R.A. Salvatore did an IAMA on reddit, talked about playing EQ

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    "I can't tell you how many variations of my characters I've run into over the years in Warcraft and Everquest. It's way cool, believe me.
    I was in a PUG with my character "Bruenorr" and "Innovindil" was the group leader. She pm'd me: "Salvatore for the win!" I was tickled, so after a while of back and forth, I told her who I was. She started quizzing me, and when I told her that no, I hadn't been on this particular MUD she was naming (I've never played a MUD since ZORK), she accused me of being a fraud and had me booted from the group!
    Go figure."


    "No, but here's the best EQ story...and it's 100 true:
    I started a dwarf named Thibbledorf and a few days later ran out of Kaladim to find "Bruenor" (some slight variation) right out front. The poor guy was trying to level, but every time he started a fight, I rushed in, yelled out, "Me King!" and KS'd him (I was a couple of levels higher than him, so it wasn't hard).
    The guy kept telling me to bug off, so I feigned sadness, but kept charging in to save him. I chased him all the way to GFay before the GM finally answered his ticket. The GM knew me (and saw my account name). Hilarious. He made the guy milk and cookies and I gave him some silver for his troubles, then humbly walked away."
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    This guy sounds like a jagbag

    If I was the GM, I would have said .... Who are you? no really who? never heard of you? Oh by the way, you are banned for trying to be an online bully

    Tell him to go back to WoW or wherever his fake stardom came from
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    You don't know who R.A. Salvatore is? I didn't know you could play a mmorpg and never had heard the name Drizzt ><
    He's a NY Times and WSJ best selling author of dozens of scifi/fantasy novels, over 10 million copies sold, and in over a dozen languages. He also infamously wrote the book in which Chewbacca was killed in the Star Wars universe.
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    Pirlo_LoV_Trib wrote:
    Wow, just wow. My faith in humanity just died a little.
  5. ARCHIVED-Naugrin Guest

    Absolutely priceless.
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    Pirlo_LoV_Trib wrote:
    ....not sure if serious...

    On a side note i used to play with curt in eq2 he was in a guild called Drow on my server. Last i talked to him he was going to wow not sure if he stayed there or not.
  7. ARCHIVED-Geroblue Guest

    ---Xislaben--- wrote:
    Doesn't excuse his actions one little bit.
    Thanks for letting us know he is a jerk.
  8. ARCHIVED-HuacaWuaca Guest

    I know Salvatore played on Firiona Vie for quite some time.
  9. ARCHIVED-Naugrin Guest

    Pretty sure he was mostly a wizard on prexus .......the foreword for "the rogue's hour" (eq novel) gave a nice look at his start in eq........and imo if the person that was named bruenor was a fan, he would've found that rather funny, I know I would've.
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    "If'n ya don't quit playing a durned fool and stealin' all me fun, I'm sure'n to be shovin' the one horn on this helm where the sun don't shine, or I'm a bearded gnome!"
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    I think he's probably adding pre-Beta playtesting of the multiplayer version of Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning by 38 Studios to his playlist.
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    gamerdork7584 wrote:
    I was in Curt's guild, Honor Guard, on the Al'Kabor (EQMac) server from back in 2003. Guild was made up of some of his RL friends and since he had first met me during the beta test he invited me to the guild. There was always talk in /gu about Ngruk (Curt) being the batboy for some minor minor league team until one day someone said that Ngruk beat the &^%$ out of some MLB team the night before. I looked up who pitched against the team and saw that it was Schilling. So I sent him a tell asking if was really a batboy. "Nope :)" Ok...who is this really? "Curt Schilling" Everything made sense after that. Curt was a good guy in game, and when we chatted on voice chat IRL after we both bought the same high end Mac. Was great until EQ2 came out and he left for that. We still keep in contact here and there.
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    Schilling has a new game out btw.

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