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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Artisan101, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Artisan101 New Member

    I understand the client will close and that I will need to redeem everything within LoN. With that being said:

    1) Do I need to /claim within game before Aug 17th or will the server keep the items in queue?

    2) Do I need to use all my prizes in game or will those still function as trade-able like they currently are after Aug 17th? (Until converted of course)

    3) Will the legend of ______ (oathbreaker, oathbound, etc) still function normally in game to grant a random of 2 prizes after Aug 17th?

    I am guessing the in-game functionality will still work as it is probably independent of the LoN client, but maybe one of the Dev's can respond as I would like some clarity on this issue.

  2. mtgdragon69 New Member

    1-once the items are in your Eq claim window they are safe. 2-prizes are no affected. 3- same as 2.
  3. CatsPaws I don't like titles

    I believe it was Radarx/EQ tech(?) who posted, in response to the question from someone if they should redeem all 500 of their loots:

    "I would strongly recommend trying it before the closure date. At this time we have the ability to see both sides of the item from LON and in the game. In the event something doesn't go through we should be able to resolve that."

    I read that and thought that it was a very good point so I started redeeming yesterday, and one that had been in my claim window for a few weeks was lost when I tried to claim it, filed a ticket and they were able to recover it the same day. So I would not trust the card game, the claim window or the ability of anything to be corrected past the cut off date.

    Other than that the Dev's have not given any info other than the items will be available in new ways or marketplace.

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