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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Vedarian, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. CatsPaws Augur

    I vote no auto grant. There is no hurry with auto grant, you can do it anytime once you are gold. If your happy with just leveling along and not in any hurry then setting your exp meter to AA will keep you at the pace you want.

    I found it very easy to earn the AA needed without auto grant. I also prefer not racing thru levels and like just cruising through enjoying the ride.

    Haven't seen what that end game item is that everyone else is racing towards and so anxious to get ;)
  2. Scorrpio Augur

    The ONLY reason to not AG right off the bat is if you are heavily into tradeskills and want the TS-related AA asap (masteries/salvage)

    Yeah you get a large bonus to AA gain if your count is low. But you cannot just 'bank' them more than your level x2, you got to spend them. And aside from TS, anything you might buy IS included in AG. So the question really is: you wanna spend (any) amount of time grinding them or just get them automatically for free?

    And yes, Pal/SK mounts are part of AG, they are under the 'Special' tab.

    Also, yes, AG is tied to expansions, but descriptions can be misleading. For example, some AA might say '0/30' and 'Ring of Scale'. RoS AA are not part of AG, but does it mean you have to buy all 30 ranks of it? Most likely no. If this particular line was added much earlier, then its first X ranks will be autogranted.

    Also no idea how good is that low AA bonus, but your AA gain in the 50s is still likely to be nowhere close to what it is at top levels. At 110 grinding in GMM, you rack up 1-2 AA per kill. Also as you level up and do progressions/collections, those can reward AA points you can spend on non-AG stuff. I got a lvl 96 SK who never moved AA slider from 0%, she got over 50 AA banked via collections and stuff.

    So my advice: unless you wat those tradeskill AA real bad, set AA xp slider to 0, turn AG on and forget about it.

    Well, not entirely forget. Anytime you level, you will get a bunch of messages about gained abilities. Read about every one you got, see if you need to set any new hotkeys.
  3. code-zero Augur

    The main reason to not autogrant would be if you PL to 110, totally filled your AA bank and purchased AA's from the newest expansions. That sort of thing requires a lot of planning and is probably only viable for some of the classes that are super AA heavy
  4. Vedarian Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the replies.

    I am really into tradeskills on one character but he's not going Gold yet. He's saving up his AAs for baking and salvage as you mentioned.

    Regarding the previous post about rushing through levels: I agree. There is so much fantastic content at the lower levels and if you play it at level there is just as much challenge.

    I've returned to EQ1 precisely because I maxed out my other MMOs by rushing to max level and now I have nothing to play!

    Also, I've found that now that the suits have taken over the game industry and money is tight, newer content tends to be less rich than the old days when you had vast zones like when Kunark came out. Best expansion ever. I've got something like 15 expansions in EQ1 I've never seen. Nirvana!
  5. forbes77 Elder

    is the AAbonus still active upto 4K?
  6. CatsPaws Augur

    At zero AA points, you get a 10x xp bonus on all AA xp, gradually decreasing until 4000 AA points where you're back to the base rate.
    Autogranted AAs count against the bonus counter of 4000, potentially eliminating the bonus before you ever use it.
  7. forbes77 Elder

    Thank's for info :)
  8. Vedarian Lorekeeper

    Thanks for this clarification about the mysterious 4000 points. I had been told that I would "lose" 4000 bonus points in the process of going Gold. I was under the impression that when I went gold I would get a 4000 point bonus that I needed to use right away.

    I guess I misunderstood. Is it true that I have the 4000 point "bonus" even when I'm F2P because it's just an exp multiplier? When I go Gold, I guess the first time I get auto-grant AAs could possibly wipe that out. Although, because I'm only level 68, it might not wipe out all of them.

    So, while going Gold might be great, it will also come at a cost. But since the cap is 250, once I reach that, it's a moot point and I might as well go Gold.

    Of course, if I go Gold, but don't choose A-G AAs, does that mean I can keep the bonus multiplier on the first 4000 AAs until I turn on auto-grant?

    Is this correct?

    P.S. Geek alert: Since the bonus apparently decreases the closer I get to 4000 spent, there must be some kind of formula. Could you please post the formula, preferably using calculus, to allow me to maximize my game play by calculating the rate at which the benefits asymptotically approach zero? Differential equations are not necessary. OK, just kidding. It's a joke ... or is it?
  9. Monkman Augur

    Don’t worry about the 4000 “bonus” just hit autogrant... it’s not going to make a whole lot of difference.
  10. Scorrpio Augur

    Seriously, it boils down to one thing. If you decide to grind out your AA the old-fashioned way, you will get the first 4k somewhat faster than it used to be. If you decide to AG, you will get those 4k (and more besides) instantly.
    Yes, eventually you will need to grind AA for non-AG stuff, but that is most likely to happen past 105.
    The only real way to take advantage of both AG AND starter bonus is:
    PL a toon to 100+ with no AA, which will make it seriously gimped.
    PL those first 4000AA, dumping them into tradeskill stuff or whatever other ability lines that only begin at TBM+ or maybe have only a couple cheap ranks before TBM.
    Then turn on AG.
    If you actually plan to play a character to 100+, and not having it sit in a corner being XP sponge, forget that starter AA bonus and turn on AG.
  11. Vedarian Lorekeeper

    OK, thanks for all the tips. I guess the short answer is, "Just go for A-G".

    Except for my crafter who will grind it out.
  12. Scorrpio Augur

    Now, from someone with 300+ in all TS and most trophies maxed: be VERY careful with TS AA.
    First, Salvage. This goes without question. Problem is, you need it arank 4 (25%) to really start making a dufference, and that requires lvl 70. And ideally, you want it at rk 6, (40%) that's lvl 85.
    Now, masteries. As you know, skillups can be gained on fails, and most things in 200+ range require rare-ish components that must be farmed or bought on bazaar. Any time you fail but salvage the rare component is essentially a skillup chance you get gor free. A success is it, components gone. Means until you hit that 300 (I think my fletching was stuck at 293 for 100+ combines), investing in a mastery AAs might be unwise. Lvl 85, salvage 6, then grind the skills, then get masteries to rk3 (50% fail decrease). Doing ranks 4+ should also not be done early. Leveling one's trophy requires succeeding non-trivial items. A guildmate of mine bought rank 4 of Jewelcraft mastery, getting 305 skill and then discovered that the combine he banked on for trophy leveling was 302 and no longer worked. Bottom line: be careful with higher mastery ranks.

    I would definitely suggest going heroic on the crafter if you entertain such option.
  13. Vedarian Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the good tips!

    I'm a hard core forager so I don't mind gathering the items. But I was not aware that I had to increase my adventure levels to max TS. Sad.

    When you say "going heroic" do you mean All Access?
  14. CatsPaws Augur

    Heroic means buying a Heroic character which is around $35 and gives you an immediate boost to level 85 including all AA and some bags etc.

    All Access is subscription starting at $17.99/month

    Expansions are separate also and price varies depending on which version you buy and what time of the year.

    Each is its own purchase. For example you can buy the subscription but you will not have the last expansion. You have to buy that separately. You can buy a Heroic but don't have to have a subscription.

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