Race and Class Combo Clash Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. Phrett Augur

    Sasquatch pet. That's only way this new combo becomes cool.
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  2. Cazmac Augur

  3. Tharrg Augur

    I really dont see what everyone is complaining about. Beastlords summon the spirits of nature to help them... for most the spirit guide is but an animal.. But Wood Elves are more akin to nature and the trees that they call home. Therefore it makes sense that their Spirit guide would come in the form of the Very Trees they call home. Nature itself in Beast Form... Plants that can attack.
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  4. Vivamort Augur

    I wish there had been DE rangers, or at least bards.. so dark races wouldn't have to rely on humans for their tracking... because humans aren't an evil race.

    And what like 100 people will roll up a Weed Elf Beastlord... yeah that was a good thing to add, something that most people will not use, just because we don't want people having Drizzits running around. Talk about being a "dog in the manger" or "cutting one's nose off to spite your face." Spending time development on something that will barely gets used vs something that there will be thousands of used seems silly.
  5. Dabrixmgp Augur

  6. SonofFulgrim New Member

    As we all know with the internet, you can't make every make everyone happy, the only thing that dissapointed me in this vote was everything i wanted to win was on the same side, I was hoping Gnome Beast, Wood Beast, or Iksar Zerker ( still feel like this should of been a starting race for them back in the Luclin days though )would win, I am incredible excited about the WE Beastie winning and I actually love the treant idea yes i get it technically is not an -Animal- but eh, i is race appropriate imo, i am just curious which treant it is going to be? old school shambling or newer humanoid looking one and how big will it get? are they going to get like 20 feet wall at high levels? or is it going to be an ankle biter all it's life? Also will it change colors based on proc type given to it? ice turns it blue, fire gives it orange/red leafs ( I know that's asking for much but i can dream ) I know it will get shrunk often but sometimes it's fun to go solo with a monster sized pet. I already have plans on leveling up one with friends and just wish March would get here sooner.

    -Straps on his armour and waits for the rage-
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  7. valermox New Member

    well so much for me making a drizzt character, but at least a wood elf beastlord is better than most of the other choices that where being voted for
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  8. Dabrixmgp Augur

    One of my favorite memories when I first started was camping the Treants in SK with my DE Necro. Met a lot of people doing them in groups. I hope they look like those. Max level Warder should be just as big and shrink should not work. I want to troll my raids.
  9. Reprisal Augur

    Way more, especially if it comes with a Cheech Marin warder.
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  10. nevuti New Member

    bst with root!
  11. silku Augur

    Ugh. With Crescent Reach/Plane of Knowledge having all spells etc.. why not just open it to where you can be any class/race combo already?
  12. Sinestra Augur

    Because they are keeping with the original vision of the original game. That is the most recent excuse we got.
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  13. silku Augur

    Cause you know gingerbread men running around healing and people wearing rudolph noses fits the original vision of the game? *smh*
  14. Sinestra Augur

    That's what I think. This whole idea where we aren't allowed certain items because they are not true to the game or certain class race combos because of the integrity of the game is a bunch of hogwash in my opinion. We lost the flavor and integrity of classes and races years ago when they made classes so similar and races and faction irrelevant.

    Here is that post though. I do respect Prathun's opinion even though I disagree.

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  15. nadain New Member

    I understand. Drizzt as a story character is a decent person with a strong sense of honor and you Drizzt haters do not want to be reminded of your real life failings.
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  16. Haless New Member

    Gratz to who voted for this combo. I personally wanted to play with an iksar berserker.
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  17. Tobynn Augur

    Although I had zero intention of making any new alts, regardless of the winner, I am shocked that the DE ranger lost in the end. I expected the fanboi was simply too strong with that one.
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  18. Vegaroth Obscura New Member

    How is this so terribly against Lore? Wood Elves are friends of the forest...doesn't it make sense that they would have a class that works with animals and trains them as a companion? I dunno...sounds fishy to me
  19. Sinestra Augur

    People aren't arguing lore against it being a Wood Elf Beastlord so much as the pet choice.
  20. Leifen Augur

    "I don't see why anyone would EVER vote for DE or iksar anything when the darkelf mask from casino can be so easily had, and so can the ancient iksar illusion from FoB....why waste a new combo on a race that ANY CLASS can be? Makes no sense. "

    The mask you refer to is bard rogue NOT ranger.
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