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  1. Chalkstix Journeyman

    So the dispel line of spells have always been an interesting utility line for me. It's very niche, certainly not a spell you'd use in every fight. It is still useful, and in some cases can make a huge difference on a boss fight. I haven't been able to test dispels as much as I probably should, so I'll ask questions that may have been answered already, in which case I am sorry to waste the time of potential readers of this post.

    1) Is there a dispel that removes debuffs, but not buffs?
    Some debuffs are definitely useful to remove, but most dispels will just remove buffs along with debuffs.
    2) What exactly is the order of removed spells?
    It mostly seems like it takes buffs from the "top" of the buff bar, but this isn't always the case, and I was just wondering if there's a system.
    3) What is the reasoning behind charm being dispellable?
    Maybe it's just because charm is a debuff, and debuffs and buffs can be dispelled on all npcs, but more often than not it ends up being used as a tool for griefing by other players. Is it simply because the game can't discern between player dispels and npc dispels (like most dragons have aoe dispel, which is obviously one of the intended challenges when using charmed npcs against these)
  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    There are various different dispell spells, some remove more buffs/debuffs than others, some remove the top X amount of buffs/debuffs some remove random buffs. I some of the later AA dispells remove only beneficial spells, so when a mob buffs itself it only removes those buffs not slow etc.

    Sometimes you need to dispell charm off your buddies. :)
  3. svann Augur

    Wizard eradicate magic aa dispells just buffs off a mob.
  4. Thunderkiks Augur

    Monks have 2 breastplates that just remove buffs from mobs. Enchanters, wizards, and rangers have an AA that removes just buffs as well. Possibly necros have that also, I dont play mine enough to remember.
  5. Angahran Augur

    There is also the Skull of Null which will remove the first two spells on a mob.
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