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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Justice for tlp, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Bot spotter Journeyman

    Your customer service is not investigating these very well.
    That's why this is happening. Your customers are being ignored while cheaters run wild. You can't keep hiding these videos and ignore the cheating.
  2. Meridian Augur

    Is anyone in Customer Service going to investigate all the other zones where bots are operating? Even at least zone in and maybe take a peek at the bot teams in action?
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  3. Querris New Member

    I didn't see who, but I assume its the guys that have been hitting luclin too, and spam loot rights to Akheva, SSRA and Griegs and other random stuff. Open world Ntov as well.

    If it is those guys, then yea... its so blatantly obvious that you have to assume that Daybreak knows and already decided not to do anything about it.
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  4. Xanathol Augur

    The only real reason you all don't want videos and such posted on the forums is you don't want everyone seeing DBG do nothing about it.
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  5. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC



    Are you kidding me
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  6. oldkracow Augur

    They can't even investigate the 40+ boxers using macorniquest type programs along the VM or other bypass and you want them to zone in and find the smarter bots?

    I'm pretty sure anyone could hire blind CS reps that never played a day of EQ that would find more bots than DBG at this point. :rolleyes:

    Name of the game now is just cheat as much as you like and forget about whatever worthless rules or policies DBG has in place.
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  7. modsiw Augur

    I don't believe you.
  8. Alekzandre Augur

    I hate to say this, but this reminds me of a situation in another game (Korean), where some of the employees of the game company were actually related to and involved with the cheaters.

    The huge amount of people I have personally seen quit the game due to this, wondering exactly this, makes me wonder too. I would say the longer you allow this type of stuff to happen, and punish those who try to stop it and point out the cheating, the more you will have people think these things. If it goes on much longer they will assume it is true, and tell everyone it is true.

    I know that what I just typed will not be liked, but reality is reality. If you choose to continue to ignore this blatant cheating, what is perceived to be reality, will become reality, whether you like or delete this post..
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  9. phattoni Augur

    this cheating has been going on forever, most of the top guilds use cheat programs to get an edge on the competition on TLP anyways.

    either suck it up or quit, nothing you can do, and dbg is not in a rush to ban these people because they generate them more money than you do.

    these 20 boxers arent paying for 20 accounts with credit cards, they use krono, and krono as has been stated by dbg i believe, does not generate dbg any income until it is consumed.

    so they have options, ban the guy generating 300+ a month income, or lose the guy thats complaining about the cheating, who is generating you less then 20$ a month.

    simple math. exploiters are good business for dbg.
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  10. squidgod Augur

    DBG is in the process of being chopped up and sold for scrap—you really can't expect them to care about cheating when they're frantically trying to find new jobs.

    The bot army farming raid targets and selling loot for krono (I thought RMT was against the rules? Or are those thousands of krono for personal use?); the bot groups pulling huge chunks of Old Seb; the three picks of SG each with two groups of bots in the same spots 24/7 (except for a couple days after patches when I assume they're waiting for their cheat software to be patched); the non-botting but still wildly disruptive AE groups in the Deep that lag out the entire zone with their pulls (seriously, just make mobs in the Deep randomly stun immune..it's not that hard)... DBG sees it, DBG doesn't care.
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  11. birdsong_pawn Augur

    When enough legitimate players get fed up and quit, the bot armies will not be able to make money, and so they will also stop paying -- basically all at once.
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  12. Koggar.Bertoxxulous Elder

    Careful, they might take you up on that last part! Based on what they did to me earlier it seems like they're much more concerned that people aren't "respecting their authorita!" Instead of with addressing actual issues
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  13. Ainthek New Member

    It's adorable that you guys pretend to care, yet somehow the collective administrative team can't manage to take down a single bot team even when they make zero effort to hide their actions. Do you think there will ever come a point where one of you developers will come straight out and say "We don't plan on doing anything about this problem, so deal with it." Because that would save legitimate players a lot of time trying to petition activity that you guys clearly care very little about.
  14. Bot spotter Journeyman

    They have 3 issues right now.

    VM workarounds

    I don't even care which one you crack down on. But having all 3 available is absurd.
  15. Alekzandre Augur

    Except that your math is not reality. Many more have quit than the people cheating. The cheaters cost DBG money as they do in all games. Cheaters will never see this as true, since they do not think like the people who quit. Each individual person who quits, is a potentential multi-boxer, that will be paying for more than one account.

    Responses such as yours are obvious in nature and intent.
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  16. Alekzandre Augur

  17. Duder Grand Poobah Troll

    People who cheat get bored quickly. They aren't long term customers. They come, they ravage and pillage, chase off the potential long term customers and then stop playing. They lived their dream of boxing uberbossmob_08 when it was current, PLd people for krono, fully raid geared their characters, "Won EQ" etc etc.

    The situation is real, I don't even play on TLP and the blight reaches through the forums and stories I hear all the way to live. It makes the situation concerning cheating and botting on live seem that much worse. I'll never believe they are going to suspend/ban 1 auto-updating QM trader or the guy afk botting for weeks at a time in Sathirs Tomb if they wont even stop some one from hacking and botting 70 characters to kill raid mobs on TLP to sell loot.

    All I hear is DBG cannot afford to ban these people... but they can afford to lose their integrity and allow the game to be eaten from the inside by cheaters? What kind of legacy will it leave when EQ is over? What will that look like after the last of the players' experiences were that of gameplay wrought with rampant cheating that the GMs looked the other way to? Its a real shame.
  18. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Darkpaw Games is a better name for the developer of EverQuest anyway....
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  19. Silver-Crow Augur

    To be honest this is an issue on the new TLP's, and it will continue to be an issue on the new TLP's as the krono lords will always follow the easy money.

    It's really quite easy to avoid this, just play on the older TLP's. Sure there's not so many people around, and groups tend to be arranged internaly within a guild (so no pugs), but you will find that there's none of this nonsense going on, and the communities as a whole are alot nicer, as they're there to play the game, not make $$.

    As to having to start again and catch up... this is a non issue. If you're playing on a new TLP you've started again, and will likely start afresh once more when a new TLP lands.

    Get off that rat wheel !!!

    if you play on an older TLP you're going to find that the population that's there are there to stay, and will not disappear overnight to the new shiny server. Next time your server dies or you have had enough of asshats, come to the established TLP's and you won't regret it.
  20. Accipiter Old Timer

    LOL, while true, that logic isn't going to convince anyone.

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