Question: When will the Nerfing End?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lheo, Jun 14, 2018.

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  1. Lheo Augur

    I hope the NERFs STOP NOW !!
  2. Yinla Augur

    The nerfing will stop with necros after their dot revamp gets nerfed, but first they have to have said revamp.
  3. bigpapa Elder

    NERFS will stop , when DB will put an end to EQ because too many mad at all these NERFS over and over will cancel their paid subs.o_O
  4. Lheo Augur

    I would like to look in the brains of the devs...why nerfing and piss off customers who pay and support thier JOBS .....
  5. Lheo Augur

    I would expect to work hard and make the game more FUN by adding (not nerfing)...
  6. Sindaiann Augur

    NERFS are the exercise that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend!
    Some Devs started NERFING it not knowing what it was,
    And they'll continue NERFING it forever just because,
    NERFS are the exercise that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friend!
  7. Jumbur Augur

    If they never nerf anything from now on, then they will have to buff mobs instead, otherwise the game will become too easy.

    Nerfing once in awhile will also prevent mudflation.
  8. Lheo Augur

    They can make new zones with new mobs who drop new shiny items :)
  9. Thraine Augur

    nerfs will prolly end when the expansions stop getting made. so the sooner the game dies, the sooner youll get no nerfs :)
  10. feeltheburn Augur

    guess depends when the whining stops. Play the game or don't, dealing with a nerf better then having no EQ? guess you decide.
  11. Lheo Augur

    No nerfs = no reasons to complain:)
  12. Lheo Augur

    There is not one reason to nerf something in a fantasy world (GAME)
  13. Astinox Journeyman

    Nerfs will stop when Absor forgets to clip his toenails.
  14. kizant Augur

    Let's hope never. Actively monitoring and maintaining some level of balance and difficulty is why the game is still worth playing.
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  15. slayerofbats Augur

    How else are they supposed to fix something that is too powerful? They could make every mob in the game more powerful and improve all other classes to cope but instead of a billion hours work, it is better to just nerf the specific problem.
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  16. Espiritun Augur

    You aren't a business person are you?

    How else is DB going to be able to sell you your own power back in the next expansion if they dont nerf it first?
  17. Sancus Augur

    I agree, but I wish they'd include some buffs as well, which are also pretty important for balance. There are some classes they could pretty reasonably give a nice boost atm.
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  18. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Answer: When the game ends.
  19. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Likely never - when new content or changes are made to the game, different things are buffed or nerfed to help maintain an overall balance. As EverQuest keeps being updated, this will remain in flux. I understand getting frustrated when your favorite spell or class gets nerfed, but things always change again and it is important to work on maintaining that balance in-game.
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