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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Neuro, May 30, 2020.

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    TLDR: Queue needs fixin', please. Here are some suggestions.

    It should be coming apparent to everyone that Aradune's queue issues are only getting worse, not better. In the past, the first 2-3 days were problematic, but then things calmed down.

    This time they are getting worse. The queues are getting longer, not shorter. Admittedly, this is the weekend, but this is indicative of an ongoing problem, not a temporary one. So instead of whining and queue times, how about we discuss some solutions?

    Opening a brand new server wouldn't work. They did that all the time on WoW, no one wanted to move, they wanted everyone ELSE to move. No one wants to give up the progress they have made so far.

    As I see it, there's only three realistic options. The best by far would be to upgrade the server hardware that Aradune runs on. You could dedicate one robust machine to whichever the new TLP is right now, then in a year's time when you decide to launch your next one, you can move Aradune on to one of the older ones and open the fresh TLP on the new server. The problem with this one is two-fold; it requires new money to be invested into the game, and the underlying code might not be scalable to the levels required.

    The next best option would be to clone Aradune as "Aradune2". You don't offer transfers (which I don't think the code-base will easily support), you literally copy the whole server onto another machine. You announce 2-3 days in advance when this new server will open, giving guilds and people a chance to decide which one they want to play on going forward. Then, in a month or so, when the internal numbers support it, merge them back together, which the caveat that if 2 characters have the same name, and the character was created pre-split, the one with the lowest "/played" time will be purged. Characters made post-split resolve the name collision however you do it currently.

    This option is (probably) cheaper, but it has it's own issues. It fractures the player base, it's clunky, and might not solve the issue, if everyone decides to stick with the original over the copy.

    The third option is the one we seem to be getting right now, which is to do nothing, and hope this resolves itself in a week or so. It might, but not in the best way for the overall health of the game. I predict a large number of people will quit the game, and this will leave a bad taste in their mouth for future TLPs, which is kind of your business model right now. This is by far the easiest option, but it's also very short-sighted, in my opinion.

    Regardless of whatever method you choose, one of these or another solution I haven't thought of, please LET US KNOW. If there's a fix in the pipeline, tell us so we know what to expect. If you've decided there's nothing to be done, tell us that too. Either way, tell us please.