Radical Solution To EXP Nerfs

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Croak, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Scila Augur

    Even tho I stopped raiding over a year ago ... the idea for scaled gear to the expansion you are playing in ... not ... whether its raid or group ... like another poster said that's very monster mission or in another form shrouding to a level to play. If that's the way you want to play, those options are already available for that type of challenge.
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  2. Meatball Elder

    You guys are acting like gear is all that makes the character.

    It's about skill.

    Facerolling content in OP raid gear - totally irrelevant - that's skill you see in action.

    So I'm told.

    You veteran gamers should know the diff.

    Tsk tsk.
  3. Sancus Augur

    How much difference do you think raid gear makes in trivial content? At the end of an hour I'd have killed an extra couple of mobs? I'm sure that's what caused the XP nerfs.

    The real issue was - and still is - the risk vs reward between HAs/RoF content and TDS content as far as XP goes. That goes for groupers and raiders. If you wanted to nerf group gear in old content as well, it's still a God-awful idea. What is the point of leveling and getting more powerful gear if it gives you no power increases against old content? If named from 30 levels ago start kicking my despite all the improvements I've made to my character, I will be extremely pissed.
  4. Croak Augur

    The difference is they are only trying to get back to roughly the same stats as the previous tier's raid gear, a known quantity and if player speculation is in any way correct, the math is already done and can always be made to benefit the player more than trying to be an exact replica of items etc.
  5. Jhenna_BB Augur

    This idea gets a 50 DKP MINUS!!
  6. Dre. Augur

    a jord skygge

    I don't think you'd see people swarming zones if mobs like this are mixed in, but those kind of decisions don't fit neatly into the EQ spreadsheet.
  7. Croak Augur

    Scaling exp rewards in content is ... that is what you get in HA

    You take some level 85s into a lv100 HA and at the end of it the lv85s receive significantly less AA for completion than the lv100s even though it took twice as long to complete.

    I choose not to raid mainly for health reasons.
  8. Warpeace Augur

    Ill say this.... you can have the best raid gear and play like a GOD or still play like utter crap. Lets not make it a groupers vs raiders thing. You want raid gear go raid for it or play on a server your CC or mom and dads can buy it.

    If you want to nerf raid gear casual group players might as well play naked.

    Can the Dev team better tune expansion yes they can also. They need to find a better medium to listen to pertaining to group and raid content.
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  9. silku Augur

    eh, it takes both. A skilled player with no gear, isn't gonna get far in today's game either. An sk who can hold aggro with the best of them, with only 7k AC and 90k hp is not gonna tank in Arx Mentis.. no matter how 'skilled' he is. But even the poorest of players with an unbuffed AC of 11k+ and 120k+ hp is gonna tank trash there with no issues.
  10. Battleaxe Augur


    The experience adjustments were made (and btw they needed to be made) because players will do the least effort/greatest reward content to the exclusion of almost everything else.

    Not too long ago groups pulled large numbers of lower tier mobs and used Headshot, Assassinate, and other abilities to mass kill. It didn't take raid gear - just a reasonably fast bow, some AA abilities, etc. There were adjustments.

    No, it's not a partial solution worth considering and I'll be MORE than happy to tell you why:

    1. Group content is the endgame for non-raiders and not raiders. Non-raiders (provided they don't hang out in Gribble HA's forever) get all of their upgrades in it.

    As a raider I get augments and a few clickies. It's your end game where you get everything and my not very rewarding filler. Less rewarding for me/less demanding for me.

    2. While you are in content that's so easy 6 players in group gear can do it, I and 53 others take on Mordor. Yes, we ride back in triumph through the Shire flashing our elven swords with breastplates gleaming. We are entitled to heroic rewards for performing heroic deeds.

    You'd have King Arthur not use Excalibur because you haven't earned one? Really?

    Raiders are not necessarily healthier than non-raiders I assure you. We all do as inclination and circumstance permits. Enjoy your game and if you please allow me to enjoy mine.
  11. Meatball Elder

    Regale the tale of King Arthur valiantly slaying the equivalent of a moss snake with Excalibur.

    I always swat flies with sledgehammers, because it is so, so gratifying.
  12. Battleaxe Augur

    Neither King Arthur nor I swat flies (unless of course necessity insists). Care to elaborate?

    (I'm not one of those protesting "The exp nerfs in lower tier content". TDS is pretty sweet - especially the raids.)
  13. Meatball Elder

    This idea is going to go nowhere with the devs.

    It's just academic at this point.

    I do not wish for them to change yet another aspect of this game that has been present since launch.

    I am, however, willing to concede that the OP does raise a valid point - raid gear has the stats it does because it is tuned for harder content, not really for any other reason.

    One of the fringe benefits just happens to be roaming about the rest of the non-raid-tuned world Grape Aping things right in the face.

    It can be fun.

    But it's not a game.

    More like something else ... trying to think of the term ...

    Don't need to take that aspect away if that's how some players get off - their money is just as good as anyone else's.
  14. Poppinfresh Elder

  15. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Actually it would bring back the challenge they always complain is missing from group content.
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  16. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I thought the reward for raiding was beating the raid? Besides wouldnt matter raiders always say their gear doesnt give them any real advantage in group content so reducing it wouldn't bother them.
  17. Croak Augur

    This change would adjust the least effort/greatest reward equation, which is what makes it relevant.
    It increases the effort / risk in lower tier content, thus there can be an appropriate improved exp reward for all group participants.

    As a raider you get experience from the group game, appropriate RK2 spells until you have raid equivalent, various trophies, etc.

    But you are a tank raider who hasn't maxed his tear yet after 2+ years

    In some ways this will help you as you will still get exp from kills, though of course it will limit the number of mobs you can tank at once to something just shy of godly.

    Raiders might have to drop down an additional expansion for their godly fix... or be happy with just demi-god status in more recent expansions.

    I am only exploring the idea of 1 expansion reduction... I am not expecting anyone to go to Anguish in DoDH, DoN or PoR equivalent gear... but maybe that would be funny.
  18. Battleaxe Augur

    Willie Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks. Because that's where they keep the money.
    Dragons....dragon hoard, rich litch with a mansion...
    It would bother me. I have to do group content (not my preferred playstyle) and raid to outfit completely. My total even with group content going more smoothly is at least as great as that of a non-raider.

    I'd be perfectly fine if Daybreak added a full set of raid quality augs and clickies/doodads to raids, made it so we only had to do raid progression to raid, and provided enough raid content so we never had to set foot in group content (it was more like that during PoP. We even had group content for raiders.)

    Besides, non-raiders are capable of getting fully geared up a lot faster and the common aug set substantially reduces the apparent gap between raid and non-raid gear. Besides raiders moving through group content is not the issue - we're 5-10% of the game's population. The issue is that NON-raiders linger in lower tier content. Raiders like myself are off to the raids the second we can get there. We actually RACE to get to harder content.

    BUT, if raiders and non-raiders want the most content possible raiders will have to put up with getting less reward out of group content and at least enjoying it as fill. And non-raiders will have to live with the idea that a glowing elven sword pried out of the dead claws of one of the most dangerous creatures in Norrath is pretty good for killing flies.

    Seriously, if a three-headed prismatic dragon didn't drop dragon (alliteration /flex) loot what kind of adventuring game would this be??
  19. Dre. Augur

    I've never tried to kill flies with a sword, though I'd imagine a fly swatter works better.

    It's curious what these 'dangerous creatures' use is for a glowing elven sword, considering how few of them wield such weapons.

    One might also wonder how these relics were created, and go to that source first.
  20. Meatball Elder

    Last thing to add to this beaten horse:

    I don't think the intent of the OP was to completely remove raid gear from raids, let's not be hyperbolic/histrionic.

    Perhaps some distant future MMO will expand on this idea somewhat, but it'll never happen in this one.

    Maybe they'll take a page from Trion's book and sell it in the cash shop - quite a few jokers in Rift running around in full raid gear that could be had for about 600 bucks.

    Awful lot of green for a VC receivership to shrug off.

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