I didn't ignore CotF

    I could have started maybe with Underfoot, but that wasn't the first lv85 expansion, and expansions prior to Underfoot had a completely different T1 visible loot methodology.
    Underfoot was different too in that Clays were no-drop in T1.

    The way you are twiting things, you would then use the level range of Underfoot as an example as it was 80-85 on t1 gear, but the difference was that that was the second expansion with the level cap at 85.

    To be honest, CotF should have been lv95-100 gear - they would have sold more expansions.

    They have deliberately included a large overlap in the majority of recent expansions prior to CotF and TDS.
    However with CotF they added other incentives, HA with currency to get gear and not have to camp augs. Maybe they didn't need more overlap.

    I even mentioned that previously... I am being totally consistent.

    I don't see where I am twisting and changing stuff.

    Others thought it unfair to not affect group gear and I explained my thoughts on it - I don't think it causes raiders or groupers a problem having their gear reduced to the equivalent of the prior expansion T4, as long as they handle outliers like VOA to HoT that might result in an upgrade if going from VoA T1.

    With such changes raiders &/OR groupers won't be able to mass kill as effectively in whatever expansion they were expecting to be able to mass kill, but that difference might be enough to relax the current exp nerfs.

    I know with SOE if you give something up, that doesn't necessarily mean you get something in return. Maybe Daybreak will do things a little differently.
    Based upon the progression polls actually happening, it does seem they are listening more.

    There have also been some welcome fixes on progression servers finally.
  4. Thrillho Augur

    I can see where you're coming from for the gear levels. I can understand the argument that you want the CotF gear to be usable by a lvl 95 silver. However, that's a completely different argument than nerfing raid (and group) gear when returning to lower zones. Yes, I can see how one could argue that not having gear equippable by silvers could hurt expansion sales. It's a bit of an extreme, but I can see the logic there. But again, it's exclusive of experience and raid gear. In fact, by keeping the experience as it is when a new expansion comes out, that could hurt sales. Why buy a new expansion when the mobs are too powerful for a silver? Stay in the old expansion where you're safe! And nerfing new raid gear certainly won't increase sales either.

    Answer me this, please: why does it matter if a raider can steamroll a mob? Or task? Or mission? It's end game for some, but not end game for a raider. A raider's purpose behind it is different than a grouper's. As I said before, our experience is expendable. We need to replenish it regularly, and an easy way to do that is to go to the older zones. The gear goes to friends, guildmates, alts, randoms in the zone, or rots. We don't use it, aside from the augs. And, as I said earlier, most of us farm the current augs as the expansion goes live - there's no point in us returning to an older expansion to farm it.

    Please start a new thread for your argument on the CotF gear level cap. You'll gain more support for it in there than you will in here. Please keep this thread for the (dying) argument of nerfing gear as you go backwards.


    This is great! And all I had to do was enter my name - THRILLHOUSE!
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    Clearly, everything's coming up Millhouse?!
  6. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    LOL I dont bag raiders whatever that means. I do agree some can be super touchy though but you get that in group gamers too. And I agree that in THIS thread that raiders arent minimizing the effects of raid gear on group content difficulty. But it does happen a lot in threads about the difficulty of various missions or content.

    And I agree that the OPs idea isnt something that would ever be implemented. But it would help solve the issue of tuning group content. Sometimes group content gets a bit overtuned because the Devs are trying to give Raiders some sort of challenge. Any time someone complains about a piece of content being too hard for group players and easy for raiders the raiders drop the Highly Skilled card and minimize the big edge raid gear gives them. If I had end game raid gear I could be semi clueless and still blow through the group content.

    Raiders deserve their gear because they raided to get it or got added in after the fact to gear their alts etc. I just wish in other threads they wouldn't try to tell group players who have issues with content that its all about their lack of skill. And not all raiders are highly skilled some are just good followers. But they put in the time so they deserve their guild too.
  7. Scila Augur

    I haven't and wont purchase TDS but not for the reason above ... too many other nerfs and play their way not my way for my taste and $$ atm ... there are more to not investing in a game than gear
  8. Abazzagorath Augur

    How about a reasonable normal solution? Reverse the nerf and move on with our lives.
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  9. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Agreed. Now that most folks who bought TDS are 105, mission accomplished? It'd be nice for them to remove the additional penalty for playing slightly older parts of the game.
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  10. Piasa Journeyman

    Here is the best solution.
    1. Find the code changes done to implement the exp nerf.
    2. Revert code changes back to how they were pre-nerf.
    3. build and release.

    Leave everything else alone and focus on new content to lure us out of existing.
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