Question on Boxing gameplay.

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  1. Everdork99 Lorekeeper

    What is the minimum box needed to do most things if you can't find a group? I'm not talking about raiding unless that raiding is necessary for gear.

    Can you do it with three boxing? Does everyone six box for a reason?

    I dislike boxing at all but the last time the wife and I tried to duo with mercs we ran into trouble as we closed in around 100. So much so that when the new tlp came out we bailed.

    Also im not talking about what can very experienced highly skilled players do. We are probably rather average.
  2. Vumad Cape Wearer

    What class are you maining?

    I am assuming you are on a server with mercs as I reply.

    2-box is fine. For example a MAG does okay solo but a MAG / ENC do very well. Tanks do okay solo but a TANK / BRD does very well. Most classes can perform very well in most cases with just 2-boxing. People who play during peak hours do not need to multi-box. They just need something to make the LFG time more enjoyable. 2-boxing is great for this because they can be more productive while LFG or if they play during off-peak hours.

    You will find that the majority of multi-boxers (3-6) are not doing it because they are anti-social loot hogs, but rather they are working parents who don't have time to LFG or people who are playing during the off-peak hours when there are very few groups.

    If you are going to be playing a lot in the morning hours, then a 3-box may work better for you, but it's not required. The majority of multi-boxers I know are still playing with other people and doing missions during peak hours. They multi-box when they are on strict time constraints or in the morning.
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  3. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    I am anti social. And no longer have patience for the way players act in the game. It is my choice to box. Actually you might call what I do ML. That is something new I just made up. Its when your mercs do 90% of the work, similar to PL (power leveling") but the mercs carry you instead of another player.

    I usually go 3 boxes with 3 mercs just to get that third merc to make killing easier. You mentioned your mercs were struggling as you neared level 100. My set up is doing well and we are past 120. A lot depends on your characters and what you chose for a merc. My main character is a ranger with a healer merc (this way he can solo outside of the group on other stuff). The second box is an enchanter with a tank merc. And the third is a bstlord right now with a dps merc.

    So my ranger pulls with arrows or snare, the tank merc attacks, dps merc attacks, healer merc heals. I keep shooting arrows. Then I will move over to the chanter and mez if I pulled to many and try to send her pet out if I can get to it. Not sure what the beastlord is doing although I try to get to his screen to shoot off a spell or two and send his pet out cause its pretty hefty, but the mobs are usually dead by then. Think auto matic here. The mercs will do all the work and your characters just need to chip in now and then.

    I have not assigned main assist or puller or any of that. My healer merc is set to balanced with no spells blocked and keeps us all alive, the tank merc is on aggressive, and the little dps guy is on burn. I do not have a ton of spell line ups hot keyed. They are all on auto follow and I use the campfire to move them around.

    Either your wife or you could run one more character so your group would be 3 characters and 3 mercs. Nice and strong. But its only one of you 2 boxing.

    So as you can see I am a very basic player but I do everything in the game I want without fussing over how much I hit the mob for or where the other players are in the game. I also don't play to level. In other words getting to the highest level asap is not important to me. They might often be doing old expansions or quests. That would make it easier too. If your struggling at whatever level you can always drop back and do lower stuff. I have fun for me. Thousands of other players will laugh at this, at how little effort I put into managing my characters. But it works.
  4. error Augur

    Depends on your classes. Sounds like you're doing TLPs, there's almost no group content that something like mage+enchanter and a couple healing mercs wouldn't be able to clear at the appropriate level aside from a handful of gimmicky missions and group achievements across the entire game. If your duo comp is relying on a merc tank and/or lacking in other critical areas then you'd probably want to consider adding a 3rd character to compensate or avoid content that you're poorly matched for.
  5. Agrippa Augur

    I've done very little from 110+, but my wife's mage and my enchanter worked quite well together for most things. If you're looking to do things like missions alone, you'd probably want to have access to a real tank, real healing class, and a solid form of crowd controlling. A bard is wonderful to have for tracking, picking locks, and general mobility. They certainly shine in other areas, too, but those are just three things that you might not have considered for a typical grind session. I'm currently attempting to build a trio of boxed characters that will each have access to every persona. The main trio will focus on paladin, enchanter, and druid personas, most likely. I've seen *a lot* of people three boxing shadowknight, bard, and shamans very effectively.
  6. Falconz Journeyman

    You can throw most classes with just a Bard and have a lot of fun. With a Bards Melody, you can at minimum melody a bunch of songs all the time (almost a set and forget role). To take it one step further, can DPS/Melee, Mez, or Pacify pull with a bard.

    3-Boxing is ideal, because you can have 3 mercs and basically fill out a whole group.

    I personally ran with just my Mage and Bard for a very long time. Though, when I found out my pet couldn't keep agro in a mission, I made an SK and used him to tank. Ended up primarily playing the SK, and boxed Mage+Bard (which wasn't horrible).

    What classes do you and your wife play?
  7. Metanis Bad Company

    I think this is the only question you had that maybe needed to be expounded upon.

    I personally 6 box a lot. But most of us don't begin there. It's just that as your skill improves boxing you find that adding another real character becomes easier. And the payoff in you enjoying the game can improve a lot. It's also because DBG frequently waits for years before they improve the quality of mercs. I can box a mage with just hot keys that will do 2x or 3x the DPS of either merc type.

    So by all means, start slowly, but don't hesitate to add real characters. When you cover the 4 bases then the game becomes much easier. Those include Tank, Heals, DPS, and Utility. Where Utility means things like Crowd Control, Transport, and ADPS buffing. Luckily, you can <mostly> rely on Mercs for handling the Heals part of the equation.

    You'll still wipe and run into situations beyond your control but it will become much more rare.