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  1. Fenudir Augur

    Off on a tangent but my favorite unused door is the big one in Shadow Haven
  2. Numiko Augur

    In the next expansion, I do not want to be killing level 110 rats, snakes, skeletons and orcs who look exactly like their level 1 cousins I killed 16 years ago.
  3. Feradach Augur

    As long as you're taking ideas, I'd really like to see an expansion/update that revamped LDoN using the Heroic Adventure mechanics (auto-scaling to level and such). Add in some modern augs and gear to the adventure merchants while you're at it and turn us loose. That'd be a blast.
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  4. Finen Elder

    If you've ever read through the pen and paper EverQuest role playing game books you know how much depth, back story and room to grow there is for so much of the older content.
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  5. Bigbear Augur

    well my subs are about to start lapsing but not so much because of the recent news but because of all the nerfs that came with TDS. me and my wife quit playing for a time but we did come back shortly and even bought TDS but we had cancelled our subs and have no plans as of yet to renew them.. anyway there are a few changes that would bring us back with renewed subs and they are:

    1. Reverse the nerf to xp for 101+ (that has got to be the most stupid idea i have seen from EQ)
    2. Reverse the nerf to mercs 101+(its sad that a 100 tank merc is better than a 105. some people, like my wife when i am at work, is very dependent on tank mercs)
    3. Reverse the nerf to HAs (who cares if we want to run one HA 10 million times. DGC got our money let us play our way and let us get xp per kill and not at the end. its sad that we cant burn a lesson in a CotF HA)

    now with that said here is my list of things that i would like to see coming to the game in an expansion:

    1. CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT ( and i dont mean 6 zones worth either. if you cant give me 12-16+ zones worth of content then dont release it til you can. i am ok with using old content and bringing it up to date but if you want to take the easy way due to low resources then you need to be at that 16+ zones)
    2. More variety in what our armor looks like. ( some races can use all 4 armor types why cant all races have graphics for all 4 armor types and then make an NPC that you can exchange one armor type for another and back again)
    3. Fix tradeskills fail rate ( Why on Cazic's green norrath do i fail a tradeskill that is a trival of 100 when i have 300 skill, even with the AAs that allow me to fail less often, i still fail too much for something that wont and hasnt given me skill ups. having a trophy would mean something if it would allow me to not fail a combine to stuff that was green)
    4. Key rings for petamorphs and illusions and polymorphs
    5. Dragon mounts and not the wyrms ...i mean real dragons (they dont have to fly, they can hover like the horses)
    6. Bigger bags (40 slots is nice but we can go bigger, i wont mind)

    now for just stuff i would like to see put in-game:

    1. More faction potions on the loyalty vender ( with the invent of the slayer achievement having a potion to reset my faction with any and all races in norrath would be nice. so if YOU have a faction for US then WE need a potion to reset it. after all i dont hate humans just because i killed 1000 of them, i just wanted my achievement for doing so)
    2. More achievements for AA amount ( just because we have maxed out our AAs doesnt mean we have stopped gaining them, so why not put more achievements in there that go all the way to 25k or 50k or even 100k. we have achievements for killing every race in norrath so why not every AA we gain)
  6. Fenrizar New Member

    Here is what I would like to see:

    • Expert / Master mercenaries (You have Apprentice/Journeyman. Let's up the ante and give some newly skilled mercs. Perhaps a Expert warrior gets a HP bump and uses Phantom Aggressor etc.)
    • Merc change: A new slot that lets us put 'Combat Effect' augments in our merc. You know, a Type 4 slot. So we could add a Hate Aug for our WAR, or a Spell duration aug to our CLR (so we could get longer than 2h30m HP buffs), or a hate reduction aug for our WIZ)
    • A break from the "Spell Lines" from the past few expansions. As a wizard I have it mapped out. This 102 stun is the same as my 97 stun, which was the same as my 92 stun.. it has the EXACT same effects, only affects higher level mobs. Same with Nuke. Same with AOE.
      Can we have some new spells/abilities that aren't higher-level carbon copies?
    • Wizard spell ideas: For wizard, a beam spell. Requires Line-of-Sight, requires uninterrupted, requires standing in one spot... It's like a DoT but one that can be interrupted (but builds in damage the longer it's focused on a mob.)
    • Cleric Spell Idea: Put a "heal proc" on a player character, now they can healproc for.. a large amount, have it last 4 ticks. So theoretically a warrior can heal themselves while fighting. Have your aforementioned Expert Merc Clerics cast this.
    • Necro Spell idea: If a player goes down, the necro can 'reanimate' that character to act like a Merc until a Rez can be done. It just picks the Archetype of the class. So any WAR/PAL/SHD that goes down would re-animate as a WAR merc, any CLR/DRU/SHM that falls in combat, the NEC could reanimate as a CLR merc. It wouldn't be perfect, but the necro could turn the tide of a fight REAL fast with that ability.
    • Magician spell idea: let them summon people (with consent) from anywhere in the world as long as they're grouped. (like a fellowship fire.)
    • Ranger spell idea: Poison-tipped arrows, give them the ability (while a buff is on or something) that the arrows they shoot have a chance to proc a damaging poison DoT/Bleed effect.
    • Druid spell idea: target 'splash' spell that has a 2-minute vine-trap that snares anything in the area. Would work for so many applications.
    • Game change idea: Allow heals to affect undead like nukes. Heal-over-times would be cleric DoTs. A promised heal would be a large nuke. Falls in line with most fantasy realms.
    • Game change idea: Change bags from being square slots, to being a list like everything else.. like the bank and vendors. It would give us a list of everything in the bag and would be sortable by column or something. (just an idea.) Or just have bags add 'slots' and have a universal list of inventory on-hand. A Shift-B to find that one, wonky moss to turn in is a NIGHTMARE to search for in all my 32+ slot bags. we're talking like nearly 300 slots worth to look over when if it were alphabetical, I could just scroll down and grab it.
    • Game change idea: This won't be popular, but perhaps a XP bonus for grouping with real people. Some incentive so my Cleric can find a freakin' group. A real cleric is so much more, but most people are pretty silly and prefer a Merc Cleric, so I can never find a solid group. Make grouping with real humans rewarded.
    • Banestrike change: If I kill 100, 1000, 10000.. my bane strike does 14,500. Don't you think that amount should go up?
    • Banestrike change: Here is a fun AA: Hastened Banestrike rank 1/2/3. 25/33/50% faster refresh.
    This is just the tip of my iceberg. I have many many ideas that I think would help. I just want some 'out of the box' thinking moving forward. I'm not looking forward to a 106-110 grind if all i'm going to do is get the same.. boring.. spells.. and ranks 28-32 of "Arcane Overkill" (this is me rolling my eyes.)

    Fenrizar Ironwolf - 105 BAR WAR

    Crucio Ignis - 105 DEF WIZ

    Steel & Honor
    Bertox Server
    Player since May of 1999.
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  7. Fenrizar New Member

    • Epic 3.0: Make it so ridiculous. Epics used to be a status symbol. Now I can do a 1.0 in one night with lucky spawns. A 1.5 or 2.0 in a weekend due to running around. I think Epic 3.0 should basically be an evolving weapon that increases in stats AND abilities the more you use it. Perhaps make it an Augment for your 2.0 that evolves inside your 2.0 Have it start with a nice bump, but get better and better. SLOWLY like the Alaran Tear. give it 20 Ranks of evolve and have it take forever. Give us a reason to use our epics.
    • Tradeskill change: Take a page from DAOC, allow stuff we create to be quality of 85 to 100 with 100 being "Masterpiece".
      • A 91% quality Breastplate won't have the same stats/effects as a 98% quality one.
      • A level 100 would have perhaps some extra bonus like purity, or an effect.. But making a 100 would be so super rare, that seeing one would be amazing.
      • The person with a 100% Quality Broadsword would be legendary! That thing glows!
      • That would create an economy for higher quality wares. You could afford a 87 quality shield, because it's still really good, but don't have the plat to spend on a higher level one.
      • Natural tradeskill do 85-95 (and it's RANDOM on a curve where 85 is most common, and 95 is least likely!)
      • Make the ability to go above 95 learned (like no-drop Tomes of Tradeskills drop you have to read to learn it... now you can make 96 level things.. finding a Masterwork Tome would be crazy awesome). These tomes you would click on and pick which one you want.. so there are only 5 tomes: 96/97/98/99/100. You right click and choose, "Blacksmithing."
    • Tradeskill change: if possible, add names to the person who crafted the item in the item description. Doubt it'd be plausible since it's just pulling the item stats and not a unique item, but would be neat to say, 'Hey I got this Bastard sword from Gwernie. She makes good things. I got this 98-Quality one from her." (see the perks of being a good tradeskiller with the previously mentioned update?)
    • Game change: Make 'attunement' perhaps account, not character. Like Heirloom. I have a neat dagger on my warrior that my baby rogue could use when she gets older. It would protect against mass-twinking in the bazaar, but let you have fun amongst your own characters. I mean you earned that dagger, why shouldn't you be able to use it on any character.
      This would also help when we're in an instance with a WAR MAG WIZ RNG and a MNK weapon drops off the named... so infuriating. Which leads me to:
    • Game Change: In an instance, make any chest/loot drops off nameds be at least usable by SOMEONE in the group make-up. There's no reason why a full group of a PAL, CLR, BST, DRU, NEC, ENC should leave empty handed because a no-drop RNG-only bow dropped.
    • Get rid of the guild lobby. It's worthless. Put corpse summoner and magus in the Plane of Knowledge. Put zone to Guild Hall/Neighborhood hall in PoK. Get rid of the stupid crowd of MGB sponges that just LAG everyone out.
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  8. Galliana Elder

    Oh and one more thing.

    No more expansions featuring Lanys T'vyl. Period. Find a new villain already.
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  9. FcsevenXIII Augur

    Does this mean Elidroth is gone?
  10. Uxtalzon Augur

    He posted somewhere plainly stating, "I'm still here."
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  11. Ratbo Peep Augur

    My point made in spades.
    Paying customers should never feel that nerfs "come with" new paid for content.
    This has happened way too much in the past year or so.
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  12. Alaklin Journeyman

    They did not do that.
  13. Bigbear Augur

    well since u have to be 101+ to get some of the nerfs... the nerfs are more or less part of TDS. but customers should never have to deal with stupid unnecessary nerfs
  14. WhtRabbit Journeyman

    Where to start.

    First I only play on the Test Server, been there since Omens. Seen things go up and down with Test and EQ as a whole. With this change in ownership and what amounts to a "Cleaning House" of the various people in management I hope you can appreciate just how Concerned we've collectively become.

    I think as a whole we really want to believe better things are in store for us as a game and a community. I know I do. I wish you guys all the luck in the world.

    So my suggestions.

    Lets face it, EQ is a an old game with a shrinking player base. When asked, people far and wide have a variety of suggestions that can be bottom lined as such.

    MORE CONTENT!!!1111

    True, we would like more content but reality dictates that Content cost's money to make and that means the game has to make more then it cost's to create. Based on what I've seen. Being forced to only exp in the latest content, Nerfs to fast exp gain, money grubbing like Heroic Toons even forcing people on Test to buy the latest expansion instead of letting us TEST it before it went live are Clues that EQ just isn't bringing in the cash like it used too.

    My suggestion: Get rid of raids or at least vastly reduce the number of raid events per expansion to something that doesn't take up so much time and development.

    I know I know, I can hear the howling already but lets be real. For years now, raiding has taken up at least 50% of an expansions development time and who gets to see it? Maybe 10% of the player base? Probably less? This isn't the glory day's of Fires of Heaven and Afterlife. This is the new world where majority of the player base has more pressing obligations and have not just one or two other games they could play but hundreds. Despite the fact I've been a Raider in a current content raiding guild I'd be much happier to see 99% of the development time on an expansion or any content for that matter that reached 100% of the player base.

    Remake old content for higher levels. .

    Not even sure why that gets presented as a suggestion considering RoF was mostly just that and yet ever zone is as empty as any other that isn't TDS or an HA.

    What I think these people are trying to say is: Enough with the cookie cutter content. Ever zone it's the same thing with a slightly different look. Kill bugs/orcs/snakes etc. Here's some fed ex missions. Now here's some gimped up raid group missions... done.

    Get rid of Mercs or make them more powerful FTW!!!!

    I can only imagine how much hair was tore out over the introduction of mercs. People cried there where no groups because nobody wanted to play Tanks, Clerics or Rogues. So seeing the problem as stated they offered NPC's to fill the gap only to immediately be accused of ruining the game because nobody needs Clerics anymore. (Never-mind that there are still next to NO clerics being mained these days.)

    My suggestion: Never do anything to discourage people grouping and in fact, go out of your way to encourage it!

    1. Remove the Exp Nerf that was one of the biggest blunders of TDS. It broke my heart to tell 101+ I refused to group with them because I wasn't going to eat a Nerf while leveling up my other toons.

    2. Offer some kind of Mentoring buff so level 75's can do more then die the first time a 100 or 105 pulls a named. To be honest, there's no sense in letting anybody under 90 in a group unless your power leveling them because they bring nothing to the table as the game currently stands. (Oh I know there are expectations but on average I'm right.)

    3. Boast the Tank Merc so it can actually tank! There a joke, you know there a joke so why not fix this.

    4. Let Mage/Necro/Beastlord pets hold agro over players in group content. I suspect this would require some retooling of pet agro if you ever considered it but as it stands I can't think of a good reason this has been the way of things for so long. Before the howling sets in, I said "Group Content" I fully understand why that would be bad in a raid setting.

    Even more suggestions.

    Bug fix list and let us see it.

    Over the years I've seen some absolutely baffling bug fix's come out while long standing problems persist for weeks or years. What's being worked on and whats in the queue has always been a mystery for no good reason I can see. I have to believe you guys have a meeting, a priority is set then you get to work. Why not share this information with us? Of course I reconzie your not going to point out things your trying to fix that would lead to an exploit but does it really need to be a mystery that you guys are working on fixing broken models or spell stacking? I make this suggestion because in time it stands to reason what you think is a priority and what the players really want/need fixed is going to differ. By opening up the lines of communication in this regard I know EQ will be more efficient.

    Allow the players to vote for Nerf Reversals

    Some nerfs I get, others not so much. In either case, I think it's high time we get a system in place to restore class ability's that where removed for reason's like.. Raid exploits, Haters and really really terrible decisions by our class reps!

    Think that's enough for one post. :)
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  15. Kellaer Augur

    I don't really understand why people are offering so many "I want this in EQ" because that isn't the point of this thread and it wasn't asking for suggestions.
  16. WhtRabbit Journeyman


    While where getting rid of Lanys, could we please stop with Pirates of any flavor. They where not cool or fun the first, second, third or fourth time I've been forced to endure there goofy outfits or lame dialog. (There might have been a fifth or even sixth appearance of them but I made it a point to avoid them at all cost)

    I'd also like to never again see an expansion that had anything to do with the following over used NPC's.

    Cazic Thule Just enough already. Two entire expansions, something like five zones and god know's how many guest appearances this guy makes throughout the game.

    Zeb in the void. Either put him back in his box or rescue him already. He almost gets around as much as his good buddy Cazic

    Any mission or Raid where I need to work for Firiona Vie. I know she's like EQ mascot but come on. Pick somebody else.

    Mayong Mistmoore, Now he's a god, now he's not, now he's dead forever, now he's not. How about he's dead and we move on. :)

    Snakes, Rats, Bats and Spiders as Yard trash. I've killed GODS... why is a Bat not just dying when it see's me.
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  17. Deadfish_Emarr New Member

    Remove the Headshot and nerf , that's all I can see I want done , makes lvling aty low lvls slow
  18. Bigbear Augur

    and windstalker said " The team is freeing their minds (and I'm asking you too) to talk about what we want for our beloved characters, community, and the world." it was on page 4 of this thread

    sorry not talented enough i guess to get two quotes in there but anyway most of us are pretty much taking that to mean that yes they are asking us to tell them what we want in EQ
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  19. WhtRabbit Journeyman

    Probably because Holly said:

    What I’d really love is to hear from everyone directly and chat about all of this.

    Followed by: I'm reading...I'm here! Let me say a few things.

    I think I'd be freaked out if there wasn't healthy debate and a mix of cynicism, support, and suggestions. Expansions are a priority. That, and given the massive collective intelligence here and on the team, lots...or most...of the ideas I've seen here are being discussed.

    By expansion, I believe we all mean new areas to explore, characters to discover, character growth and progression, monsters, fun, fear, awesome encounters, loot, and new toys. Etc etc.

    Anouther words she's happy to see our suggestions in this thread as well as the up coming live chat. :)
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  20. Tarvas Augur

    Hey...cousins have older cousins ya know. :D
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