Fixed Internally Quick Time and Hybrid classes?

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Caisy, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Caisy Journeyman

    I've noticed since ToV released, during raids, my spell bar completely locks up, grey's out, whatever you want to call it. This sucks, especially when you raid competitively. The work around for our BST that have this happen is to FD. I play a Ranger, the work around I've found is to click my Wild Unity and then crouch out of it. I haven't seen a post about this, but it seems like a significant bug and someone pointed out that it is due to the Bard Quick Time ability. So far I know this has happened to our BST, Ranger, and SK classes so it seems like a hybrid issue. It really sucks when you fire all your burns then can't cast a single spell, it screws up alliances and all sorts of fun things.
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  2. sojero One hit wonder

    It seems to happen when quick time wears off for my SK and friends ranger, we have seen this way to much as well. For sk I just click ITU AA and it fixes it, but it is still a problem.
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  3. Sancus Augur

    Quick Time reduces the cast time of spells by 0.5 seconds. For spells that have a cast time of 0.5 seconds or less this makes them instant cast, which seems to cause the spell bar to lock up sometimes.

    A lot of spells that fit that criteria are hybrid spells, so that's why they see it more often. It's also an issue with Cleric remedies, some Druid spells, etc. I haven't heard of Wizard instants having issues with it.
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  4. Caisy Journeyman

    Sancus, do you know if there is going to be a fix for this? It seems they have no idea what to do for bards most of the time.
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  5. menown Augur

    Yes, Dev Sancus. Tell us!
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  6. Caisy Journeyman

    Silence, noob necro! Sancus has all the infoz
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  7. Sancus Augur

    No idea. I don't think it's a new issue, it's just more prevalent now that Quick Time has a larger cast time reduction. It might be related to some of the other bugs with spell gems getting locked up, and probably requires a (potentially not simple) code fix.
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  8. kizant Augur

    They should cap Quick Time so it can't reduce spells below 0.5 seconds. To protect the classes that are too weak to handle instant cast spell.
  9. Moege Augur

    If you are weak you will suffer, from suffering you grow stronger, when stronger you replace a wizard.
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  10. Jennre Band Leader

    Nooooo =(

    Just make it so it cant reduce spells to under .1.
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  11. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    If they put a minimum limit that non insta-cast spells can be reduced to via buffs and spells, to ( .1) seconds , that could fix the issue. Maybe a simple fix worth trying on test server.
  12. svann Augur

    No, I think they should fix the actual issue. Limit to 0.1 seconds is just a bandaid.
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  13. Ashian Augur

    Not sure changing the cast time to 0.1 would even solve the issue. My SK spear would lock me up from time to time over the past couple of years before the most recent upgrade to quick time. I think any super-fast cast time spell is prone to the locking mechanic, it just has increased risk the closer you get to insta-cast.

    Either way this is a very material problem as it renders your character largely useless until you realize a problem has occurred and then correct it. In a game where half a second can be the difference of living/dying (and setting you back an hour of time), bugs like these need to be prioritized.
  14. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Ok , missing the point, they proposed that bard buff (Quicktime) is making .5 second cast spells instant cast or less than instant cast, and thus causing the spell bar to lockup.

    So, by putting a minimum limit that spell cast times can be reduced by spell effects to .1 second, should actually fix the problem. It would be way better that a spell, normally .5 second cast, be able to cast at .1 second, than spell bar lockup and not at all.

    I agree its an issue, but I don't agree with discrediting someone's proposed fix unless you have some better solution to the problem. Maybe some programing experience to backup your solution if any.
  15. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Basically every other spell haste effect is limited to spells with base cast times over 3 seconds and spell hastes cap at 50%.

    I don’t see why the quick time reduction shouldn’t follow the same limitations?

    Or at the very least require a minimum 1 second base cast time for the quick time reduction to work on that spell.
  16. svann Augur

    Im almost certain that other part of what causes it is that many if not most players multibind several skills/abilities into one keypress and then hit that key as fast as they can to minimize lost time between spell casts. I personally dont like multibind mashing, but that is how the game is designed to function most efficiently so you cant tell people not to do it.
  17. Duder Grand Poobah Troll

    As well as locking up from very low cast time spells it also occurs on longer spell casts like Griklor's Feralgia.
  18. Chopin.Xegony Augur

    Encountered this bug multiple times during my game play today. I had spell gems locking up when quick time was running, and only when quick time was running, on beastlord, shadowknight, cleric, and shaman
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  19. Willowtree Journeyman

    This bug is now omnipresent since the last patches. And I don't believe it is only Bards Quicktime. The lockups seem to spread over many different functions of the UI.
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  20. forum troll Elder

    Bad lockup today, spellbar, and hotkeys =(

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