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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Dymanic, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. Dymanic New Member

    For the past three days, 2 different players level 110 and 115 have been killing every mob in the The Grounds zone. The 110 monk even killed the mob my group was killing. The 115 Sk was pulling half a zone past my camp then dying and having his leftovers path right across me. He agreed after the 2nd day (when I threatened to petiton him) to pull to a different spot (still very close to me but out of the pathing issue) after assuring me that if his intent was to train me, most assuredly my group would not survive. My question is this... is there any recourse for this type of behavior for selfish individuals who think they are more entitled than others to enjoy the game? Does this inconsiderate and rude behavior violate any Daybreak policy or is the rule pretty much "too bad"? I know a**holes have been in EQ ever since its launch and there will always be some; but without having actual GMs in the game anymore what's a decent player to do? Thank you for your assistance.
  2. CatsPaws SMH

    What server was this happening on?

    What level are you and your group?
  3. Dymanic New Member

    the 115 monk is Sabikkcon... who marched up and ks'ed our mob and proceeded to kill every mob in the area. wouldn't respond to tells. the SK ( and I know this is spelled incorrectly) is Ruvky?
  4. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    You can blame, slayer, hunter and tradeskill items for this kind of behaviour.
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  5. CatsPaws SMH

    Not really much you can do but hope they move on. At least the SK attempted to move a little but he is still a bit egotistical when he says if he had wanted to train you he could - that's abrasive

    The Monk not even responding should tell you something. ;)
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  6. Gimple Elder

    EQ does have a code of conduct, and within that a "play nice policy" still documented. I will not put a link up, but if you google "Everquest Rules of Conduct" you will find the page quickly.

    The rules of conduct does cover this, and it does not. It starts of with this statement in the 2nd paragraph. "There will be no first in force or engage rules arbitrated or enforced by a Game Master or Guide on any server. We believe players can resolve disputes about camps and raid bosses between each other. Game Masters and Guides will not help negotiate these disputes between players and guilds.
    Then it goes on with this point a little farther down..."3. You may not disrupt the normal playability of a zone or area.

    Zone/Area Disruption is defined as any activity designed to harm or inconvenience a number of groups rather than a specific player or group of players. This includes, but is not limited to:

    o Deliberately blocking a doorway or narrow area so other players cannot get past.
    o Intentionally causing excessive zone latency (creating excessive corpses, abusing spell effects, etc.)

    Does this apply to what you are asking about?
    Some will say yes, but some will say no. At this point in the lifecycle of this game it is not cost effective for them to chase down every situation of grieving.
    I will point out that the 2 newest TLP servers, I believe, are supposed to have active GM's while all other servers do not. I could be wrong on this, but I seem to remember reading something about this somewhere.
    In the end, the one thing you can do to make a statement about this is to not play on Live and maybe try P99. Many say the GMs on P99 are biased, but at least it is moderated actively and the result will be an action you either love or hate....but SOMETHING will be done. Unfortunately, DBG does get a little advertisement from P99 and will get more people playing because noobs see P99, fail to install it, and then end up on EQ Live. It's not much, but this is the reason they allow P99 to advertisement.
  7. Gimple Elder

    I copied and pasted from the code of conduct page...the font is messed up, but if you highlight with your mouse you will be able to read it.

    My apologize.
  8. Sabikkcon New Member

    My apologies Dynamic ,, if you need help with anything shoot me a tell. Didnt see a tell from you besides the one about reporting me but i am not petty and will help anyone out if ever needed help. Send me a tell in game and i can make up for any wounds caused.
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  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    If any of these folks are in guilds I would go to their guilds if you still have problems. If you don't see a guild tag try /guildstatus when in the same zone as them and it will tell you if they are in a guild and their rank in the guild. Any decent investigate the issue guild will tell the person to get their act straight if they were causing problems or deguild them.
  10. Dymanic New Member

    I appreciate the apology but you walked right past my group and attacked the mob we were killing so I doubt your sincerity. You intentionally KS'ed me. That wasn't by mistake.
  11. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Since the lines of communication are open I will put away my /popcorn.
  12. Quantomm New Member

    Olive branch extended and slapped away. I think I see where the problem lies.
  13. Elskidor Augur

    Plot twist: Dynamic and Sabikkcon are the same person multi boxing and now taking their role-playing into the forums.
  14. Dymanic New Member

    don't think so
  15. Littlabit D'Might New Member

    His guild leader has talked with him and he has issued his apologize and help to help fix the problem. Now it is up to Dymanic.
  16. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    And I see the OPs point. If the bad act was blatantly honest it says to me the person in question got what they wanted by being rude and now is willing to be nice. I get it and I don't see any change in who was the problem. *shrugs*
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  17. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Hmmm... I read the OP saying there were two people causing problems. Were they the same person?
  18. Dymanic New Member

    They are apparently not the same person but do know each other. I spoke with Sabikkcon yesterday and as far as I can tell all is fine. He also agreed to talk to the punk who came running up to my toons in game, asked if I was Dymanic, told me how I had made a lot of people mad and said he would enjoy killing me. He tried shaming me for naming the guys, I guess he didn't note that someone asked about contacting the guild leader and I did not know the name of the guild but did have screen shots and a name written on a napkin so I knew the players involved. Anyway, Corwyhn thank you for your support.
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  19. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Hopefully all is resolved now. Best of luck.

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