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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Vedarian, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Vedarian Lorekeeper

    Is it true that I can level my chars up to 75 ... or 105, or whatever, then sub for a month, hit autogrant and immediately get a ton of AAs for free?
  2. Riou Augur

    Yes, the ones you haven't earned
  3. Zamiam Augur

    correct and I would suggest you lvl first to 100 before spending any AA's .. bank as many as you can think cap is 2x lvl .. then sub click autogrant then spend the aa's you have banked.. otherwise your just throwing AA's away if your gonna autogrant anyways pre- lvl 100

    Once auto-grant is enabled you will have to lvl or log out for them to take effect .. then you can spend the AA's you have banked.. also Auto-grant grants you all AA's from current EQ thru CoTF lvl 100 .. minus TS ones of course..
  4. Vedarian Lorekeeper

    Thanks! This is pretty freaking amazing.

    Since I'm boxing until I decide which ones I want to make my main(s), I can handle much of the content up to 100.... I think.
  5. CatsPaws Augur

    You can always spend any AA you are earning now on tradeskills since those are not auto granted.

    I think auto grant works well at 85 ish. Keep in mind when you auto grant you get every AA up to that level so you can conceivably get hundreds of them at one time. Then you need to go thru each one and make hot keys or whatever.
  6. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    To specify, that would be the Mastery AAs. Also, the auto-grant is not linked to level but expansion. Currently, all AAs through TDS are auto-granted. So if there are AAs which come from TBM, EoK, RoS, or TBL which are available at lower levels they will still need to be bought.
  7. Outlander Engine Elder


    But I guarantee that leveling from 95+ without AA will abrade your soul. Either you will stop to earn relevant AA, or you will end up paying a month just to get them.
  8. Phiyre Augur

    After the patch, I logged my mage on, lvl 102. I got a ton of autogranted aa again. Dniged 103 last night, got several more autogrant aa. They must have bumped autogrant up some with the patch. Before the patch, no autogrant after 100.
    Definitely a change for the better imo.
  9. Captain Video Augur

    Autogrant works to four expansions behind current. When TBL went live, TDS was added to the autogrant list, and that expansion had the level increase to 105. Any toons above level 100 but not in current progression content should be in a position to pick up some new AAs via autogrant right now.
  10. Vedarian Lorekeeper

    Just to clarify: when I subscribe then hit auto-grant to get a ton of AAs ... must I already have earned those AAs?

    I've got the slider all the way to 100% exp in order to level fast, so I don't have any AAs earned at the moment. Will I get any auto-granted in this case?
  11. S33k3r Augur

    With auto-grant on you will receive all the AAs for your level and below (not tradeskills AAs and up to TDS I believe). It does not matter how much % exp you have going into AAs
  12. Vedarian Lorekeeper

    Thanks! That seems almost too good to be true, so I had to confirm.

    I'm not used to game companies being that nice to us. :)
  13. S33k3r Augur

    Even with autograft you will still have 20k+ AAs to grind (depending on class) but it is a nice boost to your toon's effectiveness.
  14. Annastasya Augur

    It is pretty good if you're new or returning or just want to catch up an alt/bot. At some point the company decided that a one time payment of ~$15 was good enough to buy you all the AAs from level 50-100 (minus the few mentioned several times), or to whatever level your characters on that account currently are. You just have to log them on, click the autogrant on and viola!

    Most of us old timers certainly would give 15 bucks to get those countless hours back :p but i ain't bitter, i had fun, and i'm glad more players can catch up to us.
  15. Aurastrider Augur

    If its a non essential box and you bought ROS or TBL I might suggest leveling the toon all the way to 110, then grinding the first 4k AA's (I think this is when the AA penalty starts) and then autogrant. You can select AA's by expansion so I would suggest doing TBL>ROS>EOK>TBM>Tradeskill's until you hit the point where the AA penalty kicks in then autogrant and focus on the AA's that are most important to your class and playstyle. This will speed up the grinding process but it only works if the box is not essential to your grinding process but rather just a passive participant atm. Odds are you will still spend the same amount of money to max the toon out but it will probably save you several days worth of grinding so you can do something a little more enjoyable with your eq experience.
  16. Vedarian Lorekeeper

    I'm about to hit level 59 and I really want that SK horse.

    I also don't want to mess this up because it still seems too good to true.

    1) Does anyone know if the SK horse is included in auto-grant?

    2) What order should I do this?
    a) should I level to 59, turn on auto-grant and THEN subcribe or do it in some other order?

    3) Is this a one time thing?
    a) Can I subscribe, get all the AAs, let the subscription expire and then come back later and subscribe again and get more auto-grant AAs when I'm at a higher level?

  17. Eryssel Journeyman

    I'm like 99.5% sure that all of the SK mount AAs are auto-granted (at the appropriate level ofc).
  18. CatsPaws Augur

    My experience on F2P - used up all my 250 AA not realizing Pally horse was one of the ones I should have gotten. Like the SK horse at 59. Bummer. Went gold/paid but I do not use auto grant and can still earn them quickly enough to get the mounts. On my SK which is a paid account, I was very disappointed in the mount at 59 - however the next one up Ab Steed at level 70 has fire hooves and is cool. They should be included in auto grant if you wanted to go that route since both mounts are from older expansions.

    You cannot turn on auto grant until you have a paid account.

    It is not a one time thing, however once you turn it on you will loose the bonus pre 4000 AA. You can turn auto grant off whenever you want and go back to earning them but it stills deletes the bonus.

    Yes most people do that - subscribe then auto grant then go back to free. You will keep all AA auto granted however you cannot earn more since you would be over the free cap of the 250/1000. If you go paid again at a higher level then yes you can turn on auto grant again and earn them again.

    Keep in mind that at your level - 59 ish - your not going to get many AA if you auto grant. This is certainly something you have to decide for yourself. In a way there is no going back. And the first mount only costs 1 ONE AA.
  19. Vedarian Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the very important information about the 4000 bonus.
    I guess I'll just buy the horse with regular AA then use the autogrant when I'm ready to start subbing.
  20. Vedarian Lorekeeper

    ***The main question is: When my SK tank goes Gold at level 67 do I turn on auto-grant AAs or not?

    Rationale: I'm finally ready to subscribe on one of my accounts. Ironically, it's because an old friend returned to EQ2 so I need a sub there rather than here. But, that will seriously impact my decision here since I'll become Gold here as well.

    In carefully re-reading this thread I realized that when you go Gold you don't necessarily need to go Auto-Grant for AAs at the same time. Since that was not relevant to my original plan, I didn't think about it.

    For my SK tank is going Gold at level 67 but not turning on Auto-Grant a wise move? I read about the bonus penalty above 4000 AAs.

    I'm taking my time to explore the content and level very slowly. So turning off all exp and building up AAs is not a problem for me since I don't want to level beyond the old content I'm exploring.

    ((Optional background: I am playing the game somewhat differently since I have returned to EQ1 after exhausting the other MMOs. I also wanted to explore the classes so I started with 8 accounts, then narrowed it down to 6 that I box as I learn how they play, and I'll finally choose 2-3 to be my mains at higher levels. I'll wait on Gold for the other 2 characters until later. I've been in the 60s for several months now as I explored Classic, Kunark and Velious.))

    Auto-grant AAs or not?

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