Race and Class Combo Clash Winner Revealed!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. Arctic_Slicer Journeyman

    For the first time since the demise of the Sullon Zek server; Tunare Beastlords are back!
  2. Raluden Elder

    If a Wood Elf can be a beastlord, then logically, it should be a shaman, too.

    Every race that's a beasty is also a shaman.

    Therefore, we should get Wood Elf shaman.

    Make it so.
  3. Izcurly Augur

    If you use that illogic, then we should have Barbarian, Ogre, Troll, Vah Shir, and Wood Elf monks as well.
  4. Raluden Elder

    Ok, VIRTUALLY all races. :p I forgot Iksar.
  5. liquidintent New Member

    Well, this really ruins my day. I was hoping for a brand new race... I wanted Poop... I wanted to roll a Poop Beastlord... its warder would have been a smaller piece of poop. Nothing good ever happens for me :(
  6. WiIIiam New Member

    Suggestion to give choice among 2 pets appearance : if beastlord is female have pet look like dryad, if beastlord is male have pet look like a treant
    if dryad is not enough 'plant' to your liking then rework the mesh
  7. Yinla Augur

    Dryad is still not an animal.
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  8. Freebirrd Journeyman

    :cool:Nice! looking foreword to the new classes ! been playing since 2000 and this is my 2nd post lol.
  9. Velric Journeyman

    I quit caring after the kitty lost
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  10. Tazwolf New Member

    A tree...you are kidding us right, that is not even an animal...c'mon guys ...really really LAME
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  11. GaryDgeorge New Member

    PRASIE VEESHAN that stupid de ranger lost any thing and I do mean any combo woulda been better then that and thankfully it lost. now the woodelf bl shrug I don't mind it woulda much prefred the only one that actually made since the Iskar zerker but as said before anything other then the derange PRASIE VEESHAN hehe that's casue I play drakkins in game or praise tunare I guess since that's the goddess of the elfies.
  12. Sinestra Augur

    Oh the drama.
  13. Hanun New Member

    I stand corrected. I totally expected that it was all rigged and that DE Rangers would win. I still would have enjoyed Iksar Berserkers but this should be interesting. I may make one afterall.
  14. Cerb New Member

    Talk about crap
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  15. Recnarp Augur

    Yeah, I wanted something you don't see everyday. Unfortunate, but we're gonna have to live with the results I guess.
  16. BoomWalker Augur

    If class/race combos still had racial differences sure...make it happen...
  17. BoomWalker Augur

    All races should be able to be monks...just make some races go to the monk starting cities...perhaps make the monk wanna be toon be a level 3 or 5 warrior first...then travel to a starting monk city to be trained at a much greater degree of effort (hell levels for all levels in some format) but giving that race the abilities of a monk.

    So, evil races would go to iksar monk guild...good races would go to human monk guild. Not CR....that place should be nuked off the planet.

    Make racial advantages count again...so a gnome monk is always at a disadvantage as a monk over an iksar...but still has the monk abilities.

    But of course, this isn't about the lore or the existing class relationships...it is about the flawed race design in EQ. As Roddenberry admitted...a purely evil race shouldn't exist...it is just a flawed concept. Thus, iksars as only an evil race is flawed. Dark Elf only evil...flawed. Wood Elf only neutral/good...flawed. So, this would mean that those rare (very rare) combinations such as Dark Elf Ranger would be possible...but at a huge disadvantage in some way. Bring back the racial advantages, fix the evil/good race issue and maybe we can see a lot of iksar zerkers running around in Halas...

    Monks = any race can be a monk...just make them work harder at it...but allow it.
    Beastlord = Since when did "beast" mean "animal" exactly? That is like saying there is no way a beastlord could have a squid as a pet...or whale....since all the beastlord pets are "land animals"... What about drake pets? Or Bats? Or worms? Or magma? Those are not "land animals with four legs" and thus can't be a beastlord pet! Gasp! Oh, there is ONE WORD that uses "animal" in the class description? Change that word to "warder" and would it make everyone happy? Also, why can't a BST have different pets sort of like a mage does? A pet that swims, flies, crawls, is a plant, etc. to allow the proper pet for the proper encounter? Fighting undead cows? Pull out the wolf! Fighting rose bushes? Pull out the treant! Fighting griffons? Pull out the African hummingbird!!!

    Shaman = perhaps best for races that are less urban...but if a High Elf wants to move to Halas to learn how to mix plants to make face paint...sure...just at a disadvantage...slower exp since the High Elf doesn't know the local plant life as well...so takes longer to increase in level...at least initially.

    Zerker = horrible class in general but sure...if someone wants to roll a zerker...fine...just make them adjust the ability scores to meet the minimum for a Zerker...3 INT and 20 STR right? And again...slower progression (experience) due to racial disadvantages for those folks.

    Druid = Why not a Barbarian druid? They have Shaman...why not? Ice and cold is nature as much as warm weather and trees right? But aren't Shaman suppose to be the "cleric" for the Shaman so no clerics!

    Rogue = All races should be able to be rogues. But again, simply give each race disadvantages based on the race. Erudite are horrible at sneak...but great at pick locks.

    (Almost?) Each race/class combo should be possible but with racial differences. Since that isn't likely to happen...and folks would never tolerate the (illogical) hell levels and the need to actually travel to the guild hall in the proper city it isn't going to happen...but for those crying for "hard core" content...that would certainly be a lot more "challenging" to make a toon in a specific race/class combo.

    Instead, lets just complain that a Wood Elf Beastlord would not have a treant as a pet...because Wood Elves only know wolves...and of course a Treant doesn't have four legs...a requirement for a "warder" after all...
  18. complexication Augur

    Sigh, another day the userbase isn't satisfied with anything thrown at them.

    I personally wanted the Vah Shir druid to win, but considering Wood Elves are the race with the fewest class choices in the game, I wasn't surprised nor disappointed in it's win. Unfortunately a lot of the current beastlord items are race-specfic so I hope that those will be altered to include the Wood Elf.

    I'm iffy on the Froglok Monk though, but I can't say much because I haven't played a froglok.
  19. BoomWalker Augur

    Maybe they could give them The Chomper!!!!


    It is even part of the Everquest franchise...so it would be possible right!!!!!
  20. Sinestra Augur

    You mean one of the races with the fewest class choices. Wood Elves, Barbarians, Dwarves, High Elves, Trolls, Ogres, and Vah Shir all have five choices. Now Wood Elves have six.
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