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  1. FolgersFist New Member

    Since it’s become impossible to enjoy my guild and have fun lately I will be quitting Mischief server. Ever since SoL came out it’s been awful with bot crews killing raid mobs my guild is going after and bot duper’s ruining the economy so that my splits from raids are worthless. I tried to look at the bright side but the combination of making no money, having raids called later and later even on “off nights” and losing more and more mobs to dps racing warpers. We never killed one Acrylia Caverns due to botters getting it and we lost Emp to a guild that just warped up there and now last night a bot crew warped to Aten Ha Ra, top target on the expansion and killed it before us. I can’t take it anymore this is unfair and I am shocked that you let it happen. GMs need to come ban these people. You can’t even make money on this server anymore ffs.

    Fix the dupe
    Fix the bots
    Don’t let them warp raid mobs

    Or I quit and I am not the only one. I see fewer and fewer people logging in from my guild every day. Don’t let the great server die this way.

    A valuable customer
  2. Sunriver Journeyman

    Can I have your stuff?
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  3. Scornn Lorekeeper

    Does your guild know what hailing an AoC does?
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  4. ViciousEQ Elder

    Warping has been in full swing from certain guilds on Thornblade as well. We just fight against it with brute force basically.

    I feel like we go through phases where CS really cares about stop warpers, actively respond to and removes them with 7+ day suspensions or bans....and then times like these last few months where they are running wild and no amount of petitions, or video evidence, or time stamps get anything done.

    You can send them the place, exact time it happened, the website that advertises the tool they are using to do it, a video of them doing it clear as day, and nothing is done about it.

    Goodluck out there! Mobilize a little quicker and stack more DPS classes. We logged out about 45 half-naked rangers with about 30 AA and a bow inside Aten's room for this reason. We call them Turrets lol
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  5. Scornn Lorekeeper

    It's almost like they have a system where they look at Monthly/Quarterly data and search for irregularities and then implement bans on flagged accounts all at once!

    Aside from catching someone in the act, you can't expect this company to have a security guard monitoring the cameras 24/7
  6. Gishmail Journeyman

    But... Truebox..

    And I'll agree with someone else here, Hail an AoC if you can't compete in open world. It's not for everyone. Either beat the alleged botters or don't, but if not, DZ's fix this.
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  7. Scornn Lorekeeper

    I will say, FV was a CS nightmare so it doesn't surprise me with a Free Trade server you have more rampant RMT acts.

    Comes with the territory, D3 had a Real Money Trading House at launch that was quickly removed due to the amount of overhead that comes with managing folks who learn to manipulate a system.
  8. Achillez Elder

    Yeah I can understand the sentiment, while I can't say I am to the point I am officially "calling it quits", the past couple weeks I've had little to no desire to login to the game. Up through Velious, as a person who did not raid the very top end content, I found it enjoyable that I was still able to personally save up for some of the top end gear I really wanted to experience having in these earlier parts of Everquest. The rampant influx of plat into the economy ultimately resulting in the price of top gear being sold at 2-3x the price it went for previously, really has left me unmotivated to login and progress. Up until a couple weeks into Luclin, if I put in the effort I could play and save for a 2-3 days to buy an upgrade I wanted. Now with every top end Luclin item bumped up to 500kpp, and many as high as several million plat, I can't motivate myself to do a several week grind for 1 single piece upgrade.
  9. MischiefTLP Lorekeeper

    Greed is Good has looted 1453 items from OW Luclin raids that have gotten at least the minimum 50k bid. They aren't likely to stick to raiding instances.
  10. ViciousEQ Elder

    I was curious how we stacked up against the top Mischief guilds in terms of loots gained.

    Cowboys on Thornblade have looted 2253 items that went for at least 20 DKP. That loot is split between about 75 or so real players.

    If you aren't having a great time on Mischief because of the rat race/competition then come to Thornblade. You'll be full BiS before pop even if you joined today...that is a fact. Its pretty chill and enjoyable. The only downside is to sell a ton of stuff fast you just need to bring a mule full of items to Mischief and drop it into those shark invested waters and then transfer the plat/krono back.

    Our PoP launch is also guaranteed to lag a heck of a lot less making it far more enjoyable for those looking to play against the game and not against each other.

    Discord link in my signature =)
  11. Xazier Elder

    That is your problem you play this game to make money just like the Botters/Warpers
  12. ForumBoss Augur

    The amount of loot per event, even for a dz only guild is higher than any server prior to these. If your split is not to your liking, it is an issue with your guild's rules, or people are paying above market value for items. You can always join a dkp guild or a guild that allows boxes if you want the payout per raid to be higher. But any situation should be more loot than any prior tlp.
  13. Indigo_Quarmite Elder

    This is why you will never see a free trade server again. It's cool, its fun, they even did a really good job of itemizing luclin in a true random fashion. But the drama, tears, sheer amount of people blatantly hacking for that extra krono for their 37th box, and complaining forum posts far exceed any other TLP to date. Imagine how aids like this would be without random loot.
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  14. Sunriver Journeyman

    That 1453 was only for OW raids, not the DZ runs. I'm guessing when those are added in the numbers are more comparable.
  15. Machen New Member

    The problem is that they've now ruined the player base.

    They are probably going to launch a Phinigel clone in March/April/May this year (following the pattern they've adhered to for the last four years, where they go back and forth between a Phinigel server, and something unusual/different every other TLP release...) I predict it will be wildly unpopular and will go down as the first ever failed Phinny clone, now that players have gotten used to free trade and loot pinata style random loot. Nobody is going to want to go back to mobs only dropping a normal amount of loot.
  16. taliefer Augur

    Thornblade is a free trade server with a dead economy. transfer over and enjoy the benefits of free trade without the "wts xxx item for rent money" mentality.

    we settle for lunch money over here.
  17. taliefer Augur

    I could do a server with the tradtional loot drops. but that free trade is too good of a QoL feature to go back to no drop items again. my bard box actually has gear for a change!
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  18. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Crazy talk, mischief is great I've never done an open world raid, heck I hardly even raid and everyone is having fun.
  19. mcsleezy Lorekeeper

    Or an alternative is you could just farm harder and find more creative ways to make plat.

    Profit yourself off the of the extra plat on the server and take advantage.

    I made 100k plat today farming various things.

    Take advantage of the higher value of items and get out there and farm.

    It's actually easier than ever to make plat on this server because of the loot rules, that applies to everyone, not just the try hards.

    Anyone can make plat on this server, I promise you.
  20. Lemerian Elder


    I've made over 150 kronos since luclin release and I haven't killed anything bigger than a t3 target (and venril sathir).

    Get a couple friends and you can do that kind of business or you can do bigger targets. There's a lot of other non-raid type activities you can make plenty of money off of too.