Fixed Internally Quick Time and Hybrid classes?

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Caisy, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. svann Augur

    Something seems wrong here.
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  2. Nniki Augur

    Fin is saying treat the cause, not the symptom. Quick Time does what it's supposed to. It just happens to be one of the few abilities that commonly reveal this annoying scenario. Imperator's Command (Charge) has also often been stated as a less common culprit over the years.

    There is obviously a deeper, systemic issue involved that needs fixed, most likely related to latency and how client-server communication is processed. My guess is that this bug and the bard-related lockup bugs share a similar, if not the same, issue.

    They probably can't reproduce the issue on their side due to minimal server latency in their testing environment. They might need to artificially introduce it somewhere, perhaps by adjusting timestamps on messages or playing with the difference between server and client time at different stages of the communication process.
  3. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I don't use multi binds. It happens to me when grouped with a bard with the 19th rank. It has NEVER happened to anyone in my group when using my own bard that still only has the 18th rank. I also have never had it happen ever at any other time, other than when there is so much server side lag that your gems take forever to refresh, which is a completely separate issue.

    So its pretty darn obvious that the issue is with QT and the newest rank.

    There are only 2 changes to the newest rank:

    1) adding a chance for an additional 1h primary, 1h secondary, or 2 hand weapon attack - no conceivable way I can see for this to be the issue

    2) a line that reduces spell casting time by 0.25 seconds

    Since this has already been narrowed to spells with instant or near instant cast times causing it (can tell that just from logs since its the last thing you cast before lock up), its pretty darn obvious its an issue with how the line us reducing the spell cast time.

    It may be as simple a fix as them changing how that part works with an if then statement. If cast time is >0.25s, then reduce by 0.25s. If cast time is =<0.25s, then reduce cast time TO 0s.

    But the "work around" doesn't always work, and often takes spamming something like 20 times for it to work. And as a tank, or a healer, you don't always have that time and it can lead to death.
  4. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I can't believe this isn't a major priority. Just remove the spell cast reduction until it gets fixed.
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  5. Cadira Augur

    Please God just take the .5s cast time reduction and revert it back to the prior rank's .25s reduction.

    The added attack, additional hit chance, etc is enough of a sweet upgrade and this would fix everyone's problems.

    Can add it back in when you guys have fixed the problem however many months/years from now you can get around to it. (No judgement on how long it takes to figure it out, only passing judgement on the fact that you guys haven't just reverted the cast time reduction to the prior rank for now!)
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  6. kizant Augur

    Sorry but the 0.5 second cast reduction is the only thing worthwhile about QuickTime. Remove that and they might as well get rid of it entirely.
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  7. Cadira Augur

    Maybe to a pure caster...

    .25 reduction (for now) is better then 0 reduction yeah?

    Or they could make it a percentage reduction instead of a flat time like imperator's command or whatever
  8. Zinth Augur

    use a vpn then, place "yourself" in another country and you will have "normal lag" ;-)
  9. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Because quicktime was totally worthless for the 15 years? or whatever it has been in game?

    Its bugged out and they can't fix it. Just remove it until they figure it out. No bards for caster groups! Viva la melee resistance!
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  10. kizant Augur


    Or bards could be for caster groups only until a fix is made. That way the devs don't have to do extra work!
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  11. Ratalthor Developer

    We have not been able to reproduce this issue internally, but we'll keep it on our radar. If you encounter any additional repro steps we can try, please share them.
  12. Karhar Augur

    roll a 115 cleric, pop quick time max rank and start casting remedy spells, global recast timer will lock out spells, get some server lag into play too.
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  13. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Do what Karhar said, but remember to keybind all the remedy spells to one key and spam the hell out of that button with QT running.

    And PLEASE...use an actual live server to test this, not your isolated dev environment server with no lag.
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  14. Cadira Augur

    While you try and reproduce it, please revert the last ranks cast time reduction to the former ranks .25s reduction in next patch so we can stop pulling our hair out while you try and reproduce it!
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  15. lockjaws Augur

    I that's some of your problem - stop testing internally, you'll never reproduce server problems when you have 1-15 accounts logged in, as opposed to a live server with thousands logged in.
  16. klanderso Developer

    For those of you experiencing this, what are the conditions when it happens? What server are you on? Are you in a raid? How many other people are in the zone and/or your group? Is everyone nuking? What spells are you trying to cast? What macros are you using? What are your graphic settings? What time-ish (and time zone) is it? Do you have a bunch of other programs running at the same time?

    I've been tasked with trying to fix this and the more detailed information I can get, the better.

    While this may be reproducible on live servers, we have no way to do any debugging, meaning we can't get to the root of the problem. We need to be able to reproduce it in a controlled environment if we're going to fix it.
  17. Greymantle Augur

    Playing on The Rathe , mostly see this in raids. Has been more noticable with the new expansion zones. Only happens when grouped with a Bard. Not boxing, only other programs running are GINA & MCIM. I do not use macros per say, other than the hotkey type.They mosty just have a notification in raidsay or a channel for info. Not sure of the exact sequence of events as it occurs mid battle. ALL spells grey out , best way we have found to break it is to cast the aa buff remover that Rangers get, (forget the name). That resets everything back to normal.
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  18. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I have never seen it in a raid, because I'm never grouped with bards in a raid.

    I have never seen it in a group boxing with my bard, who is 18/19 on quicktime (I won't buy the last rank until this is fixed). Definitely isolated to the most recent rank.

    I have seen it several times and always during a group mission burning something down (like griklor or velks missions), and it has been when casting a spell with a less than 0.5 cast time (Like Requiem, which goes from 0.5 to 0.4 with Quick Damage AA maxed, I'm a paladin).

    If you're lucky, you can fix it by casting a AA ability that has a cast timer (HAS TO HAVE A CAST TIME), like Disruptive Persecution. Even super fast like that AA is, it will work, usually.

    When you cast a spell that causes it, ALL spells grey out and stay greyed out AND you can't click AA abilities that are instant cast (like Force of Disruption).

    You can use disciplines.

    The problem is that either:

    1) Any spell that has a cast time less than 0.5 seconds is taken to a negative cast time and maybe locks you into global cooldown mode

    2) Spells that are affected by other abilities (like quick damage aa) are getting both quick time and quick damage to stack when they shouldn't, so its trying to reduce a cast time below what it actually is, or something like that.
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  19. Cadira Augur

    Please change reduction to .4s instead of .5 for our upcoming patch for now......but-

    Bug tends to happen when you cast spells with .5s cast times to begin with, and receive QuickTime from bard, reducing them to 0s cast times (instant).

    Beastlord nukes, ranger nukes, cleric remedy heals, being spammed to max dps/healing etc will lock it up. I've noticed it in group settings (in gd where I xp a lot, usually a popular zone) as well as raid settings. Sometimes it locks up once or twice, usually not more than that for me during qts 4m duration but mileage my vary. When you lock up, you can't cast, hotkey macros don't seem to work, auto attack doesn't work maybe? The only way to fix it seems to be using an AA/clicky with any cast time and you unlock after it casts.

    Many anecdotes point towards more lag (busy zones or raid instances) to increase likelihood of lock ups.

    I have my heals bound to the 9 key. (In options, keys, spell casting options, I have the first five spell slots keybound to the 9 key) so it rotates through those 3-5 heals depending on my spell set as they come off cool down. Naturally, I beat my 9 key like it owes me money to max the number of heals per minute and this seems to cause the lockup now and then.

    I suspect it might have something to do with the server reading multiple keypresses for the same spell cast at the exact same time interval and something about it being a modified 0s cast time confuses it.
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  20. josh Augur

    My assumption for what's going wrong here, is that there is some shortcut that isn't being applied to spells that are not naturally instant cast that is being applied to spells that are instant cast.

    What's happening is, the message from the client saying, "I've started casting" and the one saying "i've stopped casting" are both getting sent at the same time, due to some lag and syncing issues, the "i've stopped casting is getting processed first and the "I've started casting" is getting stuck with nothing to end it.

    That's my guess anyway.
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