Fixed Internally Quick Time and Hybrid classes?

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Caisy, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Sancus Augur

    What server are you on? Test
    Are you in a raid? No.
    How many other people are in the zone and/or your group? 2 in group / zone
    Is everyone nuking? No, just me.
    What spells are you trying to cast? Multibind with Focused Blizzard of Arrows Rk. II, Marked Shots Rk. II, and Summer Sleet Rk. II
    What macros are you using? None.
    What are your graphic settings? Link to screenshots.
    What time-ish (and time zone) is it? 5:37 PM Eastern Time
    Do you have a bunch of other programs running at the same time? Yes, Firefox, Windows Explorer, Discord, Gamparse, GINA, Excel, ElderScrolls Online Launcher, EQ Log Parser, 2 Everquest Instances, Snipping Tool, OBS.

    Using a Level 115 Ranger vs a Combat Dummy. I'm dumb and had logging turned off, but here's a screenshot of the combat window from the end of the test (it bugged out after Focused Blizzard of Arrows Rk. II):


    I also have a video of the bug happening here. My spellbar locks up at about 2 minutes 50 seconds in.:

    Note that in the combat log, the message for Quick Time fading (You slow down) appears before casting Marked Shots Rk. II. In the video, my character still has 2 seconds left on the buff icon in the song window. I begin casting Focused Blizzard of Arrows Rk. II right as the Quick Time buff icon fades, and that's what locks up the spell bar.

    I had a similar occurrence in a raid this week on my Druid (on Xegony), where the message for Quick Time fading preceded the spell cast that locked my spell bar by two seconds:
    [Tue Jul 07 21:00:18 2020] You slow down.
    [Tue Jul 07 21:00:20 2020] You begin casting Horde of Hyperboreads Rk. II.

    I have a clip of the stream here. In my song window, the buff didn't appear to fade until 21:00:26. Horde of Hyperboreads had a cast time when I cast it at 21:00:20, after which my spell bar was locked up.

    P. S. Thanks Scornfire for helping me test this.

    Edit: YouTube video is no longer private.
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  2. Cacky Elder

    Hello klanderso, glad you are on the case.

    I have only seen this problem when I am grouped with a bard who plays Quicktime IX. I have been in a group with a bard who only had Quicktime up to rank VII I believe, and never had the problem. I play on The Nameless server in raids or in groups with a bard typically between 6:30pm and 1:00am CST, just about any day of the week. I play at other times, but never grouped with a bard playing Quicktime IX; so while I assume it can happen any time, I couldn't tell you for sure.

    Have seen it in Great Divide and Velketor's lab (of ToV, not older versions) while grouping. Have also seen it in every raid / raid zone in ToV. Some time in the last few weeks, I believe I saw it in a Rain of Fear raid (can't remember which one) when I was grouped with a bard playing Quicktime IX - but I must admit I am not 100% sure about that anymore.

    I am a level 115 ranger. When in a fight, I usually mash on the "3" key over and over. On my hotbar1, key 3, I have a social that I have named "kicks." Here is what kicks does (ranger spoilers ahead!):
    /disc Jolting Axe Kicks Rk. III
    /disc Focused Gale of Blades Rr. III
    /alt activate 3804
    /alt activate 838
    /disc Reflexive Nettlespears Rk. III

    Also, on hotbar9, I have the first 5 slots keybound to the number 3. In those 5 slots, I have dragged and dropped 5 spell gems. When I'm fighting and experience the problem we are discussing here, these are the spells that appear in those spell slots:
    Marked Shots Rk. III
    Dissident Fusillade
    Focused Blizzard of Arrows Rk. III
    Swarm of Hyperboreads Rk. III
    Summer's Sleet Rk. III

    This happened before I had rank III versions of all those spells and disciplines, so base level, rank II, rank III, it shouldn't matter.

    In addition to mashing 3 over and over - often needlessly ridiculously quickly back to back - I sometimes click other clickies that I have linked to various hotbar buttons, and I sometimes type in chat (though I do have to stop mashing 3 3 3 to type). I typically have GINA and Teamspeak 3 running, although I have at times had no other programs running at all. I play on a Windows 7 laptop with 8Gb or RAM.

    I press that 3 button over and over, and sometimes I notice that I am no longer casting spells, and if I try to open a bag, sit, or issue virtually any other command, it fails. I can usually (always?) click on an AA with a cast time, and that fixes it (e.g. Grasp of Sylvan Spirits).

    I don't know exactly what everyone else in the group / zone is doing, but I can tell you they're not sitting around doing tradeskills! They are attacking, nuking, using discs, etc., and trying to kill the mobs which are trying kill us.

    It is almost certainly timing and/or lag related. I'd be quite impressed if you could identify the exact bug by inspecting the code with your eyeballs. I think it is much more likely you will find and fix it if you treat it like a black box and tweak some of the settings of Quicktime IX until it stops happening. Of course, you've got to be able to reliably reproduce it to test it that way..

    I hope this helps. I'd be happy to do some in-game debugging for you, but I don't have access to a bard that I control.

    Edit: graphics settings on the "advanced options" menu in EQ, I only have 3 things checked: use new water in old zones, enable windowed gamma, and disable tattoos. Everything else is roughly default. My screen resolution is 1980x1080.
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